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In your opinion, what is the best way to deal with rumours at camp. Like when the kids start shipping you with another counsellor and you can't exactly avoid them... i get that it's fun (i did it too when i was camper) but this summer i had an entire cabin full of girls "in love" with my cocounsellor and rumours that we were dating (thus breaking my girls' hearts) plaguing our every move...

Rumors are tough at camp, whether they come from staff or campers. I think that the best way with campers is to sit down and have an open discussion about why a rumor is inappropriate. Rumors of counselors dating each other aren’t a big thing at my camp simply because we are a pretty much all female staff and younger kids don’t think about relationships of that kind between two women. Talking about relationships is also a no-no, so it’s easier to lay down that ground rule. With the CITs, we even talk about that when we do our team contract at the beginning of the session. It can be tough to have that discussion, but a few talking points might include how relationships like that aren’t an appropriate conversation topic at camp and how that is a person’s private business anyway so they need to respect boundaries. A lot of talks of rumors can circle back to respect, which you probably talk about in your unit’s team contract from the beginning of the session.