missing someone is the most awful feeling you can ever experience. you’ll be walking around and think of something funny you want to tell them, only to turn and find you’re alone. you picture them in your arms while you fall asleep but wake up in a confused, empty sense of reality. the spaces in between your fingers seem a lot bigger and empty and after a while you start to forget all the colors in their eyes, and no matter how many stars you wish on or how many sheep you count or how many coins you throw into wishing wells or how many 11:11s you wish on, that person isn’t with you. and frankly, it really fucking sucks. and there is nothing you can do about it except take a shot of time, chase it with loneliness, and wait.
—  see you soon. a.w
I have been floundering
reaching at the little gusts of wind
that play with my hair
and vanish at the turn of my head
I can’t really tell
if I’ve been attempting to leap mountains
or canyons
or if there would really be any difference at all
whichever it was
I am finally seeing
and hearing
and feeling
all the beautiful creatures
on this side of that barrier
ones that glow
golden like twilight after a thunderstorm
and ones that shimmer
light dancing on their skin
like they are theaters
and you
you have been here all along
and I have to wonder
how I am just now beginning to see you
and fall
—  A.O.A.M || Greener Grass
long island
at the bar
before jumping in the car
to hit a movie, sway as she stands
at the ticket vendor
swiping her
card before i can get mine through
told me ‘you
bought the drinks’
as she winks,
passed out in a recliner seat
as i impulsively rub her feet
or stroke her cheek
through the scary bits she peeks
up at when the theater explodes,
tickle her toes
as she smiles before sliding
them beneath my legs, hiding
for warmth beneath the AC vent,
lean to kiss her head and steal her scent,
knuckles in the sciatic thigh
as she sighs
a little in her sleep, smirk steals
through as her heels
press against me,
i forget the movie we’re trying to see,
i prefer the pretty
girl snoring on my shoulder -


- quality time -


My heart is being torn in to
Two jagged halves
Of one almost whole,
Only this hole
Won’t be stitched together this time
In time for you to decide
What you want,
For me to decide
Who I want,
For us to decide
What wanting is worth
When we want for nothing,
Yet, need everything we’ve been missing
In each other.
—  T.N.B (via ofangelsandrainstorms)

My voice was lost to

the thunder’s booming laughter

and nightfall’s hello

Then the sky fell down

and shattered into rain drops,

veils of silver swords

Quiet as whispers,

yet loud as stray gunfire,

a pain in my chest

Invisible salt

burning my wet ocean eyes,

coarse sand down my throat

Shadows deep as tar

cut ditches in the sidewalk,

keeping us apart

Still as a photo

a lone lamp post in the rain

a flickering light

I was paralyzed,

silent as silence itself,

inaudible bomb


Slowly losing touch,

water seeping down my neck.

wish I had a coat

I came to realize

There is no longer an “us”

I had it coming


Denial and fear,

tight fists and controlled breathing.

So blind, oh so blind

Now I’m just a girl

who is a trophy and a doll,

used and imperfect

Now I’m just a girl

old dust swept beneath the carpet,

pretend it isn’t there


Now I’m just a girl

who was once your everything

but now a memory

You are a lost dream,

except I can’t forget you.

revenge of the past.

Holes in my rain boots,

probably should get them fixed.

Duct-taped flimsy heart

—  Submitted by @revolting-reality


The beacon of hope when all seemed lost,

The walker of spirits and dimensions,

The waker of winds and storms,

The hero when no one could stand,

The loneliest of soldiers,


The master of war ,

The advocate of peace

The beast of shadow,

The child of forest,

The bearer of courage,


The lone star in my night sky,

The comfort in the warmest of breezes,

The tune to my only song,

The gem of all jewels,

The reason this kingdom still lives…

You came when no one else would.

You helped me find me.

You are my only you.

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I knew it would end with heartbreak. I knew it, I knew it, I always knew it. But I still loved him - even when I knew. Fearlessly, fiercely. Sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly. But it was real. It was in me and it was in him and it was here and it was real.
I Take It Back

You walked to the store
Because I forgot the lemons
For Caesar salad
I snootily make from scratch
The bottom of the bag
Had not one but two
Clear boxes of Gummi Bears
I take it all back
Every thought I ever had
How did I not see
The poetry of your love

Life throws us the unexpected sometimes.
Some are good and some are bad.
But there comes a time when you meet someone where you both know you belong together, it’s a magnificent feeling.
It’s a magical moment when you know.
It could happen on the phone or even on a plane or a weekend getaway.
But when it happens it’s truly an indescribable feeling.
When you look into their eyes you always get lost in them.
When you kiss them, the world just fades away, every problem disappears, and you both melt.
This person isn’t just your significant other, they’re your best friend and your sacred lover.
You both fit together like the last two pieces of a puzzle.
You are like twins that were separated at birth.
You both just connect in a way you’ve never connected with anyone else.
You experience true love, and it couldn’t be any more perfect.
You will have bumps as you grow as a couple but the bliss when you are together overcomes every challenge.
Never settle, I promise the right one is worth waiting for.
And when they appear you will know how it feels to always be falling deeper in Love.
Never give up.
What you are desiring is desiring you.
It’s just a matter of time and you will discover it was them the entire time.

Mardy Bryant

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I can’t wait to talk to you
not a phone call
I want to talk to you
let’s have a coffee
talk to me so you’ll see
how sincere I am with my feelings
talk to me so you’ll see
how happy I am when you’re around
talk to me so you’ll see
how you changed my bad day to a better one
I love when you’re here
You can see me smile and I can hold your hands
—  j.n. Blue- eyed girl
Let me write for you.

I would write for you, for always, for you.

I want my words to be yours, hordes of love poems to be adored.

You deserve the sweetest caress, you deserve to be blessed.

As a child I sat alone, my words were timid and forlorn.

But when I met you powerful thoughts arose, they spilt forth in prose.

Word after word, love in text, love in type… you are my type.

I’ll write you a book, I’ll write you the night we first kissed, I’ll write you into eternal bliss.

But if you leave who will leaf through my pages,

Yes I will write as I grieve,

but after that I will be timid and forlorn.

A child again.

Oh let me adorn you with poems, love poems… - for you, for always?


You found me in the red, out of sight
The red that speeds past all the lights
Bending purple, making yellow cry
For the fastest color we should stop
But not with you, baby, you grabbed hold
Laughed ‘til saliva streaked your cheek
I’m never going to stop, baby
My wild-eyes, beat the traffic lane
We’ll rest on the dark side of the moon
And we’ll never be seen again


it’s customary to send a lover flowers,
but I appeared at your door with a bouquet
of my blooming bruises collected in familiar back alleys,
and asked you to keep them safe for me.

you know, I plucked entire constellations from the sky for you
and pressed them into the pages of those science books you love.
they spelled out messages to you in the spaces between stars.
I wish you’d read them. or i wish you’d look up once in awhile
from those books of yours,
and we could just watch the stars together again.


a. n. s.

summer-eyed boy


Love is the chemistry

Between you & I

Love is the beauty

In your blinking eye

That enemies can’t deny

Love is beyond asking why

I’ll take care of you until I die

Love is beyond the sky

& more irrational that pi

Love is an antonym of “goodbye”


*Amare: love in the Latin language