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Since the start of Arrival era, Youngjae has just been so comfortable and outgoing. When you compare him from before, he would just stay in the back or edge and be quiet, keep neutral. And seeing him now, he is talking when they accept trophies, he is talking when they are interviewing them on Mcountdown or The Show, something he rarely did because it was either the other members but unusually him. He also is so comfortable being there, before he would just stay neutral, do nothing, and now you see him making cute smiles, peace signs, silly faces, throwing hearts and camera bombing the mcs. I really enjoy seeing Youngjae like this. It makes me want to cry because back then i was sad because it seemed he was never talked to or noticed and it makes me happy seeing him now being more open and happy and goofing around. I’m glad his confidence has gone up, it’s all I want, for him to be comfortable and happy.
And I hope one day he will be confident enough to be able to say confidently that he is the Nich.In.Bi.

something that i really, really hope happens in regards to finn and rey’s relationship in the upcoming films is a huge emphasis on how much FINN means to rey.

because a lot of ugly racists and re/ylos like to say that their relationship is so obviously ~one sided, that finn clearly likes rey but she doesn’t feel as strongly for him (when that’s far from the truth).

so what i REALLY want to see is rey being affectionate towards finn. i want to see her run to him and embrace him, i want to see her laugh at his jokes and look at him like he’s the only thing in the galaxy. i want HER to be the one to say “i love you,” or something along those lines, first- because not only would that be GREAT character development for rey, who has gone so long without having anyone and has finally allowed herself to grow attached to and feel for someone else- but also because it would prove that rey loves finn. it would prove that yes, rey, the white woman protagonist of this trilogy, loves finn, the black man protagonist of this trilogy.

so lucasfilm, please give me a rey who misses finn so much it hurts while she’s away with luke, a rey who cries over him and for him, a rey who is so obviously smitten with this good, brave, incredible man so that nobody can deny that finn is loved by her.

for once, let a black man be the hero; let him “get the girl,” let him be the shining light for those around him- let finn be loved, fiercely and undeniably, so that nobody can deny how important and amazing he is.


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Hi! I love your blog, and I LOVE Asgore. I feel like he doesn't get enough cute asks ;-; So! Can I request some UT Asgore love-at-first-sight headcannons?? Thanks!

Ahh yes, I absolutely adore Asgore too! Thank you so much for asking about him, and please don’t hesitate to send more if you want :D And thank you so much!

— The last time Asgore had gotten feelings for someone was with Toriel, and that was a long time ago, so this rising feeling immediately makes him nervous. He tries to convince himself that these feelings will pass soon enough- he doesn’t think he deserves another chance to be happy with someone again, as much as he would like it. Whenever he does see you though, whether or not it’s coincidental, he’s immediately a flustered mess around you. Good luck trying to find a moment where he’s not stuttering and blushing like mad whenever you’re in his presence.

— He’ll work up the courage to eventually begin approaching you more, in hopes that he can at least see you a little more each day. He always feels a little happier each time he sees you, and appreciates your company immensely, even if his feelings are just crushing on you yet. 

— After it’s been a long while, he’ll start to realise his feelings have become deeper for you- and he’s almost too nervous to even think about confessing to you about it yet. Somehow, miraculously, you make the first move. More than anything however, he’s overjoyed. He might- just might- have another chance at happiness. 

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More cute chibi Apostasia. He needs more love!

He may be small, but that certainly doesn’t mean he gets along with things that are also small. Things such as animals are a large example.

Sia hugs his knees as he weakly levitates a few inches off the ground, huddling over a corner. The Seeds of chaos forming over his shoulders stare at him creepily. He makes a tiny groan, drooping his head down.

The corpse of a rabbit lays a few feet away from the chibi-fied Apostasia. It had mistaken Sia somehow as a mere vegetable, and attempted to chew off Sia’s hair. Of course it didn’t end well for the furry creature.

Now it lays still, never to wake.

Sia isn’t concerned on the rabbit itself, but moreso on the owner of said rabbit. They trusted him with it, and he fucked up.

He keeps a blank stare as he internally cries in panic and forgiveness as he wants for the owner to return.

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I'm really excited because after seeing your cosplay of Ignis and reading your positivity in general I was inspired! Unfortunately I couldn't afford the wig, so I changed it up. I decided to genderbend and go as fem!Ignis since my hair is pretty close to the color. It came out looking okay (dare I say moderately okay?) and I just wanted to let you know because I might not have even taken a chance on doing it if I hadn't followed your super positive blog. So thank you!!

I’m so glad!  Iggy needs more love!


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thank you to my pretty ladies @nunchiwrites and @exosmutxoxo for showing me your lovely faces, love you both so much, btw your friendship is so cute

here I am again with the same ugly ass face (I love this filter, this filter is my life), also LOOK AT MY BBY GETTING INTO THE MUSIC AWWWW

gotta tag some of these amazing people @soowritings ; Mia, I love you. I need more of your face in the future. Let’s try to get over this phobia of tumblr and its weirdo… HAHAHA but let’s delete our selfies after 24 hours.
@shesdreaminginoverdose ; can I just say that you literally make my day every time you send an ask or make a comment like seriously, thank you so much ❤️
@xiustories ; ahhhh juliet, I’ve yet to see your face. i hope we could get to know each other better, good luck with your blog 💪

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you are an incredibly talented artist how can i be more like you (i love the young pope with a passion)

steps to become more like me:
1. sell your soul to jude law
2. wait
3. regret

No, but honestly, thank you very much! ♥ The Young Pope inspired me to pick up drawing and writing again (I dropped both about seven years ago because video editing is so fucking time-consuming jfc), so I’m glad I can contribute my poor excuses of both to the fandom. TYP is the best thing that happened in 2016, to be honest, and needs more love on second thought, it also ruined me so perhabs it should burn in hell. Anyway, thank you again, very kind of you <3

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Heyhey Jo how are you doing? Tomorrow's going to be a tough day for me so I thought why not send my fave a question to light up my mood a lil' bit. Who's your favorite girlxboy brotp from sh? ♡♡☆

Hi Nitsa!! Sorry your ask has been sitting in my inbox for days D: 

girlxboy brotp, that’s specific. I might have a few! I say Clary and Alec will make a pretty cute brotp because Alec sassing Clary is my aesthetic hahahahaha. Imagine them being sent on missions and Alec is just all pissy and moody and Clary is just trying to run after Alec “long legs” Lightwood. 

And Maia!! Maia would make great brotps with just about anybody (except maybe Jace, but that’s another sass fest and I love it hahahaha). I need more Maia and Magnus because hell yeah favouritessssss. Maia and Simon obviously, they’re such cute nerds. Maia and Raphael had some (I mean like, a one second nod) interaction in 2x10 but that’s a start, right? 

Oh yeah, and Clary and Simon brotp, for sure. 

Yeah, that’s about all I can think of, off my head right now! How about you!