love my husband's arms


My arm is still broken and I only have feeling in one finger, but I was able to bare through the pain and produce these awful chicken scratches!

I’m on the road torecovery and hopefully I’ll be able to produce quality content soon so that I can contribute something worthwhile to my favorite fandom :)

anonymous asked:

could you do frank castle relationship headcanons? <3

ofc i can. i love my big husband

—> He wraps his arms around your waist without even realizing because he has just gotten into the habit of showing you affection now that you are an actual thing.

—> He finds himself just watching you, soaking in the image of you flicking through a book with your feet in his lap and your eyes concentrating and drinking in each word printed on the page. 

—> You are his official nurse now. You had picked up a few tricks from him and the internet.

—> After sex, when he is in the state of almost asleep, you just trace the scars on his body from the fights and from his time in the Marine Corp. 

—> The first time you kiss him, you were stitching him up and you had glanced up at him and you realized how close you are too losing him each time he steps out into the darkness of Hell’s Kitchen and you surged up and held his face in your hands and he didn’t respond. You had pulled back embarrassed but he looked down at you and that’s when it hit him. He couldn’t lose you either. He kissed you back with so much ferocity and love that you thought you would die.

—> He loves just sitting around with you. Having you next to him is enough for him.

—> Frank is definitely eating all the sweets you make. You found him standing over a pan of brownies and licking his fingers of the chocolate. You took his hands into yours and licked off the chocolate for him and one thing lead to another and omfg you have never had sex like that.

To My Husband,

Tonight my love, I rest in the arms of our Heavenly Father. While I wish it were your arms I was lying in, I know our time has not yet come. The Lord is still moving in us individually and growing us greater in his love. I can’t wait till the day I meet you. I’m anxiously on the edge of my seat because I want to get to know you so deeply. Until then, as I’ve begun to pray every night now, I lay my heart at the altar of our Lord as my offering. He must be first, and you second. This is difficult, but it is not forever. Know that I love you already, and that I’m doing my best to patiently wait for you.