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So this is another weight loss update: The first picture is from my first year in college and the second one is from my third year in college. The second picture was taken 3 days ago and I think I made progress. Haha! Follow me on Insta @coldcolorface for more updates. Feel free to ask me anything! 

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Wait are you seriously out of the fandom? Like as in not writing anymore? Please don't let the negativity of others make you stop writing for all of your fans. I'm sorry I didn't know how to put it but I love your writing !

#7 - Dennis

Anon(s) - Thank you for requesting, and thank you for telling me this.😊 To answer your question: Fuck no, I won’t stop writing as long as there are people who read and like what I do. 👏 Hope you all enjoy 💕

Pairing: You x Kevin/Dennis
Warnings: Fluff & Smut ahead.
Drabble challenge: #7 “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

Loud moans and soft gasps filled the dimly lit bedroom. The bed rocked with each thrust of Kevin’s hips as he pounded into you. You clawed at his back when he bent down and sealed your lips with his. The kiss was sloppy and passionate; all teeth and tongue while his thrusts got softer, more deliberate.

You mewled beneath him as his lips left your mouth, and he started kissing and biting the skin along your neck and collarbone while he tried to keep a steady pace. Your legs started to shake as the pressure in your lower abdomen grew.

Your brain could not grasp a solid thought; everything was overshadowed by lust. Your senses were occupied by the man that lay between your quivering legs. All you did was see, taste, hear and feel him.

“Kevin…”, you breathed softly and watched a bead of sweat trickle down his temple. A cold shiver ran down his spine, despite the warm temperature inside the room, as soon as his name passed your lips. Kevin knew exactly what you asked for; knew the small plea behind your words.

Swiftly, he grabbed the back of your knee for leverage and increased the speed of his thrust. Hard and quick, and with little to no chance for you to gasp for air in between, before you climaxed with a moan of his name.

Your whole body jerked with bliss as you kept whispering sweet nothings into his ear while his strokes became erratic. “Come for me.”, you purred just as a low groan escaped his lips when he finally came.

You stayed in place, with him on top of you, as both of you caught your breaths.

“You’re getting all the hot water! I’m freezing!”

You laughed when Kevin suddenly pulled you into his arms. “Let me help you get wet then.”

A shiver ran down your spine as the water finally hit you skin. His hand slid along the curves of your body and you felt your nipples harden as your breasts were pressed against his naked chest.

“Kevin Crumb, we got into the shower to get clean, nothing else.”

His chest rumbled as he laughed and glided the soft yellow sponge over your back. “I just can’t help myself.”

You grinned up at him. The idea of shower sex was appealing, but the shower was barely big enough for both of you to fit in and your legs were still wobbly from the love-making before. “But I don’t think this is the place to do it again.”

“Does this mean you wanna do it again, love?”

You scattered quick kisses along his collarbone after you nodded, and you gasped when he suddenly grabbed your ass with both hands. “Let us not waste time then.”, Kevin muttered into your ear and when he bent down, you instantly wrapped your arms around his neck before your lips connected, – and the small bathroom slowly steamed up as the temperature rose.

You had ushered your boyfriend out of the shower to finish washing your hair without him constantly teasing you. So, you quickly finished up before you stepped out of the shower and wrapped yourself in a warm towel. You decided against putting on clothes. Kevin had already aroused you enough to skip the part where you take your clothes off this time and immediately get to the foreplay instead.  

You stepped out of the bathroom and watched as the steam around you dissolved into the air. Goosebumps formed on your skin due to the change of temperature, and you quickly toddled to your bedroom, barefooted.

You swiftly opened the door as soon as you reached it. “I hope you didn’t take care of yourself –“ You stopped mid-sentence as you spotted your boyfriend frantically picking up your clothes off the floor and folding it neatly. He was standing with his back to you and you were sure you could hear him mutter under his breath.


He froze and stopped moving.

“Is it you?”, you asked carefully and started to take a few steps towards him as he slowly turned around to you.

You knew it was not Kevin, nor any of the alters you had already met. The glasses, the stern look on his face, his whole posture gave him away.

“What are you doing? Dennis? Are you Dennis?”

You noticed how his hands gripped the fabric of the jacket he was holding a little tighter. His jaw was clenched as he eyed you up and down intensely. You crossed your arms in front of your chest and suddenly, you regretted your decision to only wrap a towel around your body. For all you knew from hearsay, Dennis was – different than the others. Troubled, and unstable.

The fact that he had not said a word since you entered the room did not make anything less awkward.

