love protects

Happy Birthday to this cutie, Ojiro!!! He is one of the 362548623 children I adopted in BnHA, hahaha… This manga is killing me (and now that I’m up to date with it, the waiting is a NIGHTMARE)…

Maybe the witch thought she was protecting Rapunzel, not punishing her. Maybe she thought that if Rapunzel was locked away, no one could ever hurt her. Maybe the witch kept Rapunzel because she loved her, because she was scared that if other people could get to Rapunzel, they would hurt her. And maybe Rapunzel didn’t understand the witch; maybe she was angry at her - but maybe she loved her too - Alyssa B. Sheinmel

the same ppl who want elias to do something are the same ppl who are gonna hate on him again if he even opens his mouth to confront yousef 😷😷😷😷 like some of y'all are really saying you want him to punch yousef but 2 days ago abt the fight yall were saying nothing can justify violence 🤒🤒 y'all are so messy man