love n other drugs

Archie x Reader: Love And Other Drugs

Warnings: bad drugs n bad boys (with a good archie)
Requested: yes

A/N: This sounds like a total bad thing but this imagine is v fluffy I promise

*Your POV*

“Betty, should I wear the red shirt or the blue shirt?” Tonight was the big end-of-summer party and I felt like it was my night to finally get with Archie Andrews. Archie and I have been flirting all summer and it was clear that he had feelings for me like I had for him, but neither of us had said anything. I thought that since Archie would be at the party tonight I could go for it, and if it didn’t work out, I could say it was the liquor talking.

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Breaking Bad AU » lady characters in the leading roles

High school chemistry teacher Skyler White learns she has terminal lung cancer. To secure her family’s future, she locates former student Jane Margolis, and the two begin producing and selling methamphetamine. As Skyler descends further into a life of crime and faces more and more difficult decisions, adopting the name “Heisenberg” for her second identity, she also has to avoid the watchful eyes of her sister Marie Schrader, a hardass DEA agent hellbent on discovering Heisenberg’s true identity. However, Marie isn’t even the worst of her problems - her boss and distributor Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, a calm, brilliant, extraordinarily successful drug kingpin, does not tolerate any mistakes. And Skyler’s partner Jane also has her own problems to deal with, like her addiction and the draw she feels toward the withdrawn girl she meets at rehab, Andrea Cantillo

Love and other drugs (Olicity, post 4x09, PG)

A/N: One of my Olicity Fic Bang stories is closing in on 17k of pain, so I wrote this to cheer myself up. A more …humorous, take on the first time Felicity wakes up after 4x09. Based on a viral video from a while ago.

“She’s still a bit under the effects of the anesthesia, Mr.Queen, so she’ll wake up slowly… she might be confused but she’ll be fine…”

Oliver honestly didn’t hear a word the nurse said. The man kept going on about the effects of the medicine and left a glass of water behind for her to drink, but he was too focused on her face. He was too desperate to see her eyes.

It had been too damn long.

Four days, to be exact. She’d been in surgery for a good five hours after the accident, and they’ve kept her in a constant unconscious state. She’s woken up twice since then, both times in pain and unaware of her surroundings, and they’d put her back under.

His heart still beats double time to the rhythm of fear, the déjà vu of holding a woman he loves more than anything as she bleeds out still too fresh, but she is going to wake up, and she’s going to be fine.

“I’ll be right by the door,” says the nurse, “give you two some space.”

He’s already called Donna to hurry towards the hospital, Diggle is on his way, and Laurel and Thea are right outside. All that’s left is for her to open her beautiful eyes.

Her dark eyelashes flutter, and a small moan leaves her mouth. He’s worried she’s in pain, but takes a cue from the still calm nurse and tries to settle down.

Her eyes open, squinting against the bright light.

“Hey…” he smiles, brushing pieces of hair away from her face. His thumb lingers on her cheek, waiting until her eyes focus on him. He smiles, breathing properly for the first time in days.

An unintelligible sound leaves her lips. She finally turns to him, and his breath catches when her eyes meet his, the vibrant blue capturing him in their hold.

She looks at him for a long moment.

“Did the… hotness doctor send you?” she asks, slurring every word. “’Coz you are eyeee caaandy.”

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