love pier

honestly seeing all the things that piers and trump have to say now that they’re ‘involved’ in ‘politics’ really fucking scares me because I remember years ago loving piers as a judge on AGT, I always liked what he had to say and he seemed like someone I’d like to hang out with, and then even before that I was a fan of trump’s, I’d watch the apprentice and think he was a funny person and whatnot. and now, seeing them talk about all these shitty things that’re obviously not new opinions of theirs, I feel so jarred since I was kind of fed a ‘fun guy’ image of them through mass media that made me like them and trust them and eventually that’s what enabled them to get to where they are now


“An intreguing young man clumsily shoots the arrow of [true] love..

Will it piere through the [fiction] of the fickle actress?”

THe story:

A college student encounters and actress on a bar he visits. He falls in love with her at first sight, but he is inexperienced with love. Despite his fears, he approaches her but is rejected by her, who is known to be a heartbreaker. Despite this the young man, wearing a suit and holding roses in his hands,  decided to chase after the actress’ true heart in his naviety.