And today
I woke up with
a piece of your heart
in my bones,
I found your breath
inside of my lungs,
and your smile
on my lips.

Tell me,
is this what it feels
to love
to be loved
in return?

—  Lukas W. // You complete me

You may or may not have heard, but very soon I will be releasing a collection of 15 original, unpublished poems in the form of a printed zine. 

I’m excited to announce that the title of that project is Breathing Dust.

I’ve wanted to release my poems in a print format since the very beginning, so it’s meant the world that so many of you have asked if something like this would be happening. As always, I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and comments, and hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I have putting it together. 

As long as all goes to plan, I’m hoping the publication will be available to purchase within the next three to four weeks. In the meantime, thank you for your continued support and keep checking back for updates!

Last Sunset

Our last sunset,

Fell soft as your hands on my face,

Such a disgrace;

To be parted again.

When the sun returns,

We both know I must leave.

This time we received,

We shared;

It is a gift,

We are paired.

Let’s follow the sun

Over the horizon:

I do not wish to go.

I was wronged
I was so wronged

I will no longer sit here
And wallow in self pity
I’m the best you’ve ever had
And you lost it,
You let me go

Thank you
For not appreciating my love
For taking advantage of me
For not being honest with me
For making me feel like I was the crazy one

Now I know,
All the warning signs
Of a heartbreaker like you

I will make my new girl,
The happiest girl in the world,
Once again,
Because I’ve decided
That my love goes on
With or without you.


I wonder if you still think about me now.

It’s been awhile since we have last seen each other. Our last encounter was when I passed you on the street, head down, eyes nearly closed, trying to go unnoticed by none other than you. Your familiar cologne hit my nose, and I nearly crumpled to the ground. (Oh God, how I loved the scent of your cologne. How I used to sniff it while I buried my nose in the crook of your neck while you hugged me like there was no tomorrow. How I used to inhale the scent while wearing one of your oversized sweatshirts.) I managed to hold myself together and walk past you. I’m proud of myself, but my cheeks burned from your gaze that lasted even after I was out of your sight.

It took me months to stop thinking about you at every moment. The funny thing is, I used to count the days when I would think about you so I’d know when I would stop. But you just slowly started disappearing from my mind and I lost the count. (Is that normal? Does the person who you thought you couldn’t live without just fucking disappear from your head? Or is my mind playing tricks?) Am I gone from your head, too?

I’m different now. I deleted all the songs that reminded me of you and I’m starting to wear lipsticks shades that you used to hate. I’m learning to love myself in ways you didn’t and maybe even couldn’t. I’m surrounding myself with beautiful people with beautiful hearts and I’m okay now. There’s a dull pain in my heart when I see your pictures or when someone brings your name up in a conversation but it’s gone in a blink of an eye and tears don’t fall from my eyes anymore.

I wonder if you still think about me now.

Because I sure as hell don’t.

—  letting go

iamav1  asked:

I want to propose a me out!! Can uh write a propose letter type thing??

You love this girl, correct? I am not willing to write a proposal to your lover. I cannot force the feelings and words of mine through you, and ultimately, to her. No matter how much emphasis I throw onto how much “I” love her, no matter how hard I explain “my” love and devotion on paper, it will come out as empty, meaningless words. Because those words will not come from my heart but from my brain… It doesn’t take a master writer/speaker to come up with how to express feelings. Simply, say how you feel. You can write the cheesiest proposal and as long as it comes from you, comes from your heart, it will be of more worth than the countless words from someone else. Best of luck to you.

It hasn’t been easy. I had to learn how to love myself, how to love my messy hair and tired eyes. I had to do everything on my own, not that I had any choice in the matter. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but my god was it worth it because in the end the only person you really have is yourself and if you don’t love you, who will?
—  4am
Do you write to find yourself or to lose yourself? Do you find yourself in your spilled ink or do you get lost in it? I cannot seem to figure it out.
It often ends like this:
He leaves,
and you feel like he takes a piece of you along with him.

But you can choose
to either fill the empty space he once occupied
with someone else,
or use it as room for yourself to grow into
something more.

A Story A Day #97 (k.m.)