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You believe they [Achilles & Patroclus] were friends?

“I could recognize him by touch alone, by smell; I would know him blind, by the way his breaths came and his feet struck the earth. I would know him in death, at the end of the world.”
The Song of Achilles

What was the point of drumfred? To break our hearts because daisy’s done a pretty good job of that. Honestly I’m sick of the bury your gays trope,just give us real representation. I can accept Drummond to be brought in with the sole intent of killing him but I can’t accept choosing to make him gay,basically queer bating us,having him die without telling Alfred his feelings and not even getting his death historically accurate. So on that note I’m done with victoria, I’ll watch the Christmas special and support the cast but I’m not going to watch season three.

Peter Parker having a Premature-born Sister ‖ Headcanons

Request: HCs for peter having a premature little sister that is like a year younger than him and he is protective of her please (anonymous)

Warnings: I gave the sister a name so it’s not reader-based, sorry my loves + this is a shortie

A/N: I went to my mom for most of my research on this and I kept asking questions on babies and stuff etc etc but she lowkey thinks I’m pregnant now😂

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  • When Peter’s little sister was born, she was a mere 2 lbs and her skin was a faint shade of blueish purple
  • Peter was only 1 ½ years old (though he could talk) when his sister was born
  • Peter didn’t understand why his parents’ were upset once she was born
  • (Peter was told the baby had to stay in the “magic healing egg” until she “hatched”)
  • His dad took him to the hospital every night, pointing out which incubator held his little sister

“When will she hatch, dada?”
“Soon, my boy. Then we can take her home.”

  • So it was finally time for the new addition to the Parker family to come home
  • Peter was very excited, his little legs bouncing up and down the whole car ride to the hospital
  • Peter’s parents’ couldn’t decide on a name for the baby girl
  • “Olivia.”
  • “You want to name her Olivia, Pete?”
  • “Yep. Olivia. O-L-I-V-I-A.”
  • And so it was Olivia Rose Parker

  • Fast-forward to the present, Peter is 16 and Olivia is 15
  • Olivia didn’t have many birth defects, but she was stuck with losing her hearing at random times
  • Olivia had taken on the Parker inheritance of intelligence, she had moved up a grade and was in Peter’s year
  • This kinda annoyed Peter, he liked being the “smart one”

  • If it wasn’t obvious Peter’s taking his late dad’s job of being                       o v e r p r o t e c t i v e
    • Poor Livvy 
  • The night before Olivia started school at Midtown High, Peter took her and May and set some ground rules
  • Peter may have been a bit dramatic
  • Olivia couldn’t:
    • have guys over (if she did she had to keep her door open)
    • have her first kiss (poor baby aw)
    • post “skimpy” stuff on insta/snap
    • etc etc you get the jist
  • May instantly felt bad for her niece, Peter was pretty protective
  • So whenever Peter was out saving the world, May would let Livvy sneak a guy in for study dates etc etc
    • Bonus points to May for being the greatest fuckin aunt ever

  • At one point, Flash Thompson had a crush on Olivia 
  • Peter was BEYOND irritated
  • F: “I can’t believe you’re Penis Parker’s sister. You’re way too hot.”
  • Though Olivia may have had a slight crush towards Flash as well
  • Forget what I said before, THIS irritated Peter to no end
  • “I don’t like Flash, he’s nowhere near good enough for you.”
  • “Oh shut up, Peter. it’s not you who has to like him.”
    • damn livia do you want some crackers with that salt
  • So one night Olivia snuck out of May’s apartment to meet Flash
  • Peter’s spidey sense caught her and he followed her with his suit on
  • Olivia met Flash under the “Lovers Tree” at the park
  • When conviently Spider-Man swooped in!11!!1

F: “Oh, Spider-Man! Um, I don’t think there’s a crime around?”
P: “Surprise bitch, its a crime to go out with this young lady right here.”
F: “I-it is?”

  • That night ended with Peter knocking Flash out and dragging Livia home
  • Obviously Flash got the message
  • But it didn’t stop him and his posse from cat-calling at Livia
  • One time Olivia lost her hearing while they were doing this and everyone thought she just wanted the attention :((
  • Peter would go OFF
  • If he wasn’t in school you can bet your ass Flash and his friends would’ve been on the ground real quick
  • So Peter would take a very confused Olivia and once again drag her home

  • What also annoyed Peter was that Ned and Liv were also best friends
  • Peter was like what abt me guys :/
  • Ned would always come over to “study with Peter” but hang out with Livvy
  • Once Peter got really suspicious
  • Cuz Olivia and Ned were getting pretty friendly
    • but it’s cool it was just a prank bro
  • So he waited until  Ned left and snuck into Liv’s room

“Hey Livvy do you like Ned?”

“Mkay, just checking -_-”

  • Because how awkward would it be for his sister to be dating his best friend
  • actually not that awkward, Peter was just dramatic

  • Once when Olivia was walking home from lunch, there was a big car chase going on nearby
  • Livia lost her hearing then
  • The car was going at least 90 mph
  • Olivia crossed the street but couldn’t hear any of the cars honking
  • She felt the hood of one of the cars graze her jeans
  • Luckily, Peter was there to save the day
  • At that moment, Liv regained her hearing
  • Turns out Peter was doing his daily rounds around Queens

“Thanks for saving my life, bro.”
“Anytime, sis.”

  • And let’s be honest Peter could be the most irritating brother ever, but he was a real softie to Olivia
  • Because they had a bong stronger than love :)
  • Peter would always swing in his Spider-Man suit to go get Liv coffee on nights when she’d stay up studying
  • When Livia lost her hearing, Peter would make funny faces to cheer her up
    • He even lowkey learned sign language to teach it to her
  • When Livvy was sad she’d crawl under the covers of her bed
  • Peter be like “activate big brother mode”
  • So he’d crawl under the covers with her and stroke her hair while he sang
  • He’d sing the song his parents’ always sang to them when they were kids
  • Basically they were the brother sister goals you wish you were

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Inktober day 16. - Lord of the Breath of Arda

I know, I know the hairstyle resembles Mairon’s, but I swear only these two dudes have it.
The topic today was “fat” but I couldn’t come up with anything original/funny, so have a Manwe.
I will try to post a painting of a valar every day from now. It’ll be fun, I suppose.