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Have we ever seen waffles on the show, outside of Dean buying Sam a waffle maker as a wedding present? What if waffles symbolize marriage? Destiel could "go canon" with Dean and Cas eating waffles together. They could even have strawberry syrup.

A short history of waffles on Supernatural:

  • 7.05: Dean mockingly compares Don’s affair, which he refers to as a “thing,” with a waffle iron (after Sam mockingly compared that “thing” to a shoe or a golf club… and I can’t help imagining Sam’s still lamenting the loss of that one shoe here)
  • 7.08: Dean buys Sam and Becky a waffle iron as a wedding present (as you mentioned in your ask). They never get to EAT the waffles, but Becky clobbers Sam over the head with it when she runs out of love potion.
  • 8.18: Victor makes the kids Krissy’s favorite breakfast– waffles. They were the only thing her dad knew how to cook
  • 10.18: Metatron eats a whipped cream covered stack of waffles while Cas glares at him and refuses to forgive Metatron for having killed Dean. Metatron experiences embarrassing intestinal distress…
  • 11.03: When Sam and Dean are questioning Cas about Metatron and where he might be hiding, Cas suggests that they look at places that serve waffles, because Metatron seemed fond of them… to Dean’s frustration, because that narrowed it down to pretty much every restaurant in the country… :P
  • 11.05: Poor Len who had his soul eaten by Amara, listing of all the stuff he used to care about that he just… doesn’t care about anymore. “Kitten videos, chicken and waffles, eucalyptus scent. I don’t care for it anymore. Used to swoon for dark, curly hair. Now, not so much. Do you think I had a stroke? Or maybe it’s a brain tumor. What’s really freaky is all the stuff that used to make my skin crawl now seems … eh.” Nope, sorry Len. You lost your soul.
  • 11.08: In a flashback to his childhood, Sam’s chatting with Sully, playing a very imaginative game about things they’d imagined could be true. One of Sully’s “ever think…” items is “Okay. Ever think… you could eat ten waffles in one sitting?” And Sam replies, “I hope so. When I’m big.”

And that’s all the waffle references I could find in the entire series. So, what does it all mean?


I’m gonna go eat some waffles now.

Okay, the waffles inspired me. I don’t think they symbolize marriage. At all. They seem to function as a non-alcoholic version of El Sol. Sort of a sweeter and more innocent form of illusion or deception (but that’s not exactly the right word here…). Let me try to explain.

  • In 7.05, Dean (rather mockingly) compares an extramarital affair (a deception!) to a waffle iron.
  • in 7.08, Sam and Becky’s entire relationship is a sham (a deception!) pulled off with a love potion, via the assistance of a demon. Dean shows his grudging acceptance of “Sam’s love for Becky” by giving them a waffle iron. And then Sam gets clobbered with it when he begins to see through the deception (when the love potion wears off)
  • in 8.18, Victor used the waffles to further his manipulation of Krissy (a deception!) by cementing his role as her “new father figure” by using her own fond memories of her dad against her as leverage.
  • in 10.18, Metatron’s first meal as a human is waffles. (recall if you will he’s eaten before, as an angel, but it was CREPES, not waffles). There’s a twisty knot of deception going throughout that entire scene, as we expect from a Robbie Thompson episode, tbh. Metatron’s leading Cas on a veritable wild goose chase to retrieve his own grace. He’s playing his usual Metatron avoidance games, baiting and taunting Cas all the way. And yet… the waffles give him serious indigestion. Ew. But he nearly uses that excuse to escape from Cas. (deceptions within deceptions covered in whipped cream)
  • in 11.03, Cas recalls Metatron’s fondness for waffles, but heck it also reminds me of Cas’s plan to evade capture in 8.21, popping between Biggersons restaurants (i.e. Dean’s “every restaurant in the country” remark). If the only thing they have to track Metatron down now is waffles, Metatron’s effectively occupying that same quantum superposition that Cas did… but it’s all still a deception, because Metatron can’t be doing that. He’s human. And also a self-important jerk who hasn’t learned to love humanity yet. Just our “stories.” There’s like nine layers of deception going on here.
  • in 11.05, poor Len can’t understand why he doesn’t feel the same passion, joy, and love for the things that always made him feel something. Including chicken and waffles (is anyone else really hungry for chicken and waffles right now?). It’s all beyond his reach, and he’s trying to understand why. Without a soul, he’ll never feel anything for it again. And Dean gets it, because he’s just spent a year and a half struggling with the Mark of Cain, and heck Len’s soul is gone for good, but Dean’s soul is finally his own again… He can go taste those waffles if he wants.
  • in 11.08 (called JUST MY IMAGINATION, ffs) little Sam imagines he’ll be able to eat 10 waffles in one sitting when he’s big. Which was a scenario proposed by his literal IMAGINARY friend, as part of a GAME of SPECULATION. Basically, DAYDREAMING up IMPOSSIBLE THINGS they’ve thought about doing. Putting waffles in the same category as the ability to fly and running away from the hunting life… >.>

So yeah. Waffles are the non-alcoholic food-equivalent, slightly sweeter and more family friendly version of El Sol beer.

