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Ahh… for our last freshman year concert pic we tried to create a heart shape with our horns and failed and then tried to look bad ass and failed but hey we’re almost done with our freshman year and none of us have died yet so I believe that’s a strong success ;)

to my most precious paca im youngmin

you are one of the most selfless, talented, precious idols I have ever stanned and I will be waiting to see that beautiful smile of yours on your debut stage no matter how long it takes. you worked so so hard, and you achieved so much! your fans will always be doting on you, we love you Im Youngmin!


She’s been streaming for more than 12 hours and drew Swirly in her stream again; so I had to draw her something at least for her efforts. I HOPE YOU KEEP D RAWING FOREVER AND EVER EBBY CAUSE I REALLY LOVE YOUR EXPRESSIONS AND ART IN GENERAL AND SVIJCKVDSNJ

I love Selena but i stan her doesn’t mean im gonna kiss her ass in every case. I just don’t like her behaviours lately and im not scaring of saying it. Because this is MY opinion. This is not about Justin, Abel, Jelena or anything else, this is about just her. I really don’t like her behaviours on this time and that doesn’t mean im unstanning her. People change, people’s opinions change. She can change either. I have no problem with this. But maybe this person who she became is not the person who i used to see my biggest role model ever. I love her and of course i support her but just not as much as i used to be. Are u mad at about it? Then stay pressed. I’m not the type of the fangirls who always say “i love her/him forever, im gonna support and protect her for everything she/he has done” lol. Sorry but im not like this. And im glad im not. I have a life and im living it. Im just coming here to be happy because i love both of them but if they do something wrong to me im saying it. This is what im doing, this is what im gonna do. And this is nobody’s business. Stay in your line and stop putting shit to my ask box smh

  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she actually means: the book of life is an extremely underrated movie and needs more love asap. It has everything a good story needs. It's about growing up, has action, adventure, MUSIC, humour, romance, strong female and male characters. Hey also it will probably make you cry. Damn like it probably has the best god damn ot3 you'll ever have the pleasure of spending one hour and thirty five minutes with too??? Also did I mention its animation is fucking beautiful?

Selfie Tag!

Thank you so much @abeamoflightinthedark​ you’re a sweeheart! I love your selfie btw  (♡˙︶˙♡) I’m so late with this ^^;

My Lockscreen ♡ The one and only Sunshine of my life Hoseok! 

My Homescreen ♡ Seunghyun will forever be my first love 2006 going strong still. Love you  ♡

Last Song I Listened to ♡ Baby Good Night by GD&TOP, they will forever be my favorite duo ever. They have a beautiful chemistry when it comes to music.

Selfie  ♡ Tada! A more recent picture of me wearing one of my fav rompers! For anyone whoever wonders what I look like lol. 

I tag: @pcy-suga @mozzakarp (even tho you ghost girl lol) @jayonthestreet @indiegem @btskookiefangirl @fandomlover267 @kazzeyy @peachesncreamkookies @peachy-pianist @roygbiv96 and whoever else!
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Hey guys! I got tagged by @chillin-like-villains to post a selfie the other day, but it works for the kingsman meetup too!

My name is Ria, I’m a college student applying for med school so I’m not around much. I’ve been part of the fandom since the beginning pretty much but I’ve been really quiet for a while lol

This fandom has led me to some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life and I will forever be grateful to you all for your friendship and support. I’m part of a bunch of other fandoms too but (aside from one) none of them have been as awesome as you guys are.

I’m always happy to talk about anything so feel free to ask me anything or whatever! I love making new friends :)


Kindra (2016)

Well, it was about time I finish it. I’ve been painting this for so long that I don’t know if I hate it or if I love it, but at least IT’S DONE.

So, yeah, Marcus and Indra are my super BROTP of the show (The 100) and they are now more than ever because they have matching scars, lol. I just knew their friendship was forever when I watched those two scenes were Indra risks her own life for Kane even if she doesn’t know if there’s a cure for the chip. She rocks.

I was making this face, I swear:

I suppose (I hope lol) they took Indra down of the cross, and I can’t imagine Kane doing anything that isn’t going straight away to see if she’s ok. He’ll probably apologize and then he will thank her for saving his life <3.

I hope you like it! And feel free to share it or leave a message.

