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My Future Wife, LeFou!

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Title: My Future Wife, LeFou!
Words: 2,456 
Pairing: GastonxReader
Warnings: Little Bit of Swearing
A/N: Oh dear god I can’t find any Gaston stories I like so I guess I’ll just write my fucking own I guess that’s the only way I’ll ever be happy so enjoy my Luke Evans thirst

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  • A friend: moriel
  • Me: you mean the loves of my life, the slowest burn to ever slow-burn, the textbook example of sexual tension, the model of devotion, darkness and light, my darling survivors who heal together, those of whom I think 24/7, if I don't see them get together in canon I will have a coronary, the apple of my eye, my dark son and his ray of sunshine?
  • Friend: ...yeah. Them.
Thank You For Loving Me

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean finally tells the Reader the three letter word.

Word Count: 928

Warnings: Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! So this was supposed to be for my own Music Shuffle Game, but then I realized that @d-s-winchester had a challenge that I volunteered for and I got the same song. So this is for her challenge too…although…I don’t remember the tag for it. So this probably doesn’t count *hides face* I hope you enjoy it!!

Song used: “Thank You For Loving Me” by Bon Jovi

Thank You For Loving Me

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Another Silly Sportarobbie Headcanon

Robbie Rotten only uses affectionate names for Sportacus for two reasons
1.  When he is being privately affectionate.
2.  When he is absolutely 100% done with Sportacus.

For example:
*Sportacus is in the middle of making food and is being 200% more extra™ about it than he really ought to be*
Robbie: “Sportacus?”
Sportacus: “Yes Robbie?”
Robbie: “Light of my life?  Bringer of my joy?  Apple Strudel of my Eye?”
Sportacus: “Yes…?”
Robbie: “- the reason I get up in the morning and what beckons me to bed every eve…”
Sportacus: “… Um… Robbie?  You only say things like that when you are either really happy or very frustrated…”
Robbie: “Take a wild guess.”
Sportacus: “… Oh.  Sorry Robbie! :}D”

She’s snoring on my chest peacefully and almost rhythmically and seems so content. I can’t stop thinking about the way she looked tonight. I would glance over and there she’d be, smiling back at me. It was like a dream come true. But now that I think about it, all of it has been a dream come true.

The way she answers the phone and you can tell she’s excited to talk to me no matter what time it is. The way she loves baked brie and Chipotle as much as I do. The way she talks about neuroscience and California with a sparkle in her eye like they’re the guiding loves of her life. The way she always has to touch some part of my body, whether it’s my lower back in isle 7 at the grocery store picking out Apple Jacks or holding hands with just our pinkies while we watch a scary movie together. Her taste in music and how it’s as though I created her in a computer because it matches mine so well — she loves Ellie Goulding the way I love Lana. How we unintentionally sleep until 4pm on Sundays because we both love sleeping that much. There hasn’t been a single day in months where I haven’t died laughing because our sarcastic senses of humor align perfectly. Her voice. God, her voice. She’s the hopeless romantic to my cynicism. She loves black as much as I do and we take our coffee the same. She texts me right after we’ve just separated and still kisses me when we both have morning breath. Every time I pessimistically doubt something, she reassures me with her idealism. And she never lets me go a day without telling me she loves me.

Now that I think about it every single day with her in my life has been a dream come true.

—  It’s 2 in the morning and I think I’ve found the love of my life
Opening Night

Prompt: The first show of In The Heights was complete and being the good girlfriend that you are, you decide to be sober for the after party.

Pairing: Lin x reader

A/N: A quick drabble to get the gears moving again. Of course I didn’t proofread. Of course I’m going to do it once I post it. I was inspired to write this because of the ITH that flooded my dash today. P.S.: DID YOU KNOW SONNY IS THE NEW USNAVI?!

Lin’s suit jacket was tossed aside hours ago, lost in one of the tables in the venue.

His tie was next, loosened enough to for him to breathe while he danced with wild abandon.

Then the top two buttons of his shirt came undone and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, the heat from the bodies that surrounded the dance floor causing the thin material to cling to his body.

It was hours after the first show of In The Heights was completed, and Lin and the cast and crew were having the time of their lives. Your boyfriend, the genius behind the musical, was living it up, soaking in the success of the show. He laughed that crazy, maniac laugh of his, and shook his hips like his life depended on it. Lin was a social butterfly, and he fluttered around all night dancing with guests and taking celebratory shots.

