love quotes for hom

If you want to show someone they’re ‘worth it’, you hold on when it gets rough. When they want to let go, you show them why they shouldn’t. You show up. You attempt the impossible. Show up in the pouring rain and stand at their doorstep, heart in hand. You call them and confess your love at 2am through desperate tears. But you sure as hell don’t let go. Love is messy, love is rough. If it’s not worth the clean up it wasn’t love.
—  A romantic concept for a realist to understand

“if you are a young thing i have one piece of advice for you:

being enthusiastic and happy about things you love is more important than being apathetic and snide. you will go so much farther in life spending energy on and talking about something you love than wasting energy on only complaining about or making fun of something you don’t.

don’t focus on mocking others for being genuinely excited about something. focus on the things and people you love.” —@mooncactus ‪#‎TodaysMantra‬

illustration by Jennifer Hom