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Rosie is about to cry and she knows she can’t look at Rose or she will literally start sobbing (or maybe laughing idk lets go with sobbing for the romantic effect) and Rose takes a little sneak peak and has that fucking smile on her face like “oh my god I love you so much we are legit getting married lol” and basically I don’t think I have ever loved a gif more than I love this one right here I am forever devoting my life to this gif. I am creating a fanbase for this gif. This gif and this moment is the most perfect thing to ever grace my eyes and I feel a strong spiritual connection to it and to God and I think I’m pregnant with the child of God. And wow this gif saved me, killed me, redirected me and it is now Easter the day of my resurrection. Bye.

hi babes! so recently someone asked me if I had any good 5sos fic recommendations and I realized I haven’t made a follow forever in a really long time (I think the last time I made one was a year ago yikes). I hit 9k a while back but I never did a proper thank you sort of thing, so I’ll do that now: honestly I am so blessed that so many of you deem my shitty blog worthy enough to follow and actually enjoy reading my writing. Thank you so so so much to those of you who take the time to send in requests or nice messages it really does mean a lot:-) I also figured it would be a good opportunity to share some of my fave writers and fics with you guys because there are tons of super talented writers here and I want to share them with you guys! 

some shout outs (as per usual):

@pfftclifford Lauren! Girl I love you and I’m so sad that we live on opposite sides of the world from each other. But you’ll always hold a special little place in my heart because you were my first internet friend ever, you’re rad dude!

@vaporofficial Cass, you’re so incredibly talented and one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met through 5sos. keep on being amazing, I love you!

@vegemitexmike / @gabidaile of course I have to give a shoutout to my best friend in the entire world. Gabs your friendship is one of the biggest blessings in my life, thank you for always being there for me and always being the person who catches my references lol

@5sos-official obviously I can’t make a follow forever on my 5sos blog without tagging the band themselves, so special shout out to 5sos for being a band I have been able to spend my teen years growing up with. You guys rock and words won’t ever be able to express how much your music has helped me. much love xx

my current reading list:

@anarchyaustralia Calum Hood / Firsts Series / Calum Hood

@bananashemmo Luke Hemmings / The Math Teacher 

@pfftclifford Calum Hood / Empty 

(it’s quite short at the moment I know, but I’m a busy bee. I’ll update this as I find more series to read!)

talented af writers:
(all these babes have their masterlist linked in their bio)

@0kbutmichaelclifford  @2k15luke  @alreadymissings  @anarchyaustralia  @assholemalums  @aussiekinks @bananashemmo  @broadassluke  @cal-baby  @calsthunder @calumtrashofficial  @classifiedluke  @cliffwoes  @clummyhood  @complicashton  @hemmingsalmightty  @huggingcalum  @jigglypufftribe  @lsotboy  @malumshighlight  @malumsnudes @michaelgclifford  @mukegrinding  @navylukes  @peaceof5sos  @pfftclifford  @pretendtobepunkrock  @slflucas  @tadpolehemmings  @vaporofficial  

some other rad 5sos blogs: 

@2k16michael  @5sos-official  @5sosashton  @5sosimilar  @5sossexblog  @90sglow  @aboutthemusic  @aesthetich00d  @bangmelikey0urdrums  @besdeyou  @blessedirwin   @blurbood  @blushingluke  @boytoynamedcalum @calpalsbutt   @calums  @calumsapparel  @calumtrashtm  @cashtonbros  @chillcal  @deadassluke  @disneycalum  @disneyprincelrh  @fightlashton  @fletcheristrash  @goldenhemmings  @heartacheotbs  @hemmocurls  @hoodzer  @inlovewithmuke  @lipringsandsnapbacks  @lovinghemmings  @lovingluke  @lukebug  @lukesalternative  @lukeswhitetee  @maineshirtcalum  @maoriboy  @metallichael  @michaelsoutfits  @mtvcalum  @overandoutashton  @poppunkblogger  @pornhubhood  @post-concert-depressions  @runcth  @simmerdwn  @smolclifford  @soundslivefeelslive  @statecal  @stereomuke  @teenluke  @tokyoluke  @vangoghcalum  @vegemitexmike  @wastedoncake  

just a couple of update blogs who are the real mvps:

@bri3395  @hotdamn5sos  @irwinsource  

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I don't see the I'll love her forever as a big deal.. she's his wife ofc he loves her and he's not gonna suddenly dislike her or something.. he's never said he loves her more than elena and love can exist in many forms, she's a part of his life, im sure he'll love Bonnie, Damon, Lexi, etc forever as well lol

I think people were mostly side-eyeing the fact that he said that when he was acting a different way with Elena, but like I said in my review of that episode, he has only ever called Elena the love of his life and that says it all.

Iman’s birthday message to Teyana will warm your heart!

