I reread the letters I never sent two years ago, and it’s bittersweet how much has changed. How funny, I used to be able to feel your skin on mine the moment you looked at me, yet, when you kissed me for the first time in a while that night I kept wondering if I’d still be able to find you in there after all this time. 

You looked the same standing in the doorway with basketball shorts and an old white t-shirt. Red cheeks, tired but bright eyes, and wearing the familiar smile I used to know. Then again, you probably thought that about me when I showed up in the cold with my heart still within your reach and curly hair, just the way you used to like it. 

I looked at you and all I could see was skin, when back then I could only find the boy who laughed at my jokes too much and loved my innocence as much as I wanted him to wreck it. I wonder what went through your mind that night, when we found ourselves lying on your bed once again with the city lights outside your window. I don’t think either of us saw that coming.

I will never forget the first time we ever laid eyes on each other. After that night, I will always feel the last time we ever held each other too.

—  Stories I’ll tell one day #91 – Ming D. Liu 
You had me..
You had me since our first encounter,
I was yours since the very first kiss
From the first time you look into my eyes
From the first night we spent together
I would have given up anything just to see you smile, just to make you happy
I would have done anything just to be by your side
I devoted myself to you
I was completely yours
But, I guess that you were never mine..
—  Mermaidvibe-xo

We danced the night away again.

 a twinkle landed in my eyes when your hand grabbed my waist

You threw seeds across my butterflied heart blooming into something vast

Your smile was the sunshine it needed to keep going

Everything inside me grows when your near me.

Hold me forever and my heart will never stop blooming for you.

—  When we dance// aj 
I know I’m a handful to deal with, some days I’m happy, some days I’m sad and other days I’m just emotionless. I promise you will never regret falling for me because I’m faithful, committed and insanely in love with you. You showed me the meaning of love and you made me feel like I am good enough.
—  Nari, I found love when I fell for you