love of the worst fan


#actual polar bear starting his modeling career

how to spot a supernatural fan in public

1. start playing carry on my wayward son

2. look for the people who drop to the ground sobbing in a puddle of their own tears

3. that is all

💙⚡️I love this boy⚡️💙

IM SO BAD AT READING FAN FICTION because I see a bunch of works that looks awesome and I’m like “I CANT SKIP OVER ANYTHING AND RISK FORGETTING ABOUT IT LATER” so I open 9834293847123 tabs and stay up all night long reading them, then I’m like “aw i read them all there’s nothing left :(”

I wasn’t really sure what should I do since it’s HIS birthday and I don’t feel particularly talented in any way; a lot of people far more gifted contributed to this beautiful day… but! Since I love Jiyong wholeheartedly, I just wanted to do something little, :) Happy Birthday Ji, the most beautiful person I’ve ever heard of – kind, loving, caring, talented…. I hope you’re very much aware of all the love your fans feel towards you and at your worst times, remember we will stand behind you no matter what. Thank you for everything♡

♡red!ji moodboard♡

  • Suho: Okay, the manager thinks we need to start practicing our answers to interview questions again. So here's the first one: "What do fans mean to you?"
  • Chanyeol: It saddens me that I can't make love to each and every fan.
  • D.O: Fans are the worst. I wish I didn't need them to be famous. It's too bad our fans are nowhere near dying of old age.
  • Suho: Yeah, neither of those answers are acceptable.

Bandwagon fans are the worst. They love a group when they shoot to fame and then leave them in the dust when they’re declining. People have literally TRANSFERRED from DBSK to Super Junior to SHINee to EXO and then now to BTS. Seventeen and iKON are next. The worst thing is that they even bash the achievements of the sunbae groups like they were never fans in the first place.


So I know you’re busy with the BBMAs and stuff, but I just wanted to say thank you for Bad Blood, thank you for always mentioning and loving your fans, just thank you. I’ve had the worst and the absolute most lonely weekend and this night, you Tay, are making up for it. I love you and I hope you win every award you’re nominated for!

Thank you for being I’m my life you beautiful person.

Love me? Like I love you.

You know what’s the worst part about being a fan girl. That you would give the world up for that person, take a bullet for that person, or die for that person. Yet they have no idea who you even are. We support them no matter what. We stick up for them any chance we can get no matter the circumstances. Yet again they don’t know us. We buy their merch. We buy concert tickets. While we wait months before, for the tickets begging our parents to meet them and when they finally agree we get that feeling in our stomach. Hope? Love? It’s the greatest feeling and for months we think about everything and plan everything out yet we haven’t even got the tickets. The day the tickets come out we have our credit cards in our hand and are all nervous. It’s like we’re on top of the world. Like we’re in a dream. When it’s the last second and time for you to hit that button to buy tickets and you didn’t get them. That’s when reality gets to you. It’s like all you want to do is crawl up into a ball and cry. Your parents are judging you yet they don’t even know how much they impacted your life. They’ll tell you “oh you don’t even know them.” But I do. In my heart I do. You don’t understand I can watch him/her all day. I can tell you every little thing about them. They are the reason I am so strong. Yet again they don’t know we even exist. You just want to cry cause all you want to do is just stare in their eyes once, talk to them once, touch them once, be able to be in their arms for once, no computer screen or phone screen in the way just you both there. All you want to happen is what your read imagines about or fanfics. Maybe it will happen maybe it won’t. But maybe you do get the tickets. And you get to hold them in your arms. You can finally see them. And all you can think about is wow this is actually happening. And all you want to do is thank them yet you are so shocked you can’t get out any words. But then there are always those girls there. The ones who only got the tickets to brag about it. The ones who just became fans. And you see them in there barely happy and that’s when you think that should be me not her. Maybe it’s just not time. Maybe they’ll spot me in the crowd. We make these fan accounts yet maybe they’ll never even realize it exist. We dedicate our lives to these people. Maybe they should do something for us. How about when you do a “follow spree” you actually follow us. I mean we are the reason you’re here. Not just the ones who look like sluts in their profile pictures. Maybe you should follow the accounts that are actually a fan of you. Tickets are so much money. It’s bull shit. What about the fans who can’t afford it and cry themselves to sleep cause all they dream of is you. Maybe instead of making us spend so much money to meet you give us a damn free meet and greet. We are why you’re famous in the first place. And you meet every fan who shows up no matter the heat or how cold or how long. You meet them. We are just fans in the crowd and it sucks cause all you want to do is hold them and show them how much you love them.

I hate how she’s being so biased. She loves Steroline (imo and not only, the worst ship ever) and their fans and even put their damn scene into Delena’s dance (I’m not a DE fan, btw.), but she’s hating so much on everything what contains Bonnie and Kai, especially in one sentence. Not even mentioning fans of the ship. She is so immature it’s laughable.

I don’t know her, but I really hate her.