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Justice League Cons

  1. Just the worst special effects
  2. Absolutely shitty dialogue (“My toes hurt!!! I don’t even understand the physics of how my toes hurt!!!” Ughhhhhhhh)
  3. Heavy and boring exposition because DC was so desperate catch up with Marvel that they didn’t do their world-building well enough before the movie.
  4. Unremarkable and ridiculous villain.
  5. Same solution as Legend of the Guardians where they make the nightmare horses smell fear on their own master to get rid of him???
  6. Inaccurate characterization of the heroes. (Batman smiled??? In his fucking cowl?? What??? There is no excuse. Also superman making “I want to die” jokes right after saving the world like some kind of teenager??? I am baffled.)
  7. No mention of any of the Robins???
  8. Some of the best moments from.Justice League cartoons is when Bruce, the man with no powers, is able to intimidate the entire league. I wanted to see THAT. Not this frustrated, desperate and thoroughly unintimidating version of Batman who’s getting people sandwiches and has no idea how to level with Arthur. Seriously, in what universe is Aquaman more intimidating than Batman? Yikes.
  9. None of Bruce’s guilt and desperation to bring Clark back made any sense because they were friends for maybe two or three hours?? It would have meant so much more if their relationship had been more developed. Now, the whole thing seems pretty insane. I know that Bruce has issues and need friends but honestly? I can’t get behind the fact that he got that emotionally attached to Supes in such a short period of time.
  10. Weird and incomplete explanation of Arthur’s whole conflict with the Atlantians. Like, did he have some kind of coronation off-screen and then came back with his “pitchfork” just in time to save his new friends?
  11. Focusing on one pointless little Russian girl and her family instead of developing the actually important characters in this movie.
  12. Basic overall message is “The Justice league is great and all, but we really don’t need them as long as Superman is here. Especially Bruce because haha he has no powers what a loser. Praise to Superman our Lord and savior!”
  13. Why the hell is Bruce telling everyone what his secret identity is right away? If not killing is his first rule (which he’s already broken in these movies) then telling people his identity has to be his second rule right? Why is he telling people before they even agree to be on the team but he still won’t tell Gordon, a man whose proven his loyalty time and time again, after 20 years?
  14. So much more. I could go on forever but those are the main ones and this is already too long.

Justice League Pros

  1. Confirmed Bruce Wayne as a RAGING bisexual who wants to be in a god sandwich between Diana and Clark
  2. Bruce legitimately compared him losing Clark to Diana losing Steve. I just… wow. Wow.
  3. My man Slade Wilson is about to kick everyone’s ass!!! Hype!!!
  4. Diana’s fight scene with those terrorist guys was fucking badass.
  5. Steve Trevor was not forgotten, bless his heart <3
  6. Victor Stone and Barry Allen bonding while digging up Superman’s corpse
  7. ???? Pretty sure that’s it ????
  8. Oh uhhh Bruce looked really fucking hot the whole movie 11/10. Whether you like Batfleck or not can we all please at least agree that he looks the part of Bruce Wayne?? Bc damn.

I haven’t seen anyone talk about this yet but honestly this is what made Mike one of my all time faves instead of just a fave from It. Everyone else makes WELL over 90k per year (we don’t know exactly how much more but for Bill it’s 800k) and Mike only makes 11k. Yet he isn’t the slightest bit bitter when everyone else thought he might be (implying they’d all feel at least some sort of resentment at being left to research while everyone else was successful). In fact, he’s basically just laughing and completely patient while HE reassures THEM. If I ever see anyone saying he’s anything less than THE most selfless, kindhearted person, I’m gonna flip.


little known fact; though this is an azula blog I deeply appreciate Korra’s parents. They are my fav. Help.

more for @avatarworldweek I guess. xD