love my baby plants!!!!

happy birthday to a special bean!


Succulents 💕🌵💕🌵💕

Sun going down…. Tomorrow’s another’s day ⛅️🌙⛅️🌙⛅️🌙


listen I’m just saying this is very important to me personally on an emotional level

dark star wars show me the lovely green foresty jakku and show me what fuckin space magic destroyed it all

anonymous asked:

out of all the plants you own, which one is your favourite? (pick more than one if you need to!) ^-^

Ahhhh Okay I have so many but I picked out 5 (I’ll probably feel bad later that I left some out)

First is our oldest succulent babies!!!

Here is a cute new succulent we got that turns purple in direct sunlight!!!!!

Here is our ivy named Harley and also my ivy tattoo because why not

My happiest gold fish plant! I grew them all from little stem cuttings

And another succulent who needs some more sunlight but is still a very pretty baby

I’m in love with the rush of her essence, the swift brush of her touch, and the embrace she forever holds on my soul- Mother Gaia I am yours, as you are mine🌱 I grow and surrender the strife hindering all that requires the dismantle of one’s divine future.
We are powerful, we are beautiful, we are one within the energies. You may be a star, but you should be ready to combust, with all of your ancestors, spirit guides, and entities- be whatever you believe- awaiting your ignition unto the universe. The surrender of all worries, fears, guilts, release all unto the universe and embrace forgiveness, acceptance, and freedom✨