You cleared your throat. “Err, I – uh, I just got out the shower.” You mentally smacked yourself. You’re pathetic., you thought.

Another quick moment passed, before you heard him snort. “I can see that, (Y/N).” He averted his gaze from you and proceeded folding your jacket and the rest of your clothes while you stood offside, shifting from one foot to another while you watched him.

“You should” He peered at you curiously. “ – put on some clothes.”

You shivered and it only underlined his suggestion, but then again you were too intimidated to move and grab something to cover yourself with. After months of being in a relationship with Kevin, this was the first time meeting Dennis.

“No need to be afraid of me, and no matter what – they have told you about me, I won’t touch you without your permission.”, Dennis said all of a sudden as he noticed your hesitation.

“Hm” You walked over to him; your interest was roused and the tension between the both of you only helped challenging you. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.” You could visibly see how his body stiffened and his frown deepened.

“But – I don’t think that’s true.”

You were not afraid of him and you relaxed again. In fact, the thought of him touching you now filled your body with excitement. You bit your lip appraisingly, before an idea popped into your mind.  

“What would happen, if I indeed give you the permission to touch me?”

His eyes fixated on you, and for a quick moment you could see a look of bewilderment on his handsome face.

And before he could give you an answer, you let your towel slip and fall to the floor, agonizingly slow.

He exhaled the long breath he had been holding and rubbed his hand over his shaved scalp while his eyes roamed over your naked body. Somehow, he seemed to suppress his urges; the urges that you already knew about.

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✨I have 1K now? Witchy follow spree!✨

Okay so it has been 7 days since I have logged on

All of a sudden I have 1K followers

I am sh00k

If you are a witch blog (or just a nice person!!) and you message me for a fb i’ll follow you back <3

Reblog this if you practice magic, are into wicca, or if you just need friends in our community !! ✨🌟✨🌟I am looking forward to seeing your posts and talking with you all

Thank you so very much everyone, and I wish you the best with your practices!


💛TC UPDATE💛 (the pics above are from our, as you all like to say, “date”).

so, Sunday afternoon, W picked me up and took me to a golf course. (HIS TEXTS ALWAYS MAKE ME BLUSH SO HARD). the ride there was literally the cutest because we had all the windows rolled down and the music turned up loud. it was really interesting to take a peek into his music taste✨also, W looked freaking hot in his polo and khakis!!!!

whenever we got there, I told him that I had never played actual golf before because mini golf doesn’t really count😛, so he was teaching me how to swing and stuff and that’s when I realized how much he towers over me. W is so so tall & it’s so attractive😍

he was really sweet to me the entire time we were golfing and even though I sucked and he was a pro, he made it really fun. I always have a genuinely good time whenever I’m with him or around him.

after golfing, he took me out for a late dinner at this really cute diner. he paid for me and that seems kinda small, but it means so much🙂 it was literally the best night of my entire life (I say that every time we’re together😂) but I just love being with him!!! he makes me so happy and his personality, looks, and charm are to DIE for

for those of you who are wondering and have been sending me anons about it, no, we haven’t kissed yet no matter how much I want to. I think I want W to make the first move or both of us to make the first move at the same time just so it feels natural and not pressured at all. a kiss on the cheek is the closest we’ve been😅

P.S. thank you to all of you who are so supportive! I get at least 10+ anons DAILY that are either dissing me or are just plain rude & hateful. I can’t believe that some people are that mean, it has to be the result of how they were raised. (And there are some things that I’d like to keep to myself when it comes to my personal life, so I’d appreciate it if all of you disrespectful anons could respect that❤️)


Omg a little bit of muscle is peeking through!! 💪💪
But first, I wanna thank everybody for their kind words yesterday 😊 you guys have no idea how much it means to me 💕💕
I did not want to workout again today. I don’t know, my motivation is low again 😒 but if I quit, the only person I’m quitting on is myself, and I love myself too much to do that 🙈

I just wanted to start by saying thanks for all of the love over my last few personal posts 💕💕 you guys are insane!! Eating healthy/the right portions, and exercising are my secrets for all of you who were wondering 😊 I started with 21 Day Fix because I wanted to change my eating habits for life and I have to say, it really has. I still have days where I fuck up, but that’s just life, there’s no point in feeling guilty about it.
I went to the gym after work because I missed this morning 🙈 and omg fuck that shit!! It was insanely busy at the gym! I cut my workout short cause my introverted self just got really drained around all of those people. So, even if I’m über tired, I’m going to the gym at 5am tomorrow!!


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