You knew that he had enough when he was onstage, screaming a freestyle that professed his love and thanks to the cast. When he spotted you recording him, he pointed at you and leaped from the stage to grab you by the waist. “Yo this girl you see, the apple of my eye, center of my life, is going to be my wife!”

“Please stop,” you snorted as you pushed him away.

He cackled and pressed a sloppy, wet kiss on your cheek. Flashes from cameras and hoots from the crowd followed, and he jumped back on stage, yelling at the bartender for another round of shots. He and Robin, the biggest instigator of the night, stumbled to the bar, their greedy hands reaching for the shots Lin requested.

“Lin,” you said, having lost count of how many times you’ve said his name in that tone, “easy.” You take the second glass from his hand before he had the chance to drink it, and you couldn’t help but grin when he pouted and leaned forward to reach for the drink.

“Here, take this one,” Robin chimed in, drunkenly pushing a glass into Lin’s hand.

“You. Stop.” You spun to glare at Robin, “and oh my god, Lin,” you laughed when he clinked his glass against the one in your hand before downing the shot in one go.

“God, I couldn’t ask for anything more,” Lin yelled, slamming the glass down into the counter of the bar, “I just performed on Broadway and I’m going home with the most beautiful woman in the place!”

You smiled, reached for his tie, and pulled him down for a long kiss. The tangy taste of the alcohol was exhilarating and his hands that trailed down your back left a path of heat in their wake. But when his hands roamed down to your butt, you drew back. “Lin,” you warned when you heard Robin snickering beside you.

Luckily Chris and Lac whisked him away, and you were left to stare at your silly boyfriend who continued to dance the night away. You were fine with watching him from a distance; parties were never really your thing. Besides, tonight was Lin’s night. He deserved everything and more for what he’d accomplished.

When you saw him start to undo the remaining buttons of his shirt, you rushed forward, knowing that it was time to intervene. “Lin please,” you giggled as he reached for you. He took your hand and spun you so that your back faced his front.

“My lips feel numb,” Lin whispered against your ear, arms coming down so he hugged you from behind, “and the room is spinning, but I fucking feel great.”

You peeled yourself away from his body and squealed when he dragged you back into his arms. You give Lac an exasperated look when he pressed his nose against the curve of your neck, peppering kisses against your skin. “Lin.”

“Nothing compares to how happy I feel right now, not even when I was up there playing Usnavi or when I finally figured out how to right click on my Mac – do you remember that? I want to live in this moment forever.”

“You’re a sweet talker even while your drunk, Lin,” you hummed, smiling softly at his rambling.

He sloppily spun you around to face him. “You love it. You love me.”

You wiped the sweat off his forehead and gave him a kiss, rolling your eyes when an inebriated Robin interrupted to hand Lin another drink. “We’ll see how much I love you tomorrow,” you muttered, chasing after the two when they began to start a conga line with the cast and crew, “when you can barely get up from bed because of your hangover.”

A white shirt flung past your head and you let out an incredulous laugh when you recognized that it belonged to your boyfriend.

Happy opening night, Lin.

Nami’s List of Love Spells

A long organized list of all of my love spells by purpose and categories. It should be known the only love magic I practice and write for is consenting love spells between two partners. I do not support forcing another to have feelings for you. My spells are mostly to improve love, self love, and passion between two individuals.

General Love/Attraction Spells:

💘 Apple Cider Love Bringing Spell welcomes love into your life
💘 To Dream of Romance Spell dream about your romantic future
💘 Eye Catching Glamour Spell a spell to catch the attention of that special someone
💘 “I’m Hot Damn” Fire Charm for Attracting Attention spell to attract attention to your fiery beauty
💘 Siren’s Lipstick Spell make others hold onto every word you speak and be captivated by your voice


💘 Charm (Pokemon Inspired) A spell to improve your charms and flirting
💘 Eye Catching Glamour Spell a spell to catch the attention of that special someone

Healing of the Heart:

💘 Mend the Heart Spell a spell to emotionally heal after rejection


💘 “Kiss the Girl” Glamour Spell to encourage a consenting person to kiss you
💘 Magickal Uses for Kisses

Lust and Sex:

💘 Couple’s Bath Spell improve sexual energies between you and a consenting partner


💘 To Dream of Romance Spell dream about your romantic future
💘 Heart Stamp (Pokemon Inspired) a spell to strengthen passion between you and a consenting lover
💘 Passion of the Rose Spell (Tuxedo Mask Inspired) a spell to increase passion between consenting lovers

