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Roman and I are very similar in a lot of aspects regarding our work ethic and outlook on life. That’s been one of the reasons why we have such great chemistry and been able to go and do the things that we do. I fully trust Roman, he’s never once steered me astray or suggested anything stupid for me to do that would make himself look better. He’s a team player, he’s here to make the product better. A lot of guys get caught up in what everyone thinks about them instead of what everyone thinks about the match. 

At the end of the day, the match is what the people come to see. People have their favorite characters, but the characters are just characters until the match happens. Roman has been a big help in steering me the right way, and when I do something that isn’t good, he’s right there to let me know that I did something that sucks.

—  Braun Strowman on Roman Reigns

People say they love you,but what they mean is,they love how loving you makes them feel about themselves.

-To the Bone

in this house we love and respect archie andrews, knowing full well he is a teenager who makes stupid mistakes

Hi friends (aka topp klass) i know everyone’s busy with finals and holidays and stuff but i read a comment under a td mv that said “2018 is gonna be topp dogg’s year” and i was like, bruh, LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN

Now i’ve said this before but sadly there’s really not much we can do for our boys but i’d like to do all i can. If you don’t know already, i have my list of polls where you can vote for topp dogg and a list of the current view counts on each of their mv’s with the goals that topp klass united had set some time ago

I’d like to start doing more with those and maybe doing some other things. For the poll list, i’ll reblog it more often (i got kinda forgetful). For the views list, i was thinking of creating deadlines to reach our goals, like tku had done in the past, to encourage people to increase the view count

I might create a tag or post or something where i’ll compile all posts or info that have to do with supporting topp dogg/former members (ex: any fundraisers for td- like the coffee event or minsung’s gofundme, any projects going on, etc)

Again, i know everyone’s busy right now so i was gonna start it in 2018 (it’ll be one of my new year’s resolutions!!) but i just wanted to talk about it a little and give people the chance to give me any suggestions, concerns, or just general comments about what you think

tldr; I’m gonna try to make it easier for us international fans to help td in 2018 :)

Let’s help make 2018 Topp Dogg’s year!!!

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you’re the perfect example of how newer fans are just as ’full’ fans as those who have been watching since the beginning or for many many years. love you and your blog, your interesting and agreeable thoughts and opinions and the all around A+ content!! <3

this means so much thank you nonny! I totally agree I love new fans, we love it just as much but we do have a different perspective sometimes due to binge - watching, it does sometimes create a different view on some aspects due to not having to wait in between episodes, and new meta writers are awesome - go follow @thedogsled who is relatively new and a gem! :D


not to be dramatic but I just love my kastle fam! I stan you guys so much cause y’all really out there writing amazing fics(and this comes from a lazy ass bitch who never had the patience to read fics before), making bomb ass fanart, being so mature and supportive of the whole cast  just really wanted to put this out there

I wonder when rooster teeth is going to realize that if you put Michael and Lindsay Jones in a show together, their characters will be shipped, regardless of whether they’ve ever met or it makes any logical sense, and take advantage of that by actually making that pairing canon