love passion

You come beating like moth’s wings
Spastic and violently
Whipping me into a storm
Shaking me down to the core
But you run away from me
And you left me shimmering
Like diamond wedding rings
Spinning dizzily down on the floor

I just realized Sunshine (2007) directed by Danny Boyle turns 10 this year

So I feel like it is my mission tonight to get someone to watch it. Let me entice you with names such as Chris Evans, Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne, Cliff Curtis, Mark Strong, Michelle Yeoh and Hiroyuki Sanada (really solid cast, imo)

If you like movies that have to do with: space, deep psychological themes, good music (adagio in d minor by john murphy, anyone? this is where it originates from), chris evans in sandals or BLOWING UP THE SUN then this movie might be for you

warning: it does get a little scary but it’s more of uneasy eerie stress and a lot of tension. some violence too.

I’d avoid the trailer since it spoils the whole movie but the basic premise is people are sent to the sun to deliver a payload that’ll blow up and reignite the dying sun. keep in mind that it’s sci-fi so suspend your beliefs a little lol

It’s you
The panes of your body
Soft, lean, & beautiful
The slope of your neck
The soft pink of your nipples
Hardened with arousal and want
The fine lines of your torso
Hips soft, pliant, & oh so giving
Legs, so soft & strong
Wrapped perfectly around me
Wet, soft, & heart wrenchingly beautiful
Is the essence that you so lovingly give me
Your smell heady & your taste divine
All that is you, arched against me
My lips & fingers roam your body
Trying to memorize every inch from touch alone
Arching, moaning, giving
You are so beautiful
Making love, giving love
Passion personified
Made real through the act of our love
But it’s you, all you, only you