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Rin: nico-chan i’ll give you a kiss too <3
Nico: do not get any closer to me with that dirty mouth of yours

happy single awareness day

i love displays of friendship and platonic love. hug ur friends. tell them theyre important to u. its good and pure and beautiful always.

The Moon in Love

Our moon sign displays our needs, maternal instinct, and emotions toward our partner. It is our conscience, our inner monologue toward other people, and it is how we choose to love someone. We emotionally connect to people with the same or similar moon signs to ours. Emotional connection to our partner is a crucial aspect to maintaining a relationship.

Fire Moon: Intense, new love excites you. You want a partner who enjoys going out with you. You want an active person with a similar mindset when it comes to fun. You see holding grudges after an argument as pointless. You want someone who can let go and be the rawest versions of each other with.

Water Moon: A sensitive partner who listens to your troubles and solves them with you; that’s what you have in mind. You want someone who understands who you are and what you need, and they need to make it clear that they aren’t wasting your time from the start.

Earth Moon: You need to go slow and find the right partner for you, someone who isn’t too aggressive or pushy. You want someone to be gentle, maybe even romantic, and to ease you gradually into feeling the relationship.

Air Moon: You need intellectual connection with a partner. Someone you can talk to and really understands what you mean when you come up with a crazy theory. You can fall in love easily if you truly connect to someone, and a partner that understands that laughter is the best medicine is your goal.

Aquarius - Devoting from a Distance 

Aquarius can be the most elusive sign in love. Collective romance sweeps through intellectual Aquarius. Their humanitarian qualities are impossible to ignore. And they flood with love, but they are a diamond in the rough, and their love is not reserved for you. It is reserved for mother earth, for sea life and tree life, for experience, learning, culture, and progression. Aquarians typically resist drama or soaking emotion in love. The born explorer retains heavy guard over independence and the freedom of thought and expression. They will rarely let another human influence their decisions, morale, or values. The crystal, airy glass wall can be erected before Aquarius. Detachment gives them a cool and casual approach to love and social processes in general. Aquarius is certainly romantic. Unusual gestures, sharp minds, freedom fighters, these personalities shock jolt the electric Aquarius heart. And this heart is so often repressed by constant, chaotic thoughts, embarrassment, and the fear of vulnerability. They have subtle ways of expressing their feelings, and its of the Aquarian nature to be paradoxical in everything they do. Love with Aquarius is stimulating, playful, enlightening and above all, confusing. One of the zodiac’s biggest hearts is constantly combating dissociation, indifference and a fear of sentimentality. The heavier the emotion, the more increasingly uncomfortable or agitated Aquarius becomes.

Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius and the cold, dry planet is renowned for stifling innocence, vulnerability, creativity, and sensitivity. Aquarians are highly responsive to pain and cruelty, but they rarely let emotionality take over. Often they consciously decide to keep a safe distance from their own feelings, banishing them so they can be directed into something more meaningful, so they are not so messy or invasive. Love can be displayed through wisdom and guidance, through sharing their most outstanding ideas, through giving you freedom to be yourself, and wander, and love in your own lyric. It’s true Aquarius can be overcome with emotion. So many Aquarians have Pisces influence in the chart. Aquarius is the sign of rain so crying provides an excellent cleanse. But its rare to see an Aquarius indulge in emotional displays, they can feel shame or insufficiency. The humanitarian directs love on behalf of the greater collective, ensuring survival of the most innocent and assaulted. And yet, the Aquarius rarely self-soothes, often comparing and diminishing their trauma to others and forcing themselves to survive in isolation. When Aquarius fails to reveal their feelings of sadness or hopelessness to lovers, their distance and silence can cut like a knife.

The Aquarius has an unconscious fear that desire for one person will extinguish their flame. The sign of tribes, groups, and community are programmed to scatter their love amongst humanity rather than direct it one on one. This is why so many Aquarians become teachers, medical researchers, volunteers, and public health advocates - they feel inherent responsibility and love for people, especially children and animals. The Aquarius can deeply desire love, but their nature makes it more elusive than it need be. Aquarians are not suspicious, but any form of betrayal will rip them into pieces, because opening their heart was such an ordeal. They had to detangle bubblewrap and squeeze so many feelings into one person. Absence makes the Uranus heart grow fonder, and they are rarely lonely when they are alone. What they really seek is somebody they can ‘be alone with’, that is, retain their normal routine with somebody to bounce energy off. The Aquarius will probe and provoke your deepest and darkest realms, but don’t expect access to theirs. Like an internal roller coaster, the complexities of Aquarius are confusing and exhilarating, each gesture of love navigated by intellect and thought. Something traditionally romantic could make them giggle and disengage. Something stimulating, exciting, a place, a person, somebody just vibrating to their own frequency, is what melts the Aquarian heart. Light, breezy, and sanguine individuals, Aquarians rarely notice when someone is flirting or taking an interest, and they must be free to roam uninhibited in love. Someone as unique as Aquarius needs to wait for someone equally as special. And finding another diamond in the rough can take a lot of digging.


