They say to count your blessings
You are all I count,
Your every feature,
Your every quality,
All that makes you who you are,
All that you give me,
All of what you do for me,

The happiness you planted in my heart,
The smile you fixed on my face,
The puzzle pieces you put together,
The times you picked me up when I was down,
The unforgettable days you gave me,
The beautiful memories I will forever keep,

All the love that I needed,
All the care that I was missing,
Your precence makes my world better,
The new home you gave me, which are your arms,
Everytime you put me to bed,
Every beautiful flower you handed me,
Beautiful music that makes me feel closer to you, music that tells us the things we don’t know how to say to each other,
All the advice no one else gave me,
All the motivation I needed to become a better person,
The way you bring out the best in me,
The very best friend that I have ever had in my entire life span,
The greatest lover I have shared my life and my self with,
Knowing my heart is in good hands,

I love you for all of you, all that you do.
I am blessed in a million other ways, for having you.

Thank you God.

—  Ray.
I need you to be here when I wake up. not just texting me ‘good morning babe’ but actually here, in my bed, with me. I need you to wake me up by kissing me softly. I need you to wrap your arms around me and hold me close. I need you to caress my face. I need to feel safe and calm and the only one who can make me feel that, is you. I need you.

You’re going to be okay, don’t worry my love 💫💖

If you are fighting a battle read this:

I know how hard it is to remain strong or even to fake that you are strong. I admire your being resilient amidst all the problems that you have. Always remember that dark days always come to an end.

I know that you’re losing sleep and appetite but always remember that every problems in our life happen for a reason. You might not understand the purpose of it for now, but at the right time definitely you will. In every door that closes, new opportunities will surely come your way.

People come and go. People change. Cherish the people who stick with you. Let go the people who don’t deserve you. Life is too short to be together with someone causing so much distress in your life.

You are not alone in life. You are loved. You are worth it. Better days are coming. Don’t give up easily in life. You deserve better. You deserve all the happiness in the world. I swear, you will be FINE. Your happiness and joy will be back and that’s for sure.