love phils


If anyone ever needs someone to talk to, I’m here, I’m serious no matter what its about


happy 11 years on yt to phil!!

thank you for teaching me how to love myself, from my not so perfect nose, to my not so flat stomach. you taught me how to be happy and kind, and that everyone and everything has a purpose. thank you for teaching us that its okay to be yourself, and that its okay to be weird. youve kept so many of us alive, and thats honestly so awesome. you’re under appreciated and thats stupid because you are like, the actual sunshine. so thank you phil, for being you. lov u :(

Just Some Phil Love

Phil Lester, maker of independent horror films and complexly-plotted RPGs, all before the age of 15. Anyone else wondering what this mysterious new creative project he’s recently been talking about might be? Because I’m thinking this guy could do pretty much anything creative and, no matter what it was, it would be fantastic. Phil Lester, novelist. Phil Lester, composer. Phil Lester, fashion designer. Phil Lester, playwright. Phil Lester, architect. Phil Lester, abstract painter. I can’t wait to see what his brilliantly creative mind comes up with next.

Phil Lester is a creative genius! Pass it on!