love perth

My Three Dams Challenge #6 is done!
2 April 2017

This 145km event in the Perth Hills is always hard and it got very hot on the road but I enjoyed the ride despite the suffering! (What is it with cyclists and suffering?) What’s more, look how full the dams are! #winning


Dazzling Dayz

19 & 20 June 2017

Our sick little mini schnauzer perked up on Monday; took interest in food and was keen for a little walk. At 13, Mitzy is at the age where she is beginning to experience older dog issues: cataracts, a bit of arthritis, susceptibility to allergies and skin irritations, and a bit of confusion. She’s always been such a lively, healthy wee dog, it has been disconcerting seeing her laid low.

We are experiencing another spectacular winter weather week in Perth - not so good for our drought-stricken farmers but us urban dwellers are loving the golden sunshine and mild temperatures. It’s hard to believe the Winter Solstice is tomorrow.

I was awake early and whizzed up a 1.25kg batch of my healthy nutty seedy homemade breakfast mixture, before popping into my office to check emails and read some articles. Before I knew it midday had arrived and I was still chilling in my pajamas! I looked outside and the urge came upon me to grab my bike and go for a ride! From pjs to lycra on a northerly breeze and a ray of sunshine; flying down the coast with the tailwind; getting cocky and nearly laying it down on a fast, sandy corner; struggling against the headwind home. My first ride in two months was only 16km but it felt good. That’s one drought that has been broken.

Mitzy was up for another walk, so The Husb and I strode out at sunset, detouring to the shops for dinner supplies. I made a super healthy chicken hot pot with black rice for dinner but the appalling tumblr app update won’t upload my edited draft so you’re just going to have to live without seeing this culinary delight!


Let’s Go!
17 June 2017

I am that person who has everyone striking poses an hour into making their acquaintance. I can’t help myself. 😆 After last night’s HIIT circuit class at The Dojo, I bounded to run training at the local park this morning. It’s fun being coached. I got 6.2km in my shoes and my #garmin told me I achieved a 5km personal record (while the fast girls lapped me heehee). Excitement! 😁

Now just because my meds have kicked in, I can’t get cocky. I looked after my fuel and recovery needs as a priority straight after training; getting hydration and protein in me pronto; then back home with the electrolytes, a cup of tea and my egg, mushroom, rocket, & tomato brunch. I love my breakfast and cafés which serve it all day long… I did the same again at 2.30pm with avocado & feta thrown into the mix. 😋

Dinner was om nom nom-worthy and preceded by some foam rolling and stretching - ooh aah oww - running hurts. 😮