love over power

Mabel saying “Up top!” and putting her hand in the air for a high-five, and Ford being confused as to what she meant before Mabel sighs with over exaggeration, motioning and saying “Hand up, Grunkle Ford!” and dragging his hand up to meet hers in a quick clap before dropping their hands and grinning at him.

Ford finally gets that she was after a high-five, and whether by being sensitive to his polydactyly, or if that was just the lingo of today, she managed to avoid a sore point for him. Ford smiled and raised both of his hands. “Double up top?” he asked her, and she squealed, launching herself in the air to double high-five him. The both laughed, Ford rubbing one of his hands and telling Mabel she didn’t know her own strength.

Mabel laughs harder and tells him that noodle arms are Dipper’s thing. If he doesn’t want a red mark, he needs to go clap hands with her brother.

Ok but remember the first time Teru tried lifting Mob, he had his defenses up & it was sO HARD FOR TERU

but then afterwards they became friends & just

and also more recently

“Go ahead and take a nap! I’ll just float you around ‘till we get to school.”


i saw someone make this crossover and i couldnt help but draw the Power Puff Gems

Darling, stand straight
you are not weak
hold yourself up
rise like mountains
scream until the clouds burst
don’t let anyone think you are anything less
than godly

but pick your battles wisely
let the little injustices slip
through your fingers like sand
piling into beaches
keep yourself quiet
keep yourself folded

why can’t we pick
our daughters are force fed enough rules
that tie their hands behind their backs
with sheer sickening contradiction
they are choking
they are drowning

how long has it been
since I rolled up my sleeves
and curled up my fists
since I strapped up a suit of armor
and brandished my sword

I choose this fight
—  A.O.A.M. || Pick Your Battles


I don’t give Coal enough attention tbh, he’s really fun to draw


they named the dog character doggie and the cat character kat i’m gonna sue (x)


But everything he did, Skye, he did because he loved you.

One day in 8th grade my mother was helping me study one of my Hindi short stories for a test.
And in the middle of it she started crying.
I don’t remember much but the story was something to do with women empowerment and patriotism and oppression.
One minute she was reading it out to me and the next minute she was crying.
I just couldn’t understand why!
My dad took over the situation and told me it’s okay and to complete the story on my own and I did.
But I didn’t understand why she was being so ‘emotional’ over a story!
And now I cry over isolated quotes and almost every book I read.
That’s what words do to you. They let you feel through the pain you hold onto so tightly.
They set you free.

Love Love Lamento Gakuen Translation

In light of the recently released english patch for Lamento, there’s been a renewed interest in the translation I made a couple of years ago of the drama CD “Love Love Lamento Gakuen”. 

To make it easier for the new fans (and the old ones too) to locate all the translated tracks in the right order, I decided to compile them all into one single post. 

Be aware, before diving headfirst into it, that there are major spoilers for the game in the CD, so if you haven’t played Lamento yet and don’t want to have all the surprises ruined for you, you should probably not listen to the tracks until you do.

Also, this was translated from spanish. There are probably many mistakes and no doubt a lot was lost in translation. It is right-ish and it’s understandable enough, but it is not, in any way, a perfect translation since I am not a native speaker of spanish or japanese (not even english, for that matter). 

Well, now that you’ve all been warned, here are the tracks:

I hope you enjoy this drama CD as much I have! Have fun! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