love of my life :)


By popular demand, pictures of my new kitty Seika. (青い華 means blue splendor/flower in Japanese. I know it’s a female name, but whatever. He can join the Iwatobi swim club or something lol). He is polydactyl, so he has extra toes on his front paws making it look like he’s wearing fuzzy mittens (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) I got him from the local shelter a few days ago and he has quickly become the love of my life haha.


We’re making a show, We’re giving television the kick in the ass that it needs that’s what we’re doing here, We’re challenging people to get up and stand for something.

living with your significant other is sitting crossed legged in your underwear and big tshirt, sharing your hoodies, arguying about who’s turning the light off, taking showers together, giggling during sexy time, laughing with your best friend, consoling the love of your life, hearing about their day, finding annoying habits that you didn’t know about and loving them even more, planning great things together, being comfortable, building a home, collecting cats.

My favorite feeling is feeling your lips on mine

My intentions with you?
To be the one that makes you smile when you though it was impossible
To be the one you talk about when you get asked about love
To be the one that’s holding you so close at night that I can chase all your nightmares away
I want to be the one that keeps you safe and loved