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Even “casually wearing my boyfriend’s clothes long before we were official Bech Naesheim

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Starring Ayomide Fatunde as Riri Williams, and I can confirm that she is exactly this badass in real life. 

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Would you do a goofy modern headcanon? Like... what if the lords forgot about a library book for weeks and shamefully had to face the librarian's judgement and hefty fine when they came to check out another one?

i love writing goofy and fluffy headcanons!! bring it

btw do you actually have to face a librarian in this situation? i mean, i haven’t had to do this in a really long time, but i’m pretty sure here we don’t actually have to talk to anyone? we can renew loans and pay fines online, or use specialised machines in the library lol

The lords forget to return a library book

  • Nobunaga has no shame whatsoever. So what if he forgot? He has more important things to do with his life, dammit. No angry librarian is going to intimidate him. Throws the money for the fine on the counter and walks out.
  • Mitsuhide is very sorry. Keeps lowering his head and apologising, says that he knows other patrons might have been waiting for the book and that he has caused inconvenience. Obediently pays the fine and promises not to do it again.
  • Masamune is so embarrassed. He looks so awkward and uncomfortable standing there that the librarian just kind of sighs, takes the book and the money from him, and waves him away.
  • Kojuro forgot he even had the book until he gets three emails and two letters. Admits to the librarian that he can’t find the book. He just sheepishly smiles like, aw I can’t believe I lost it, I’m usually not so awful at such things, really don’t know how this happened… The librarian totally falls for it and waives the fine, only charges him the replacement cost (which is much less than the fine would have been). He finds the book two years later, when he’s moving out of his apartment.
  • Saizo sneaks in when the librarian’s back is turned and leaves the book and the money on the counter because he just can’t be bothered to deal with people. At least he paid the fine, right?
  • Yukimura is so ashamed and redfaced, he can’t force out the words to defend himself. He doesn’t even have enough cash on him to pay the fine. He has to go to the ATM a few blocks down and get more money. The librarian gives him the judgiest look ever and he’s just like internal screaming
  • Hideyoshi distracts the librarian by asking her for advice on the research he’s doing. She gets caught up in finding materials to recommend him, and forgets to get payment for the fine. She only remembers after he leaves with a new pile of books.
  • Inuchiyo never goes back. He blocks the library from sending him emails and shreds the reminder letters. It’s okay. He has the internet. He doesn’t need the library.
  • Mitsunari would never ever forget to return a book. How dare you, you heathen.
  • Why would Ieyasu want to handle books that commoners other people have touched? He can buy his own damn books, thank you very much.
  • Kenshin is totally used to this process, it doesn’t faze him at all. He floats in through the doors and just smiles at the librarian. She greets him by name, because this happens all the time.
  • Shingen grins and is just like, oh, I guess I forgot. Cheerfully returns the book and pays the fine, waves goodbye when he leaves, even though the librarian has been scowling at him the whole time…

protip: don’t tell your clone son what happened to every other clone attempt you made

Here is your random reminder to reach out to people in your life you don’t talk to often, but who always make you feel better when you do. I just reached out to 2 of my friends like that about some stuff that was on my mind and I literally feel 100x better… Do it!


“Stop complaining about Back to School Shopping” posted by onefunnymother

OMG guys, guys, guys, this is what I am surviving on. This is what we teachers die for. I’ve had parents tell me ‘that’s an absurd amount of pencils’ when buying a 42 pack and I’m just like, ‘that’s for an entire year and your kid eats the erasers off the tops so…


“We sometimes fight and we sometimes love but we always love to fight”       - Some Gallagher Girl (probably Professor Buckingham)

So I started school this week and its been pretty crazy. I probably won’t be very active but I’ll try to keep up the best I can and still create some edits for you all:)


2 jades i drew in class