love nail art

Internet Friends Wanted B)

Internet friends have to be at least in high school, 15-17. Girls and boys are welcome(mostly boys lmao). People from different countries are awesome! Can reach me through my kik: angelwings635

About me

  • my name is Hayden, 15 going on 16 girl
  • shy at first but I’m very outgoing 
  • I live in the united states,Connecticut
  • I love star wars, lord of the rings, the walking dead, Dexter, breaking bad, redlettermedia from youtube, reading, any pixar movie, american horror story
  • I’m learning to play the piano
  • love to do nail art

Things you’ll get if you’re friends with me

  • long conversations about anything, I like to talk about random shit sometimes
  • having someone who will always text back
  • always have someone to talk to
  • swearing a lot. I am a potty mouth but oh well lol
  • can fangirl/fanboy about anything together
  • send you bomb ass pics so we can laugh at them
  • will let you talk about anything that makes you happy
  • will give you my skype, snapchat, instagram once we get to become good friends or close enough c:
  • always open to talk 

Can’t wait to meet new people!

🌹 Valentine Nail Art - A Night Out 🌹

Colors used:

  • Custom Mixed - Beige
  • Kleancolor - Black
  • Revlon Parfumerie - Bordeaux 
  • BPS Stamping Polish - Black
  • Sally Hansen - Big Matte Top Coat

Image Plates:

  • Moyra plate 05 -Vintage

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