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Anyone who thinks Dan isn’t an angel is lying to themselves

He posted a video about his mental health, hoping it will help other people and joined a charity for it. Today, he went to an anti-cyber bullying event. He constantly says not to shame people in his live shows just because of stuff they like. He encourages people to be themselves. In his live shows, he reminds everyone to stay hydrated, take deep breaths, and remember everything will be okay. He always says identify with the gender or non gender you’re comfortable with, same with sexuality. He encouraged people with mental health issues to get help and said therapy will help. He gave a flower to a random security guard to make his day better. People who meet him say he lights up whenever a fan walks in because he can relate to that feeling and doesn’t get judgy in the slightest. He said he wants his videos to help people

Daniel Howell is an angel. What did this world do to deserve him?

Also, to the anon who requested the collarbone fic: thank you so much for allowing me to waste all my time just staring at his collarbones bc yes holy fuCK he’s got good collarbones and i had completely forgotten 

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something that makes me happy: mince pie marriages


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comment: oh look it’s insta starbuckswithdan aka the reason why i had three squarhaired dan heads on the side of my tumblr desktop,,, do i love her any less for that?? hell no

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