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Hylia headcanons (...part 1. welp)

1. Hylia is born out of the goddesses love for Creation. They task Hylia to be the steward of the mortal realm as well as with protecting the Triforce. She spends her time mostly in Hyrule either going unnoticed as a deity, or in mortal trappings to go among the people. However, Hylia is too eternal and alien and she finds it hard to stay for long periods of time (she may spend two centuries or w/e there then leave I mean my girl is immortal). When she is not there, she is the divine (?) realm with the goddesses. But she is too human herself to be able to feel fully home there too. 

2. This difficulty in belonging causes Hylia to be very lonely. Her closeness with the Loftwings stem from them too being creatures that belong to two different places and nowhere all at once.

3. Hylia walks among mortals not just because it makes her task easier, she is incredibly drawn to how intense everything is outside of divinity. Everything is bright and vivid, there are so many different sounds and tastes. She feels so much, but at the same time she is always outside of it….almost as if she experiences mortality through a pane of glass. Meanwhile after staying with mortals, the realm of the goddesses is too dull, too quiet. But it’s also home. It’s somewhere she doesn’t have to hide who she truly is. 

4. Hylia *loves* human clothes because they are so colorful and have such different textures and can be so practical~

5. As a goddess she doesn’t really need to eat, but she does anyway because food feels incredible. She is very sensory-oriented in general.

6. She does, however, need to sleep. Dreaming is an immensely important part of her powers. She doesn’t need as much a human, though.

7. For all that Hylia knows the land so thoroughly, its mystery is never truly gone. There are always new places to explore, new developments to see. Hylia doesn’t know how much the language changes and how much she does. Doesn’t know if she can change at all or if she is as static as her mothers. 

  • Lance: Well I have a date too.
  • Keith: Who is he? What's his name?
  • Lance: His name is... not important. What's important is that he's pretty and brave and he's always doing cool things like flying into asteroid fields and black holes and cool junk like that.
  • Keith: .....
  • Lance: Do you wanna be my date?
  • Keith: Yes! :D


Drew these a few weeks back as matching prints for my first artist alley, but forgot to post until now! I’ll never get over BT… ;;


“What? Is the bow that lame?” 

Friend’s tell you when u got a googly eye on ur face. BFFs just wait to see how long it takes until you notice. it took an hour