Virgo - The Letters of Love

The Virgo allure is endearing wit, bright eyes, and communication that can make strangers feel at ease. The more comfortable the Virgo becomes, the more sweeping and saturation conversation becomes. They can be transporting and seductive. But Venus is at fall in Virgo, so the expression of love does not come so easily. They are detached enough to be serial heartbreakers. Their youthful and responsive spirit can even seem flirtatious, so people can misread signals. The purity of Virgo however, expresses love in its wholesome form, reflecting their cleansing Sheaf Bearer. Their natural labor is love. Energy is produced on behalf of other people, so they can literally live for lovers. Communication is their communion, and they know when you need advice, silence, or space. Virgo associates with the mind. Conversation can be as intimate as sex for Virgo. But their earthy nature generates intense physical needs, so there is nothing undemonstrative about Virgo. They desire to make lovers happy. They commit themselves to lovers sexually, often subordinately. There is a great respect for partners and diversion from drama or controlling behaviour. 

Virgos would rather have relationships acting as an addition to life rather than a requirement. They feel dependency is unfair to partners. Devoted and collaborative in love, Virgos rely on team work to maintain the partnership and enjoy watching the success story of loved ones. The sign of Virgo is renowned for its discrimination and perfectionism. They will prefer to sit back and patiently observe their object of desire before making their move. Their blind pursuit of perfection can paint unrealistic ideals of lovers, so Virgos can feel deeply betrayed when their loved one makes a mistake or hurts them. Emotion and love is intangible, and when Virgos cannot grab ahold of something it throws off their inner equilibrium entirely. The individual may feel a close physical, emotional, and intellectual attraction to somebody but regress when the moment comes. Love can be displayed through physical service and helpful acts like running errands, planning, or repairing. 

Virgos are easily swooned, and can become saturated by lust - yet they can be too shy to admit it. The inner hysteric in Virgo warns the individual of making the wrong move and exaggerates self consciousness. Every move they make will be deeply evaluated. Like they can spend hours internally deliberating on how to respond to a message. When partners think they are being ignored, Virgo has simply retreated into their own bubble, engaged in the comfort in the home of their thoughts, fearful, and often rife with self hatred. Within every Virgo is a heart that aches for love, yet they are not willing to compromise their order to fit that person in, that person must just ‘fit in’, and this proves its righteousness to Virgo. 


(art: Heatherlee Chan)

The Zodiac Signs Trying to Romance You

Is romantic AF(roses, cliches, tries to charm you, the like): Capricorn, Pisces, Aries, Cancer

Big displays of affection(expensive presents, huge surprises, etc.): Leo, Gemini, Scorpio, Aquarius

Tries to make you laugh: Virgo, Sagittarius, Libra, Taurus

(This is supposed to be once they’re in the relationship already, but some of the signs will low-key do this to attract you, especially if you’re friends already.)

Emotionally abusive Parents 101

•Yelling at your child for no real reason or something very small aka over reacting.
•Dismissing your child’s own thoughts, opinions, beliefs and interest as ‘crazy’, ‘irrelevant’ etc, when they don’t align with yours
•Basically never allowing your child to become their own person independent of you
•Blocking your child’s access to the outside world and getting angry or jealous over relationships you feel take precedent over yours
•Teasing/insulting your own child, calling them names like 'useless’ an 'idiot’ etc
•Never apologising when you’ve yelled at your child for no reason or when your in the wrong. Instead switch to being overtly nice and issuing loving epithets and displaying overly loving gestures
•Getting mad when your child gets mad at you or disagrees
•Uses the idea that you have gave your child life and food as emotional blackmail often to prevent them taking a life choice that wasn’t in your designated plan for them
•Never apologising when you’ve hurt your child’s feelings even after they tell you specifically that you hurt their feelings.

If you do any of these chances are you are an emotionally abusive parent so congrats! I will now be taking care of your children to spare them repercussions your actions will cause them in adulthood.

happy twintails day! i doodled the first twintailed best gal that came to mind✨

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