love phils

It hurts, so much
Watching you fall in love again
It fucking stings
You’re still my best friend
And I wish you the best
But I also wish the best was me
Yet it wasn’t
I wasn’t the best for you
And now you’ve moved on
I guess that’s what you're​ supposed to do
Yet I didn’t
I’m still as in love as ever
And you’re clearly over me
Me and my petty feelings
Me and my annoying habits
Me and my fucking love
I hate you, so much
Except I don’t
And I can’t
Because I broke it off
I pushed you away
When all I wanted was for you to stay
But now you’re gone
You’ve moved on
And I don’t blame you
He’s perfect
Everything you’ll need
But he’s not me
And I hate that
Yet I have to live with it
With the hurt and pain
Of watching you fall in love
From a distance
We’re still friends, we’ll always be friends
Yet sometimes I want more
Sometimes I want to hold you’re hand
Sometimes I want to say I love you
Sometimes I want to kiss you
Sometimes I want to cuddle
Sometimes I just want you
Yet that’s the one thing I’ll never have
And I hate it
But I don’t hate you
I couldn’t
You’re my ray of sunshine on a dark day
You’re my closest friend
You’re my favourite maybe
You’re my favourite what if
And you’re my favourite almost forever
But he’s your everything…
And he’s not me
—  He’s your everything( and he’s not me, have you noticed?)

anonymous asked:

A concept: Phil tickling Dan while they cuddle so Dan will laugh and Phil can kiss his dimples because Phil loves Dan's dimples so much

ummmm wow a concept i very much approve of ??????

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tell me this isn’t the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen that’s right U CAN’T i need ten million more instances of phil tickling dan on camera and maybe kissing his dimple too but i’ll take what i can get

I’m crying like I haven’t even been watching @danielhowell and @amazingphil for a WEEK and I’ve only watched their gaming channel so far. But I have found my calling. How can two people be so,, CUTE DOESNT EVEN COVER IT,, ANGELIC??? I’ve never been so happy to go on YouTube. S a v e m e