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This isn't relevant to anything, just wanted to share a thought. I've heard the "what loving God would torture someone eternally for not believing in Him?" argument countless times, and (besides the fact that salvation is unfairly in OUR favor AND the justification that humanity is evil) God is God; even if He's considered "evil" by someone's standards, they are powerless to do a thing about it. (1/2)

(2/2) Who has the more power to enforce their moral standards? God. And His existence isn’t contingent on Him being viewed as “good” or “evil” by mere human sinners. I don’t think He’s evil, of course; this is just a rebuttal to that “argument” (which is more of a subjective emotional appeal) - if one believes morality is subjective, then it boils down to whoever can enforce their morality. And the answer to that is obvious.

Typically, I’ve found those who hate God the most are the ones who live the most debauched lives, because deep down, in the very depths of their soul, they can’t shake the feeling that what they’re doing is wrong, and so they lash out against that one ultimate authority figure like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

But yeah, that’s the gist of it. And anyways, God isn’t evil. He’s the antithesis of evil. The reason people go to hell if they don’t accept Christ is purely because of their own actions. God does not force us to accept Him, or else the acceptance would have no value, since it was forced. We have to choose to accept God, and to accept that yes, our actions have consequences, and if we keep living a sin filled life with no effort made to change it, then we will suffer the ultimate consequences.

And people hate the very concept of consequences.

highlights from Alan Ituriel’s livestream

 • BH (bad) and 5.0.5 (good) are opposites, same with Demencia (Disorder) and Flug (Order)

• Dr. Flug is based on one of Alan’s friends who is also an engineer and has an interest in planes (and plane crashes…) and so when asked if Flug liked pancakes, he called his friend for the specific purpose of asking if he liked pancakes.

• Demencia was the hardest character to make as she was originally an 8 year old girl but had to be modified. The main influence for her character were hardcore fangirls and a girl Alan met in high school who introduced him to Anime. “She would be a fan of Yuri on Ice”

• Cartoon Network wanted one of the characters to be voiced by a youtuber so they chose Markiplier to voice 5.0.5

• A possible hero character?

• Flug wants to protect 505 from BH’s scolding and that’s probably the only reason the bear is still there.

(save him)

• Black Hat was based on his (Alan’s) father’s personality and an urban leyend about a Top Hat being who only had eyes and a big smile.

• All the portraits in the mansion do actually tell Black Hat’s backstory. In one of them he’s shown dressed as El Charro Negro, a mexican leyend.

• BH has destroyed a planet.

• BH keeps each other character for a specific purpose and loves torturing them.

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Lbh physical attraction is important too. Do you really think that Clarke looks at Bellamy that way? because I don't see any evidence at all






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Nah, I think she cares about the health of his lips, and she always checks him out to see if he’s wearing his jacket. She doesn’t want him to catch cold.

Man sometimes I think we forget just how psychologically damaging Afghanistan was for Tony. Like my professor was talking today about old anesthesia techniques and how there were a bunch of cases in the 30s, 40s, and 50s of surgeries where people were awake and could feel everything during the surgery. “That’s horrifically traumatizing,” he said, “to feel someone cutting into your body, moving internal organs around, and not being able to do anything about it. People came out of surgery with sometimes debilitating trauma.”

And Tony!! Woke up!! While Yinsen’s hand was literally inside his chest!!

But that barely registers in the grand scheme of his horror because hey, what’s waking up during surgery compared to watching young soldiers get shot in front of him and knowing it’s his fault? What’s that compared with living three months in constant pain and terror as a captive of his worst enemies, knowing that he could be killed at any moment, and he’s not even sure if anyone would be looking for his body? What’s that compared to literal torture, simulated drowning over and over again while clutching the car battery that’s keeping him alive because if a wire falls into the water he could be electrocuted? What’s that compared to the knowledge that his negligence has led to the slaughter of hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent people?

And then he gets home from all of that, and remember he’s really just a normal citizen and has never been taught how to deal with such hugely traumatic events, to be betrayed and left today by the man he considered a father. ONCE AGAIN HE WAS STUCK IN HIS OWN BODY, UNABLE TO DO ANYTHING AS HE DIED.

I mean, fuck! What the fuck!! How do you just recover from that???

Then, then, he is slowly poisoned to death by his own creation, then he’s sent to confront the void of space and his own insignificance, then he has to watch the woman he loves get tortured, then he’s forced to imagine everyone he loves and cares about dead or dying and believes it’s his fault, I mean Jesus Christ! I’m probably forgetting some stuff!! He never gets a fucking break!!

Tony Stark is bouncing from one traumatic experience from another like the world’s worst pinball machine!! No fucking wonder he’s suffering from debilitating PTSD, from depression and grief and self-loathing, from completely untreated mental illness. He is just trying to keep the people he loves safe, that is his number one goal at all times, always, and instead of recognizing his symptoms for what they are and trying to help him in return, his “friends” simultaneously take advantage of his generosity and hate on and criticize him for what are, quite frankly, quite understandable reactions to the honestly ridiculous amount of horrible things he’s lived through in just a few short years.

I’m sorry I lost my train of thought, it’s very late and I’m very passionate, but basically what I’m trying to say is: give Tony Stark a break for fuck’s sake!! He is ill and suffering and he is just trying his best goddamn it!! Fuck!!!!


No but do you see that look on Elsa’s face? That soft realization? It’s a little thing, what Anna had asked of her: to tell her if their family had family traditions on Christmas back when they were together, but the look on Elsa’s face tells us that she understood the unintentional meaning behind Anna’s words: that since their separation as children, the family, even without Elsa, never really celebrated Christmas with Anna, because shouldn’t Elsa be asking this question? Anna asking this meant that the royal family didn’t have any traditions during the time Elsa was locked away. The King and Queen didn’t want to exclude Elsa, and decided to not to celebrate it entirely. The way Elsa looked at Anna after her question; the hint of a sad smile that did not connect with her eyes, which held a gradual realization as she turned her head to her sister: she’s realizing that no, we didn’t have a family tradition because for the past 13 years, we never celebrated Christmas. No, we didn’t have a family tradition because we were never a full family on Christmas. 

And Elsa knew, she knew she was the cause of all this, that because of her powers, she was the one who stopped them from having a family tradition like a normal family, because her family was too nice to exclude her from them. She was the one who stopped Anna from having the joy of  celebrating Christmas with her family, the joy of a family tradition she deserved.

“I’m sorry Anna. It’s my fault that we don’t have a family tradition.”

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I fear the day you’ll meet another girl and you’ll fall in love with her and forget all about me. I hate the fact that many opportunities that I couldn’t have, she will. She will touch you when I couldn’t, she will be there when I couldn’t and it won’t destroy her. I know I made you happy and you made me happy too but it wasn’t enough my love. Our story is one for the books and I have no idea how we came up to here but we endured a lot. We need each other but certainly not like this, not apart and never being able to meet in the middle. Going the distance and not being able to communicate and meet a lot is like being nothing at all. Though for me, just calling myself yours was enough. I will always love you and I will always be yours.


At long last my semester-long quest to finish my Mercy sculpture has been completed, and hot damn am I happy with how it turned out

I’ll probably be taking more pictures with a better background later, but for now enjoy this video turnaround, or check out more pictures under the cut!

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