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😂 from an unexpected character too. Mainly, I hate Lydia from the book and from the 2 adaptations (1995/2005 especially the Lydia from 1995) that i’ve watched but this web series makes me love Lydia. She isn’t just an annoying character anymore she has a personality that a lot people especially young people can be related to (well not me bc I’m not really a rebellion ). And Mary Kate is awesome in it. I may not be a rebellion but I adore every rebellious character that I know.

Trying to get over all my feels from Carmilla season 3, making this did not help….

New iPhone 5/6 wallpaper for all you Creampuffs!!


P.S. @natvanlis feel free to use this as your wallpaper, I may or may not have it as mine lol.

I want to show you guys about this amazing touching beautiful story, about two straight guys fall in love with each other, that’s show how indescribable love is, you just can’t help falling in love with the person faith choose.
It call SHANGYIN ( Heroin or Addicted webseries) The story has been made into a webseries but it got banned by Chinese government, I guess because it about a gay story, seriously these people. They try to hide this series, Addicted got so famous, even in another country, like my country - VietNam- but they still want to hide it from the internet. The crew are having difficulty, so they can’t make another season, and what we can help is buy them DVD, to increase their budget. Please HELP.
Please share this story, let’s people know about this

A quote after our own heart. It seems we have another girl who is deeply in love with Spider-man. Melissa Douglass of Jacksonville, FL. sent me this amazing quote said by her daughter Katie. Harper saw me working on it and now wants it on the wall of her bedroom. Thanks Melissa and Katie. We love it!

Anche se lei è forte, anche se lei non chiede niente, anche se lei sa badare a se stessa, anche se non mostra debolezze…
La cosa più bella che tu possa fare, è quella di farla sentire al sicuro, protetta fra le tue braccia.
Spesso i più forti, sono coloro che, segretamente, hanno più bisogno d’amore.
—  S. Zizzamia