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Mtmte Ultra Magnus, Ratchet, Cyclonus, Megatron & Rung accidentally overheard their shy sparkling actually bragging about them to other bots?

They are… Like… Really great though.


Ultra Magnus
He’s headed for the bridge when he stops dead at hearing his sparkling talking animatedly and swears he hears his name. He quietly goes over to the door where he hears them and sees them talking to Drift and can hear properly just what their saying. It takes everything in him not to run into the room and just hug his little one close as they tell Drift how great their sire is. He leaves quickly, not wanting to get caught. He’s in a noticeably better mood for the rest of the day and most of the next.

It’s been so slow so the little one has been in and out of the medbay most of the day, as long as they’re careful. He’s busied himself with cleaning up berth’s and equipment when he overhears his sparkling speaking with First Aid, both rather animated and loud; First Aid was always good with sparkling’s. He can’t quite make out what their saying, despite how loud they are, and is just about to leave it when he hears his name. He perks as he listens and can’t help but to laugh when he hears his sparkling arguing with First Aid about how Ratchet is the best doctor. Laughs more when the sparkling throws it’s toy at him and yells at him for listening in.

He’s working on something, Tailgate and his little one playing in the background. He’s been mostly drowning them out, white noise on his receptors, far too concentrated. However, he perks up when he hears his name and he’s just about to ask if they were speaking to him when he realizes they were speaking about him. His sparkling is speaking about 90 miles an hour and telling Tailgate just how great Cyclonus is. It doesn’t surprise him when Tailgate excitedly agrees. He smiles before going back to the work at hand, he knows they think he’s not listening and there’s no reason to let them know he was.

He’s been quite busy and hasn’t had a moment to even sit down and rest, let alone check in on his sparkling, so he’s desperate to do so. He’s almost running down the halls in his rush to collect his little on from Rung, who offered to watch them. He was just about to open the door when he heard them saying his name, he shouldn’t listen in, but he does anyway. He smiles brightly when he hears them telling Rung how great he is. He gently knocks before he comes in, swinging his bitlet up into his arms when they run at him for a hug.

He’s had quite a few appointments today and as such has left his little one in Drift’s care until he can come get them. He can hear them just a few paces from the door, hearing his name. He’s not actually listening in and doesn’t pause to do so, but he still hears them clearly telling Drift he’s an great ‘sickleanamalist’. He can’t help it, chuckling as he knocks on the door and comes in. He’s not surprised when they pat his legs and tell him he’s bad for listening in. He apologizes as he lifts them up, kissing their forehelm.

me: *“"borrows”“ a sh quote*

anyways u know how the ninja cant access their dragons if they get scared? hc that the same is true for their powers if they bottle up their negative emotions too much too often. kai is trying to inspire lloyd into accessing his powers again.

kai sucks at pep talks dot jpg

(don’t interact with this post if u ship them romantically for the love of God)


Wow ya’ll, I can’t believe Jack adopted Ashi as a kid and is raising her. So beautifuuuul~


You’re a good student. You’ll make it - I promise you, you’ll make it. You get better grades than I did. It’s going to be fine. It’s going to be fine.


Favourite McCree headcanon: Gabriel (or/and Ana) bought that BAMF buckle for Jesse as a joke, but the boy liked it so much it became his favourite buckle.

And of course he started a collection. (allimagesarefromPinterestandGoogleImages)