“I’ve never held a woman on a pedestal quite like this before. I’ve never appreciated everything about a person so much. As we grow together you’ve taught me more about myself than I ever knew. You have changed my life forever. You have made a house a home. You have carried the next generation. And you have proven to me that love is real and genuine. I know you can’t drink while you’re pregnant…and you’ll probably pass out after dinner and not make it to the club lol. But I’m screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you while you’re in Chicago! You need anything while you’re there you know I got you…that’s kind of my neck of the woods. 👀 Smile on your special day sweetheart…you make every woman want to wear 25 just like you!”

bryan and his bisexual daydreams….. lordy.

anyway, bryan had a gigantic crush on nick for the first few months he spent with him in/around diamond city. except it was less of a crush and more like “you are the very first person to be kind to me and help me during this super traumatic time in my life and therefore i love you” and bc nick……. has his own issues……… nothing ever actually came of bryan’s feelings lol. they’re still good pals tho, and bryan is forever grateful for nick being so supportive and helpful during his first few months in the post-war commonwealth.

either way. i might make another sosu to ship with nick all properly n stuff…. hmm. 

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Most to least likely who you'd date in Got7?

Mark: because “fun time”

Jinyoung: because we’d get along judging people and holding grudges

Jackson: because I want him to ‘rap’ me up in his buff af arms 

Youngjae: because we’d both probably start laughing when threatened

Bambam: because we’d be hella extra just to prove to everyone how compatible we are

Yugyeom: because we’d be cute together on the dance floor electric sliding and shit

Jaebum: tbh I wouldn’t date him because he’d probably write me a love song, call it CHICKEN and have a line that says “welcome to my chicken coop” and I’m not about that life

Happy Birthday Dreama!

I want to wish the happiest of birthdays to my best friend and momma Dreama! I know I have said this a million times but it is true, you are the best friend I could have ever asked for! You were there for me when I needed it and helped my through some of the hardest times in my life and for that I will be forever grateful.

I still can’t believe that around August of 2012 was when we first met in that RPG (You know the one I secretly stalked for a few weeks before deciding to join lol) The people there thought you were crazy, which I wanted to punch them for, but I didn’t listen and here way are almost 5 years later with the a much more strengthen friendship than ever <3

No matter what anybody tells you, you are a kind, caring, loving, funny and all around wonderful person and I love you very much! If anybody tries to tell you otherwise let me know and I’ll go full Negan on their asses!! >:D Have a wonderful birthday and may you be showered with love from all versions of Mortimer XD

Your Baby Seth, Jenny 🌹❤️😎 @mor

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4, 33, 34, 39

Thank you! I really wanted to answer some x-files questions :)

4 - Maggie Scully or Melissa Scully?

Love em both but probably would choose Melissa. Wish so much we could’ve seen more of her and her relationship with Scully.

33 - Favorite Season Finale?

So I have this thing where even though I do love some of the myth eps/arcs I cannot remember them for the life of me.  Requiem is one of the only ones that I really remember and I like it so I’ll say that.  lol.  But gotta give a shoutout to Existence because that last scene will forever be my favorite MSR moment.

34 - Scruffy Mulder or Clean shaven Mulder?

I will take them all! But if I had to pic a fav it would be five o’clock shadow Mulder. hehe.

39 - When do you think Mulder and Scully first started dating?

I honestly have no fucking clue. I mean idk that they ever were like dating dating in the traditional sense.  Fucking Chris Carter.  But I guess I would like to think they starting “dating” after Millennium :)

Happy Un-Birthday *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

Originally posted by e-tudiante

Summary: You think Bucky’s Birthday is the 11th instead of the 10th and plan a whole day, in which he doesn’t understand till you give him the present and card!
Warning: Super fluff and Bucky with attitude/ sarcasm
Admins Note: This will prove how good of a girlfriend I am to my boyfriend, last year I thought my boyfriends (at the time my best friend since school) birthday was the 25th not the 24th of May (I’ve grown up with the guy since school) and I don’t do anything on the 24th, I work and then I take him out for a pub-lunch… and his response was “You totally got my birthday wrong but I love you still because at least you tried” so… thank you to my boyfriend who once again proves himself to be the Bucky Barnes in my life! #he has bucky barnes length hair now but blond! 

So for anyone wondering why I didn’t post any Birthday messages to my boy Buck, I had this planned since the 1st of March lol - Rosalee

“Just the old-man I wanted to see you” you sing skipping up to the retreating figure of Bucky Barnes, newest recruit to the Avengers, he turned and frowned at you as you grinned brightly “you busy today?” you asked and he shrugged “good because I have something awesome planned, the best day ever! it’s gonna be super fun and you’ll love me forever” you say excitedly. 

You tug on his human hand, pulling him to the elevator, he didn’t exactly put up a difficult time and just followed willingly. You bounce on your feet as you wait for the elevator, Bucky glances at you, frowning at how excited you are for today; he didn’t really understand why you wanted to hang out with him.

“So what’s all this about?” he asked as you stepped into the elevator, you just grinned at him, he shakes his head and chuckled at you. It’s no lie that he has a soft spot for you, you even knew that but you had down to the fact you were the smallest; everyone was extremely protective over you, even Tony. Although for Bucky it was deeper affection, it was borderline love but not quite there, he knew he wanted to be with you but he didn’t know what he felt exactly for you.  

