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Requests are OPEN :D (finally)

It’s been about two years (YIKES I’M SO SORRY) since I last opened requests, and I thought maybe now was a good time to open them again (about time lmao). I’ve had writer’s block for a while, so maybe a few requests will get my creative juices flowing :D 

I’ll accept requests for:

  • KBTBB (I mostly write for this)
  • SLBP
  • SCM
  • SITS
  • MLFK
  • OTBS
  • IYAT
  • BMP

I’m okay with fics or headcanons :D The only thing I’m iffy about is cheating/netorare, but other than that, anything’s fair game.

Date: So what are some of your hobbies?
Me: Well….


Not now.
               Yes. Now. I didn’t stay in New York to sit still.

They’re not just 2 dimensional men created by a software company. No. They’re my escape from reality. They’re my little forms of happiness. They’re the voices that tell me I’m good enough and that I don’t need to change so bad. They give me butterflies in my stomach when I’m too afraid to fall in love for real. They’re what I turn to whenever I wanna feel loved. They make me feel loved. Voltage Inc has done a tremendous job with creating their characters and they make me happy. They make millions of us happy. I’m happy to be part of the Voltage Inc fandom.