How foolish of me, to believe that I could fill the gaps in your heart and soul with my love. How foolish of me, to think that all of my love would be enough. How foolish.
—  Lukas W. // How foolish
we’ve been circling each other–

like wolves gone hungry, like stars gone nuclear, like vines gone berserk;

like lightning & thunder, like cyclones & whirwinds, like earthquakes & after;

like heart follows break, like bone follows fracture, like lips follow gaze;

like your name is inevitable, like my name is gullible, like our name is regrettable.
—  we’ve been circling each other like equally footed disaster | jocelyn

Love wears a mustard yellow jumper in Winter,
Love has lazy days but love’s an excellent sprinter,
Love cracks jokes that only love finds funny,
Love calls you things like “sweetheart” and “honey”,
Love smiles even when love walks into a room of frowns,
Love too has love’s own ups and downs,
Love is a shoulder to cry on when you’re having a bad day,
Love needs a shoulder to cry on when things don’t go love’s way,
Love sings songs that ring melancholic and true,
Love holds your hand and love helps you through,
Love speaks of adventure and danger ahead,
Love dreams of the future while curled up in bed,
Love jumps for joy when love gets something right,
Love hides away in the corner if love has a fight,
Love listens to no one but everyone all at the same time,
Love roams the stars absorbing every shine,
Love loves and love succeeds,
Love hates and love grieves,
Love isn’t so different from the things that we know,
So what do you say we give love a go?

And in the midst of this whole mess, I can’t believe I still got time to think about how shaken up I get whenever the slightest hint of your presence surfaces, anywhere.
—  LG ; The aftermath, Prompt 1.1
is and was and always will be

I see your smile from the corner of my eye.

It floats in my mind, the blurry image unfolding, and registering in my brain.

My forehead, a resting place for your chin, your left hand wrapped around my face.

Your breath smells like coffee.

Your hair is soft and matted in the back… still fucking adorable.

My fingers run through it slowly, lovingly.


I love you…

I do…

I just don’t love you the same as I loved my love that was and is and always will be.

the pages of her notebook were scattered with the lyrics that she held so close to her heart.
the black ink was scribbled everywhere on the page with the words that she never thought she could say.
because the band that she loved put her feelings into words.
they made her feel less alone and more like she belonged somewhere.
and as everyone was outside, running and playing catch,
she plugged her earbuds into her phone and listened to the music that made her feel like its going to be okay.
she went online and talked to her best friends through a tiny screen.
telling them about how she wishes she could meet them someday.
and how maybe things would have been better if they didn’t live halfway across the world.
cause these people were the ones that did understand.
they knew what it was like to wait up all night for an album release and the excitement of hearing your favorite band go on tour.
they knew what it was like to be so completely infatuated with someone who doesn’t know you exist.
she picked up an electric guitar instead of a baseball bat.
because that band, that one band that means so much to her, showed her that music was her passion.
they showed her that lyrics could impact someones life so much.
and that girl with the notebook was now singing her own lyrics on stage.
playing the guitar that everyone said was stupid.
now her lyrics are engraved in some 14 year old’s notebook.
just like her band’s lyrics were engraved in hers.


(i honestly just started typing and it turned into this so idk)

Sometimes you don’t even realize you’re falling in love. One day you’re counting the hours until you get to see them or you’re sending them a funny picture that made you think of them and it hits you, you’re falling in love. And in that moment everything changes. Love changes everything. Because now you can’t stop thinking about them. The time between their texts feels like hours instead of minutes. Everything is different, including you.
—  And you can never go back.
I miss you. I miss all of you. I miss the pointless conversations from dawn to dusk. I miss the good morning and good night texts. I miss talking all day, everyday and never getting sick of you. I miss you showing how much you wanted me. I miss our budding relationship and the little signs that were showed before we fell into love with each other. I can’t say anything else besides that I miss you. Dearly.
—  Ag
I want to hold your hand tighter and pull your body closer. While we whisper all the secrets we’re afraid to share with anyone else.
—  Tenari Ioapo // Confessions of a woman madly in love #19.
I hope you wake up one day and you’ll roll over, half asleep and reach for me only to find the empty sheets. And I hope you loose your breath and I hope you lay there now fully awake, and think “fuck why did I ever leave her.” I hope you’ll lose sleep over me the way I did over you.
—  4am

“If you could only use one word to describe me,” she said, “what would it be?”

He thought for a moment, and opened his mouth to give his answer.


“Selfish?” She raised her brows in obvious surprise. “Why?”

“Because you won’t allow anyone to share the weight of the world on your shoulders.”

“Especially when it is pain,” he continued,

“You just keep it all to yourself.”

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #123 // Let me bear all of your pain and burdens with you
The worst part is that I remember the exact moment I laid eyes on you. You were laughing and you turned to me and you just smiled. That was all it took. I was hooked. You were wearing the blue sweater that’s hanging in my closet right now. Sometimes I wear it and pretend that you have your arms wrapped around me. I know that I shouldn’t but it’s all I have. I need this right now. I need you.
—  Please come back.
I have a tendency to fall in love when I’m falling apart.
—  t.i // I’m sorry I know I should have let myself heal before confessing my love for you.
Take care of him. He has the kindest heart, he may not always seem like it though. He try’s to hide it with sarcasm and side comments, pretending that he has not one care in the world. If you can look past it though you will see how much love he has to give.
He won’t always text you back, but he will still think of you. Unlike the rest of us he is not glued to his phone, just because he sometimes takes an hour to answer doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.
He sleeps, a lot. There are nights where he sleeps more hours then he spent awake that day. He just sometimes needs to not be anything. Being no where is easier than being himself sometimes. Although he hates sleeping with people you’ll know he loves you if he asks you to join him.
Love to him is the scariest thing on the planet, if he tells you I love you do not take it lightly. Know that saying it took every inch of courage he has. if he disappears after know that he is just scared and hopefully he will find his way back to you. Just give him time, give him all the time in the world. He is more than worth it.
Please, just love him with everything you have because had I have been given the chance I would have given him every single part of me. Love him the way I only wish I could. If you are lucky enough for him to love you, please love him back.
—  4am