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There is a special story starring Kojuro and Kenshin titled Adults Who Cannot Clean sold in Tenka’s Natsu Matsuri page, hahahahaha.

It’s hilarious.

So Kojuro was in Echigo for a comparative study of sorts. He asked random Echigo people about their life there and they all said glowing things about Kenshin. Kojuro was impressed.

Then someone bumped into him. He saw this beautiful person - he’s not sure if Kenshin is a man or woman because he is just so beautiful (AHAHHAHAH)

“I’m sorry, are you alright?”

“Yes, are you?”

“I’m… alright… Will you help me?”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m being followed.”

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Saizo Yukimura (SLBP Fanart) from start to finish.

This is nearly four hours sped up into almost 30 minutes…

Hope you guys enjoy it!  

Just know! for a bit I zoned out and stared at it for like…15 minutes….so somewhere in there (after being sped up) there is like a full minute of no movement. Lol. Sorry.


Finally done with Sasuke’s route! Just in time for Hotaru’s probable release :D Kaede warning Sasuke not to make MC cry gives me life. Thanks, Kaede. I love you.

The story was… Okay? He kind of grew on me, I guess. I like his personality - he’s very much a ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ type of guy. He’s also really sweet to chibi!Sasuke so that’s super cute. He’s not my type but it was still a decent story. STILL BETTER THAN SAKUYA.

I do have to complain that his route items are incredibly ugly. Just… why. Why. It’s like Voltage is trying to sabotage him. I wonder who’s the least popular, him or Kyoichiro -_-

And I have to say that his 'cold’ face is unbelievably annoying and I wanted to smack him all the time LOL unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot :’)

All in all, Genya > Hanzo > Sasuke > Sakuya for me.

chanting-to-u  asked:

and last one i promise, 99. "Be careful" MITSUHIDE AND MC (OR SHIZUNA OR WHOEVER, IT'S OK. AS LONG AS I HAVE MY MITSUHIDE) with a cat cuz again, I needs. #beyondtrash #someonesendhelp

“Be careful, little one.” 

He dipped and Shizuna’s row furled. Lord Mitsuhide’s voice had changed, and the moment he stood she immediately understood why. A smile crossed her face as he lifted the kitten, which had been trotting happily across the veranda without any concern for the drop off the side.

Mitsuhide turned to her. “One of the strays must have had kittens.”

“We should find his mother.” She agreed, stepping up to pat the mewling kitten on the head. “It’s cute though. I wouldn’t mind keeping him…”

She watches his expression change, from contentment to astonishment. After all this time, knowing how much he liked cats, had it never occurred to him to have one for himself? 

“When I go to war…”

Of course. Lord Mitsuhide would never accept a responsibility he could not handle on his own, and having a pet meant someone needed to care for and see to it. Shizuna reached to pull the kitten from his hands.

“Leave that to me. I can take care of him while you’re gone.”

The smile returned to his face. “Do you want him that badly?”

“It would make you happy, and I think he’s cute. It would be like having a friend to confide in while you’re gone…”

He nodded then. “We’ll keep him then. So I will not be lonely on the nights you cannot be with me, and so you are not worrying for me while I’m gone.”

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I read on the tag somewhere that you're not into baby headcanon?It's cool tho I am sad because that means you'd never answer my ask which I sent ages ago... But how about this, let's try my luck. Reactions: the lords (and any side fellas/ninjas you want) on MC's pregnancy, buuuutttt plot twist: they're not the father!

Oohhhh helloooooo!

Lol, yes, you read right (I’m sorry!) I’m not particularly into babies and kids headcanon, not that I hate them but it’s just I have no plan on becoming anybody’s parent and there are many, many great writers in this fandom who do these headcanon justice and more (FLUFFY FLUFFY GOODNESS) so yeah, I’m not the best person (AT ALL) to send these asks to.

That being said. OH, MY GOD

“The lords (and any side fellas/ninjas you want) on MC’s pregnancy, buuuutttt plot twist: they’re not the father!”

WHY. Okay, when I first read this I thought this ask was an ATOMIC ANGST BOMB, but hey, I read that again and hmmm,  it could be a happy HC actually lol. I was assuming when this happened MC is in a relationship with that particular lord and HGSAHVDHMBJHBJKJHVGHHH

NTR (netorare = cuckold) trope could be perversely exciting but let’s not go there (I don’t have the mental capacity - it’s beyond me) and make these characters happy aite?

Headcanon after the break.

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Question -- have you gotten the Nobuyuki's birthday stories yet? And if so, were they gooooooood?

Hello dear!!! As a matter of fact, I got the stories today and I just finished reading them both…
C-Can I just say I think I’ve fallen harder for this man? I can’t give out any spoilers, I suppose, but here’s what I can say:

The group one is very cute, as you might’ve guessed. XD Literally anything involving Yukkin, Saizo and Sasuke is bound to be adorbs af (word from the wise… JK, I’m not wise but that’s the truth XD).

The story for two, however… It’s just… Like, I mean… You don’t get much action (sorry to anyone who was expecting something), but your heart will come out of this story aching to love this beautiful entity that we all know as our Lord Nobuyuki. It’s a very warm, ‘melt your heart gently until you feel a single tear roll down your cheek’ kind of story. Not as intense as his event debut epilogue, but it’s there… X’)

TL;DR - I love Nobuyuki, and whether it’s good or bad, I’d still make an effort to buy literally ANYTHING even remotely related to him. XD

So far, though, I haven’t been disappointed by the way Voltage has written his character; in fact, he might be one of the most well written characters in SLBP, imo (but this opinion is probably heavily biased, so take it at your own risk).

Lemme know if anyone feels the same or has anything to add on! XD Need to keep the love going~

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Hello, could you please do 40. “I made this for you.” SLBP MC X Hotaru? Thanks ^^

She did not realize he was there until she turned; Hotaru always managed to sneak in silently, no matter how thick the walls and doors were. His hand found her mouth, covering the surprise that would have escaped. Did he always have to sneak in like this? 

“I… made this. For you.” he held out his other hand, removing the one covering her lips once he was sure she wouldn’t give him away. “I kept thinking of you…”

It was hard, being so far from him and knowing that it was difficult to speak to him, given his power. Iga Village was strict with him, keeping him hidden away, and yet here he was… as always. Finding his way back to her. 

She accepted the wooden figure he had carved– a fox.

“Are you sure this is for me and not your brother?” she smiled anyway. 

Hotaru’s eyes widened, head nodding quickly. “Grey foxes only have one mate. I thought… maybe you…”

He paused then, unsure if he could continue. Over the last year she had learned to read his cues; she could guess what he wanted to say, and understood the only reason he paused was to ensure her free will. His voice may be able to control anyone, but Hotaru was cautious never to do that to her. He wanted her to love him because that was what she wanted, not because his power forced her to.

She kissed him, quick, once. “I’ll be yours. Even if you can’t be with me all the time.”