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Tsk. Just how are you planning to represent our liege if you can’t even dress yourself properly?”


Rimworld is consuming my liiiiiife! *SOB*

What is it with me and games that throw randomly generated characters at you expecting them to die?? WHY DO I KEEP ADOPTING MORE CHARACTERS??!

Each one of them has their own story and this is ruining my LIFE!!

class 77 fave boys

Reasons why Renzo Shima would be a good boyfriend:

Sure he’s a sneaky ass double agent who’s also a huge pervert but he’s also super adorable and totally friendly.

He has a care-free nature and just avoids hassles and such, so he’s always relaxed and friendly, just looking to have a fun time!

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As we see above in the gif he seems to enjoy shopping trips, and he actually acknowledges the items and comments on them rather then ‘Yeah, that’s great babe.”

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Plus he get’s super, super embarrassed at certain things, he blushes around you a lot. He wants to make you blush, but it’s usually the other way around. 

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Plus he’d actually be pretty romantic, he’s mostly clueless about relationships and such but he’d incorporate what he’s read and watched into his relationship. He’ll make a ton of silly mistakes but he can actually be super sweet when the time is right.

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But then again, he’s also a huge fucking prick and your probably better of not dating him - just ignoring him completely. Not only is he staring at every girl he sees, but has even said he’d cheat on his girlfriend if he saw someone else cute nearby. He’s kinda rude and has no respect, even peeking on girls when they’re naked, and even Kato-sensei said this guy’s a dick lmao stay away from this pink boi, okay?