Relationships and Bonds:

💘 Long Distance Friendship/Relationship Spell to help maintain a long distance connection with someone
💘 Parabatai Spell (Shadowhunters Inspired) a spell to forge a bond with another consenting person to always be connected


💘 Power of the Heart Self Love Spell (W.I.T.C.H Inspired) a spell to open your heart up for self love
💘 Seashell Charm for Self Acceptance aids with self acceptance and encourages self love and care
💘 Sweet Self Love Bath Spell a spell to promote self love

Stopping Love/Unwanted Advances:

💘 Ice Queen Breath Spray a spell to halt someone’s romantic feelings for you 

*All of these are from my digital and physical grimoires. I wrote all of these spells.

Falling In Love

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean and the Reader fall for each other but have a hard time expressing it, for fear of rejection.

Word Count: 1k-ish

Warnings: Slight Cursing, Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyyy guys!!! This is my entry for Mimi’s aka @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog‘s “Mimi’s Trope Challenge”!! I got the prompt: Secretly in love but for some reason can’t express it. I hope you guys like it!! *hides face* Feedback is definitely welcomed!!

You know that butterfly feeling people say they get when they’re in love?

Well I used to think that was a bunch of bullshit. I wasn’t like your typical girly girl who was all about the weddings and the falling in love at first sight. It just wasn’t me.

Why, you ask?

Well, because in my humble opinion, true love didn’t exist. One didn’t just fall in love out of the blue with someone and say “oh you’re the one for me”. At least not in my book.

But fuck me, man. Who would have thought that I would eat my own words? And in huge heaps of it. Hell, even to this day, I’m at a loss for words with this overwhelming feeling. And it scared the living hell out of me.

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Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby

non binary/gender neutral alternatives for boyfriend/girlfriend

Ok I’ve seen a couple satirical posts on this but I wanted to make a real list (some more light hearted than others). Please feel free to add your ideas! Also remember if you or/and your significant other identify as non binary communication is key. Figure out what you both like and enjoy 💞

-better half
-significant other
-partner in life/crime
-soul mate
-my love
-apple of my eye
-main squeeze

anonymous asked:

Yay, so glad that the inbox opened! Could I ask you friendship headcanons with a female friend for Chuuya, Dazai, Ranpo and Poe please?


• You are, without a doubt, always Chuuya’s date to any type of Port Mafia function. Long have the rumors passed that Chuuya and yourself were anything past the point of friends, and now it’s just expected of Chuuya to bring the most stunning date to the party. Chuuya is the perfect gentlemen as well and always ensures your drink stays full and the smile stays on your face. Regardless of your own dancing skill Chuuya is always pestering you to the dance floor and complimenting you on how amazing you look (even if you step on his toes every other step).

• Chuuya is adamant about you knowing how to protect yourself because he can’t be there all the time to offer physical support or ward of danger with the flick of his finger. Whether you’re an experienced fighter or someone who has never swatted at a fly Chuuya takes it upon himself to, at the minimum, teach you martial arts for self-defense. Naturally Chuuya wants to take it easy on you and he will unless you call him out on him, then he only holds himself back to match your current skill level. While he’s a master at his art he sometimes gets a bit carried a way, and if he ends up pushing you too hard he immediately offers to massage whatever is sore or treat you to a good lunch and a massage at one of his favorite spas.

• Shopping is a bi-weekly tradition even if you’re the type of woman who doesn’t like shopping Chuuya still pesters you for your womanly opinion (even though his style is fine on its own). Other than updating his closet Chuuya tends to spoil you as well and ends up shoving outfits in your arms to try on. Regardless of the dollar amount in your bank account Chuuya always pays, and if you try to slide your card to the cashier he threatens to snap it in half. Shopping is usually followed by lunch to catch up on life especially if Chuuya has been busy lately and unable to spend as much time with you.

• Nights you spend drinking together at bars end up being the rowdiest solely for the fact that Chuuya gets extremely protective of you the more red wine he drinks. If there’s even the tiniest hint of irritation when a man saunters up to flirt with you Chuuya more often than not knocks him right in the jaw if his verbal warning doesn’t scare him off.  Unless you want to go home with whoever is trying to flirt with you Chuuya steps in with slanted eyes and a threatening gaze that cements his point and sends the person stumbling away with a mouth full of blood.


