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TAZ Nanowrimo: 11/19

Imagine, for a moment, Merle using Parley in the real world. 

Sure, he teaches it to Sterling, who learns it despite his pitiful lack of magic. Parley becomes something of a governmental tool, and Merle’s lessons alongside Lucretia’s steadfast support of the tactic make it widespread in Faerun, as well as a favorite lesson of the kids who go on Merle’s Extreme Teen Adventures.

But no matter how far this knowledge spreads, Merle remains the undisputed master of Parley. Though his laidback demeanor might not show it, he’s an absolute expert in the art - he had fifty-seven years to practice, after all. 

Imagine, then, a hostage situation in the Goldcliff Trust. A disaster that’s stretched on for two weeks, fifty-something citizens locked on the inside, sustaining themselves on desperate provisions that the militia’s been leaving at covert dropoff points around the bank for the hostage-keepers to retrieve and sustain their bargaining chips. Imagine Merle getting wind of this. Imagine a call from Captain Hurley, asking for his help.

She doesn’t want to ask, of course, because gods know he’s done enough for this world already. She also knows that he will help without hesitation. And she needs help: matters of the heart are her forte, but this man seems to have none.

Imagine Merle dropping in for family dinner that Sunday and mentioning, almost casually, that there’s a situation in Goldcliff he has to diffuse but he’ll be back by Wednesday for sure. Imagine the Seven Birds refusing to let him go alone. 

Imagine a packed train car en route to Goldcliff, stuffed full of the universe’s heroes, clustered around their botanist and healer: Taako, Kravitz and Angus reading stories in one corner; Lup, Barry and Lucretia in deep and animated discussion beside them; Magnus, Davenport and Merle clustered together, Merle trying to lighten the worry that Magnus and Davenport are fairly radiating. 

Imagine the moment Merle enters Parley with a man armed with a gun and homicidal intent. His family waits around his still but still-breathing body, fingers tensing with poorly-disguised nerves, as their healer once more puts himself on the line for the sake of people he doesn’t even know. Magnus paces. He’d go in if he could, but hundreds of years of living don’t make him immune to bullets and this isn’t a problem he can solve by hitting it. Taako braids and rebraids Kravitz’s hair, showing Angus how, and pretends he does so only to soothe Angus.

Half an hour later, the doors to the bank open, and out spill the hostages, free at last. They’re followed by a man who - doesn’t look regretful, per se, but muted. Drained. He doesn’t struggle as Captain Hurley claps cuffs around his wrists. 

And several seconds later, Merle’s eyes blink open. 

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HARRY: I’m going to try with everything I’ve got—to be a good dad for you.
ALBUS: And I’ll try and be a better son.

- Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Act Four, Scene Fifteen

19 years later has finally come :)


SUGA: The Superstar Persona

  • Genius producer, rapper and piano lover
  • Loves to scream ARMYs’ name
  • The legend says he actually has a forehead
  • Stopped caring since 2013
  • A workaholic who closes himself in his studio rarely sleeps and when he does it in there too
  • Always regrets something cringy Yoongi did in the past
  • A well-behaved rapper that apologizes to his haters because he is doing way better than them.
  • Loves Rolexes
  • Turns into fire things and break mics and ride bikes in museums but it seems no one is even trying to stop him. I mean who can?

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MIN YOONGI: Min Holly’s Father & Main Persona

  • Basketball, lamb skewers, and Kumamon lover
  • Always exhausted because of Suga so all he wishes for is a pillow
  • Loves to scream JHOPE’s name
  • Spends more of 90% of his love on Min Holly. 
  • The legend says he rarely wears clothes at home or to sleep
  • Only owns black clothes and looks hot in a leather jacket
  • When Suga is taking a break from working he watches Netflix in the studio
  • Contrary to Suga who keeps the studio clean he is very messy at home
  • Used to take Jungkook’s underwear to show dominance somehow
  • Remarkably savage
  • Loyal and supportive friend
  • Enjoy touching the members’ butt and thighs.
  • Good at managing money and supports his family
  • Contrary to his other personas he is very shy 
  • Cheats at every game and get caught every time
  • Fixes anything the others break especially Namjoon

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YOONJI: The baddest female Persona

  • Loves herself
  • Does not scream because when she talks the whole room listens
  • The most popular girl at school but does not even care
  • Sharp tongue and owns a million clap back
  • Is not swoon by sweet words or handsome faces
  • You either love her or want to be her
  • Have the prettiest legs
  • was a maid some years ago but went missing after she murdered hip hop. She changed her hairstyle and no one noticed.
  • Owns a gun (I told you she is a killer)

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AGUST D: The Berzerk Persona

  • Beat rider 
  • Middle finger up to the world 
  • loves to scream A to the G to the U to the STD
  • The strongest persona
  • His main muse in Pre-debut Yoongi and the struggles he had
  • Is not afraid to talk about sensible subjects 
  • A full-time bias wrecker
  • A rap so strong you will get chills and lyrics so real you will cry
  • Have THE tongue technology that can turn on both males and females
  • Blond hair never looked better
  • Scars and screams never looked so hot
  • Just like Suga he destroys things 

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Pre-debut Yoongi: Hidden Gem Core Persona  

  • Loved by Agust D but Suga refuse to admit he is the original persona mainly because of his haircut
  • Looks young and frail but has the strongest will to achieve his dreams
  • Misunderstood and disliked by his classmates but the other personas will make them later thankful to have ever known him
  • Everyone said he will fail but he is ‘fine sorry”
  • Is the reason why the other personas are very open-minded and wise
  • He became a hidden persona that only comes out through Agust D’s lyrics as he promised Yoongi to make him happy someday
  • He is still there but only the closest ones to Yoongi can see him

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Father Louis Williams Suga Adams The third: The Done Persona

  • Washes your sins by giving you the middle flower finger
  • Does not care if your story is boring (Actually does not care at all)
  • He holds grudges
  • Probably quit after getting bored of his job

Yoongi have the most charming sides but the ones named above are just the tip of the iceberg who knows which persona he will reveal next. 

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Gassing my kid up on the first day of school like

“So how do you feel knowing Voltron Season 4 starts in a week?”