love new pieces

“Princess, whatchu doin’?”

“Not now, Chat, I’m busy!”

(she’s not)

Meant to be for Marichat May, but I’m not sure I got “happy pawing” right. >w>

Still not used to my tablet, but I had fun playing around with photoshop and brushes with this picture! c:

Bite that tattoo on your shoulder (X)

//breathes in// UNKNOWN ROUTE PLEASE

PSA for Requesters

I take pride in my work. I love making my art and I love making that art for other people.

But there have been some people who have just REALLY ticked me off.

I will not call anyone out on this, but if you think this post is about you, it probably is.

1. Reblog the art you request. Likes are just the *seen* notification. It’s depressing.


3. Giving away other people’s art as gifts, even if the piece was made for you specifically, is stealing and it’s wrong.

4. Some artists are stuck in an awkward phase where the only people who are giving them the attention they need for their work are the slave drivers like the ones mentioned above and they can’t say “no” to them because without their requests, they may never get noticed in the art world as a professional artist who gets an income of some sort.

I know I’ll be stepping on some toes with this post, but I have had enough. This is MY ART and what you are asking of me is UNFAIR. If you don’t like it just remember that I am not an art producing machine in your computer. I am a human being who has a life and would like to pay the bills.

How to Heal Exit Wounds

1.  Admit you’re shot.  Imagine:  
Doctor, that isn’t a bullet, listen,
her name is
– Not important, he would
say, you are bleeding out and think you’re
an idiot.  But I bet he’d grab your elbows
like an emergency and it would
feel a lot like love.  I bet he’d say,

I can’t treat
something if you won’t tell me
where it hurts.  

2.  Tell someone where it hurts,
and in what way, and all you need.
In the silence.  In the car.  In the
webs of your fingers, in the space.
My god, in the space.  You think,
I think there is too much gravity in me.  
I think I am too good at revolving around
things I could never touch all of.  In
my wrist,
you say, it hurts in my wrist.

3.  In the way a person leaves
louder than the gunshot.  In the way
you are never afraid of the gunshot.
In the way there is always something
in the way of something, in the way
you will never

reach for them because it is
not your place and it would hurt your
wrist to do so, knowing that no one has ever
yet saved your place, it hurts in your wrist,
the way people leave and never take you
with them.  I am shot,

you say.  4.  Strip blame like clothes.
Say, I am shot and it is not my fault.  This
visit, she left through my wrist, and it
is not my fault.  After proper care,
I’ll need time.  I need time.

5.  Allow for it.


Uno de los actos más rebeldes de la naturaleza humana es cuestionar… no tengas miedo de hacerlo, cuestionalo todo, ya sean relaciones, tu familia, tu fe, tus decisiones, tus deseos,tus sueños y ambiciones… aprende a ver más allá del horizonte, no te conformes con lo que ya sabes o te han dicho, si tienes una duda busca información, deja que el conocimiento te llené, no esperes la validación de nadie para hacerlo solo hazlo… cuestiona.