love my friends

Starting a new post because I can and because well this will deserve a new post. Okay @wi-deangirl77 and @ohmychuckitssamanddean you wanna call me out…you wanna fight dirty. Let’s do this!

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Hit me with your best shot ladies. Show me what you got and we will see who will turn into a puddle first. @amanda-teaches I feel like you would perhaps like to jump on this too. Anyone else feel like challenging me?!

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Hangouts with da homies Thanks for the tag lovely @heartfelt-liars 💓💓 I tag anyone who wants to take a hit and @ me so I can see !!!😋💝💘💞 (currently too high to think of people to tag) Hope everyone had a wonderful day today!💓✨

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War has been declared by @ohmychuckitssamanddean and @wi-deangirl77 and I’m looking at you, Krissy, @ohmychuckitssamanddean since you decided to slam me last night with bottle porn. 

Don’t worry I’ll be nice.

At least at first.

But you know me…won’t stay that way for long…