• Dazai is often using your existence as a barrier between himself and the women he just can’t seem to shake off after a few rounds of flirting and possibly a night together. When his long, cliché speeches as to why he must leave these women in the dust doesn’t work he comes running to you with a big hug and proclaims very loudly how he’s so happy he found the love of his life with fireworks in his eyes. One of three things happen after this; the woman he’s trying to run from ends up crying and leaving—the woman glares at you and vows her revenge on Dazai and yourself—or the woman continues pursuing Dazai. Because of this there is a heavily growing group of women around Yokohama that aren’t your number one fan.

• When you’re both hanging out somewhere Dazai plays into the assumption many strangers have that you’re an item. He’ll make up ridiculous stories of how you met, like he saw you on a train and he chased it all the way to the next station just to ask for your number. Or if he’s really in the mood to fuck with someone he’ll say you met in an online forum for people who love lizards and you both have a dream of opening up a lizard farm in the heart of the city and plan on having a family of eighteen to help maintain the lizards. Dazai often slings his arms around you during these stories and mutters overly sugar coated cliché phrases like “isn’t that right my beautiful darling sunshine love of my life apple of my eye?”

• Normally Dazai raids your fridge on a daily basis without warning; even if you’re fast asleep he’ll break in and rummage through your food like a starving raccoon. If he’s feeling extra specific he’ll jump on you and whine about how he needs your, the only woman he loves in his life, to cook him food before he dies from starvation. Cue the puppy dog eyes and toddler like antics until you give in a cook for him or let him drag you to whatever restaurant serves what he’s hungry for.

• Dazai fake proposes to you all the time to get free dessert, a free meal, or anything at a discounted price. He makes a massive scene in order to get someone to either pay for your food or for the restaurant you’re eating at to offer some sort of dessert. This is when Dazai strikes and ends up ordering a buffet list of food. If he really wanted to he could talk anyone into giving him food for free, but what fun is that when he can embarrass the hell out of you at the same time? If you end up going along with his game it turns into a “who can get more for free” competition and usually you both end up leaving the place with full bellies, coupons, endless leftovers, and sometimes a bottle of wine.


• Is a lot more physical than he is with any male friends he has. He leans on you like you’re his personal pillow and always has his head in your lap when you’re just hanging out on the couch. When he’s extremely bored during a long car or train ride he’s often fast asleep on your shoulder or leaning against you in some form to get comfortable in those small seats.

• Lord help the man who ends up trying to talk to you while you’re spending time with Ranpo. Even if the dude is the nicest person on Earth and possibly your future spouse Ranpo is not willing to share any of his time with you. The first words that fly out of Ranpo’s mouth are enough to cut even the most confident of people down several pegs and if you don’t physically shut Ranpo’s mouth with your hand he doesn’t stop. Grumpily, if you make him, he’ll apologize only because he doesn’t want you to be upset with him.

• Sometimes Ranpo uses your presence as an excuse to watch trashy rom-com movies even if you don’t like them yourself. It’s not that Ranpo longs for some weird romantic cliché crap, but he does like turning his brain off every once and a while and it’s the perfect excuse to veg out if he’s had a really shitty week. A bow of popcorn and candy plus a warm blanket and his legs flopped over your lap is his favorite way to unwind (but he’ll never openly admit it willingly).


• Poe loves taking walks with you when he can’t sleep or if he’s feeling creatively clogged. He prefers walking during around sunset where there are less people but enough light in the sky so he can see where he’s going. Usually he walks relatively close to you and ends up letting you talk through most of the walk. Your soft voice soothes his nerves even if you’re literally talking about some ramen recipe you found online.

• The few times Poe ever feels brave is when he feels like he needs to step between you and someone, mainly when you’re receiving unwanted advances. He stutters and barely gets his words out and a lot of the time he gets laughed at but he doesn’t ever want anything to happen to you. Before it gets worse Poe throws a fist at the person’s nose hard enough to break it before he grabs your hand and runs for the hills. His hand hurts like hell but he’s proud he managed to defend you even if he’s a bit embarrassed about them laughing at his attempt before he got physical.

• Poe prefers hanging out at home rather than going places, and has a stack of take-out menus from your favorite places at his house. Usually he prefers his own home over yours, but if you’re really not up to leaving he’d rather spend time with you over being alone. Board games are his favorite thing to do over watching TV, and he always has some sort of classical music playing in the background. Poe does get jealous sometimes when Karl curls up in your lap but it makes his heart happy that Karl likes you as much as he does.