And dangit, now I’m thinking about the pancakes in 3.11. The first time Sam goes into that diner on his first Tuesday, he orders a short stack. Then the trickster’s switching up the syrup on his own pancakes is what gives away the first part of the trick… Deception and illusion… Nearly identical to waffles… just… flatter. :P

Do I have to go through and find all the relevant pancake-related stuff now too?

You know what I wanna see? I wanna see a inukag fic where Inuyasha accidentally drinks a love potion and 8/10 his personality doesn’t change at all because he’s already in love with Kagome so eventually she frecks out like “OKAY INUYASHA WTF I GAVE YOU A FREAKING LOVE POTION WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU” and he’s just like “oh shit what do I say ” and he freaks out

Love Potion No. 8

Roman didn’t know why he let Dean drag him out tonight. He really wasn’t in the mood to leave the house and he had homework waiting to be done, not to mention, football practice the next day.

But no. He had let his best friend, who he was pretty sure was off his rocker, convince him to go out to a club that Dean wasn’t even allowed to go to (Roman was though, being 18 while Dean was 17). ‘I got the hook up, Ro!’ Dean had assured him, fishing into his pocket and pulling out a plastic card, a fake ID. Roman only rolled his eyes and went along for the ride. 'Midterms are coming up and you need to relax~’ Dean had said. 'C'mon! Just until 1, I promise, I’ll take you home.’

It was about 12 now. '7 hours until school starts…’ Roman stood at a bar, watching with some amusement as Dean twitched and shimmed his way onto the dance floor. Roman still couldn’t believe his fake ID worked. What was this, the 1990s? His grey eyes scanned the bar, seeing patrons take shot after shot or some sip cutely on their pretty, fruity drinks. Roman wanted some (because why not? When in Rome), but damn the law.

He sighed, looking away, eyes immediately catching sight of something familiar. His stormy irises narrowed, both in an attempt to see better and annoyance, because if it what his gut was telling him was right, then the person holding his attention was none other than Randy fuckin’ Orton.

Roman’s skin instantly flamed at the thought. Randy Orton was his ultimate rival. Both on the football team and in grades. He pissed Roman off to no degree because he had always got the best of him. Whether it be through winning the Captain’s position, scoring one point higher on a test, or getting the girl that was holding his affections at the time. He could never believe how he could just lose so easily to someone like Orton. It was like… fucking magic or something.

Roman scowled and looked away, head down, long hair shielding his face, hoping Randy didn’t see him. Randy never left his mind though. What the hell was he doing here? They all had school tomorrow… Roman rubbed at his temples. He could really use a drink right now.


ohev the nomad is lin’s father.

ohev and toph from the love potion #8 story

after the war, somehow toph ran into him again, probably while the gaang was still traveling around the nations. toph realized that sokka and suki were a thing, and gave up on her feelings for sokka. she turned those feelings toward ohev and together they eventually made lin. but sadly ohev wasn’t ready to settle down after being a nomad, and be a father, so he walked out on toph and lin. making toph bitter, but also realizing that she’s always been able to take care of herself, taking care of lin by herself shouldn’t be a challenge. and she also had the gaang to help her whenever they could.

Why does it seem like there’s no Tokka fic were Toph is with Ohev instead of Sokka. It’s always the Duke or Teo or Haru but it seems like he’s the most likely alternative to Sokka as her love interest, especially since he was her first kiss and she seemed to like him.

Also, does anyone actually ship the Doph, Teoph, or Toru? Are these even the proper ship names?!

10 Ways to Survive Valentine's Day (courtesy of Tamika Flynn)

1. Seal off your mailbox. This will help prevent any valentines from reaching you.

2. Keep all weapons at hand. Even in the shower. Especially in the shower.

3. Any type of chocolate shouldn’t enter your system. Or candy hearts. They may blow you up.

4. Anything that flies and is naked is not ‘cute’. Especially if it shoots sharp things into your heart.

5. If in the case that you are shot with an arrow, try to suck the venom from the wound. What, you can’t reach it? Well, isn’t that a shame!

6. If given a card, drop it and immediately put it on fire.

7. If a heart appears over both the head of you and someone you admire, run screaming. That’s your only hope.

8. Love potions are not allowed. If seen with one, the Sheriff’s Secret Police will deal with you. You terrible person.

9. Barricade your doors!! Don’t let anyone in, even if they say please.

10. Just…just stay inside. Preferably with a blanket and a good book.

Stay safe, Night Vale!