“We are going to lunch and then shopping, then coming back here for movies, plus snacks” you tell him the plan, he nods slowly with raised eyebrows at you, he didn’t understand why today was so important. 

You decided against driving since traffic so walking to the destinations were better, plus it means more time with Bucky, who was sort of your best-friend and biggest crush but he didn’t know the last part. 

You get to the food place and sit down opposite each other, you are smiling as Bucky looks around, clearly not dressed for the day; considering he didn’t exactly have time to change. Red flannel over a white tank top plus blue jeans, conveniently he had shoes on already because now he feels like you would have made him walk out in socks still! 

“I wish you allowed me to change” he frowns looking over the menu, you shrugged with a small smile, dressed in the same casual clothing; black v-neck, blue jeggins and a simple deep-forest green cardigan over the top. 

 You both order food and drinks, talking amongst yourselves and clearly getting weird looks for your clothing choices, so maybe you should have changed but their looks weren’t going to spoil the day. 

Bucky started to chuckle to himself “we are dressed in Target clothing whilst everyone here is wearing; Ted Baker or Tom Ford” you chuckled with him,
“We have our priorities settled; never buy expansive clothing but expansive food? Always” you winked playfully, he snickered and nodded in agreement. 

“Yellow does not suit you” you frown at him, he rolled his blue eyes as you help him shop, well actually its mostly you getting him to buy all the things you like on him… he seems to trust your style input though. 

You spend roughly an hour walking into random shops, buying some clothes and other stuff, it’s a productive day; well a productive day is actually clearing a HYDRA base but for normal citizens this is a normal day. 

“Any movie you want to watch?” you asked walking back into the base, Bucky thinks for a moment, carrying most of the shopping bags because chivalry hasn’t died yet. He shrugged gently “how about Star Wars? We watched Star Trek” you suggested and he nodded “okay, I’ll get pop corn, you go put those in our rooms” he nodded walking off down the corridor, you quickly ran to the closet, pulling out Bucky’s Birthday present with a bright grin. You place the pop corn in the micro-wave, patiently waiting, Bucky walks in with a grin and you smile.

Extending the pink wrapped gift, Bucky frowns and is about to unwrap the present when it all hits him, like a wave and he can’t help but double over in laughter and you frown at Bucky. 

“Wait…” he calms, breathing heavily “is this a birthday present?” he asked and you nodded, his heart swoons at your cute little pouty face, wondering why you are laughing at the effort you clearly put in “my birthday was yesterday, sweetie” you would have blushed at the nickname but the news shocked you, you swore Steve said it was today.

 You groan with embarrassment as Bucky opens the present, a small photo album full of old photo’s but a few recent pages have new photo’s of Bucky, one he didn’t know where even taken.

“Happy Un-Birthday, I guess” you sigh and he grinned at you, going back to flipping through the pictures, smiling at the few that had yourself and him in them… plus a selfie you somehow managed to take with him, probably becoming his new favourite photo. 

“You totally got my birthday wrong but I still love you because at least you tried” he shrugged putting the album down, you rolled your eyes and pulled the pop corn out, Bucky frowned lightly but a small smile present. 

You both sit on the sofa’s and watch Star Wars episode one, the pop corn on Bucky’s lap and you are slightly leaning on him but no fully, as much as you loved these movies you began to drift off to sleep. 

Causing Bucky to smile down at you, moving the bowl off of himself and pull you closer to him, lazily hugging you to his side; after today he knew how he felt for you, it was just the matter of getting the courage to actually say something, something he didn’t know when he’ll have; he just prayed it would be soon. 

(Hope you enjoyed this, I threw this together quickly but it’s good enough for my Bucky. Again this idea was given to me irl, so thanks to @marshallroguetrooper my boyfriend. Check out my latest Angst Bucky Barnes one-shot HERE! & catch up with Alternate “You”niverse because part 6 is up today at 5pm. You can request; imagines and one shots - Rosalee)

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God, you're such a sweetheart. In no way was I expecting you to pen an au moment like that. It really made my day! It was perfect, and so in character. And so freaking sweet! And the mention of Rachel's Quinn-doesn't-wanna-marry-me meltdown so endearing and hilarious! How could she think that? Quinn dotes on her! Lol. Life may be somewhat dark at the moment, but I really appreciate you giving me a little light. If I could hug you I would :)

I’m glad it brightened your day a bit. :D

Rachel knew that Quinn loved her–it was Quinn wanting to tie herself to Rachel forever and ever that she still had a few insecurities about. That’s part of why she had that little meltdown when Sarah popped back into Quinn’s life too. So yeah, when their second (kiss) anniversary and Rachel’s birthday and Christmukkah and then their third anniversary passed with no sign of a ring, Rachel got a little fritzy.