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In finding yourself, you may lose an awful lot. Things you never anticipated that you would lose, this is growth. Let go. Let go of people, things, ideas and old goals. You are strong enough to move forward into who you are supposed to be. Let go of everything, what is meant to stay will stay, and you will find happiness.

let it go by Amy Kennedy


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I’d cut my soul into a million different pieces just to form a constellation to light your way home. I’d write love poems to the parts of yourself you can’t stand. I’d stand in the shadows of you heart and tell you I’m not afraid of your dark.
—  Andrea Gibson (via sensualquotes)
Stanotte c'è la luna piena
guardo l'ora e sono ancora le due e mezza.
Sdraiati su un binario morto, restiamo lontani da un mondo che ci disprezza.
Quando il freddo, più che fuori, ce l'hai dentro
sai quanto può essere potente una carezza?
È come un cuore che riparte, un pugile che si solleva, una catena che si spezza.
—  Mostro

prebeartobemoosified  asked:

HC: you are a smol bean who is super comfy to hug. wears hoodies and secretly loves moose. (everyone should love moose theyre the best i love them seriously theyre the b e s t) Tea, more than coffee. Happy bean! Chill. Sweaters and fuzzy socks. Has a series of Harry Potter books, mix of paperback and hardback. They all look like they've lived longer than they have. Likes stuffed animals. Older than you seem. -grins- how'd I do? Have a great day in your cuddle pile, fren!

I think as a Canadian I’m legally required to like moose or they take away my citizenship. Also as a Canadian I have a rather extensive hoodie collection so I don’t freeze my ass off.

Fun fact/weird fact about me: I’ve never really been a big fan of hot drinks so tea and coffee aren’t really my thing. If I really need a caffeine boost I’m more likely to live off of Diet Pepsi.

So I’m one of those nerds who owns multiple editions of the Harry Potter novels. My first set which was the teen edition of Harry Potter I picked up at my local bookstore is my personal favourite bad sadly my naughty dog has completely wrecked a couple of them over the years.

Kinda meh on the fuzzy socks unless it’s really really cold out. In which case you can find me huddled under a blanket for warmth.

I’m always up for a bunch of stuffed animals. Although I don’t really snuggle with them all that much because I have doggos.

I think appearance wise I look much younger than I am as I’m hella short and don’t wear much makeup but maturity wise I’m one of the elderly people standing on the grass waving their cane for the youngins to get off their lawn. So I guess it depends upon what you mean by looking like I’ve lived longer than I am.

Hope you have a lovely day friendo.

“ I try. I try not to post any attention grabbing status on social media just to make you talk to me . I try not to post any harsh quote indicating how much you hurt me. I try not to loose my cool whenever you like some other girl’s picture. I try not to stare at your appreciative comments on their pics more than I should. I try my best to act like none of what you do impacts me in any way. I’m trying to act like I’m totally okay with ‘us’ not being ‘us’ . I try to act like my heart doesn’t break every single time I see you online but you never bother to text me. I try to believe you when you say you are busy and not point out facts stating otherwise. I’m trying my level best to move on with the fact that we’re just mere strangers who can’t even bare to stare at each other. I’m trying to get it to my heart that all those moments we shared shall only remain as memories that can never be relived. But sometimes it gets hard. Too difficult to handle. It feels like I’m drowning within my thoughts and you don’t even bother to look at me to help. It feels like every fibre of my being has been ripped apart and stampeded so many times. It feels like I’m shouting into void where no one can hear and I’m jumping from a cliff no one can see. It feels like i never mattered to you. And those feelings break my heart every single time. You showed me heaven and left me there to only make it hell for me. You left like you couldn’t care less and what hurts the most is that I never saw through it. I never saw through your sugar coated words and healing touches. I was too caught up in loving you to realise you never loved me. And since that forsaken day you left me right there on the pavement, with rain drenching me and camouflageing my tear stained face, it feels like my existence doesn’t even matter to me anymore, now that you’ve stopped appreciating it. Now that you’ve stopped even acknowledging it”

—You took away my oxygen when I needed it to breathe. || @shehealsthroughwords

Tenderly run your hand through my hair and teach me how to love without ever aching. Teach me how to love without ever holding on too tight. Teach me how to love without having to forget myself in the end.
—  Lukas W. // Teach me love