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Salt Rattles for Cleansing or Protection

Salt rattles are a good quick fix for keeping bad energy or spirits away, especially if you’re away from home (staying in someone’s home, hotels, or any other place you’ve been disturbed by bad energies)

You will need:

–A small metal tin (leftover cosmetic tins are perfect for this)

–Salt: white salt for general cleansing, black salt to take away extremely negative or malevolent beings, pink salt to bless a bedroom or room of your choice before being intimate with a partner**.


–Dress your tin in moonlight, seawater, earth, whatever you like to dress ritual containers in.

–Fill your tin with the color salt of your choice.

–When you’re in need of a cleanse take your tin and shake it around the thresholds of the room, your head, your midsection, and your feet) humming helps increase the effectiveness of your rattle.

**if you’re using pink salt in your rattle, this will act as a sort of love and attraction spell and will charge the bedroom with some good sexy energy (woohoo) just make sure your partner is excited and consenting, then shake away, witches!

Maferefun Oshun!