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Take a Break

I’m taking a break from tumblr. Like I’m completely logging off and everything for a few days. Maybe longer.

Im having some bad mental health days and with that comes the idea that my art is the worst. I’m not improving as quickly as I’d like. I need to go back to traditional art for awhile, read some books, center myself. I am getting short tempered, stressed, and feeling like a really unpleasant person and I don’t want that to be who I am.

It also means, even though I just started it, I’m putting my ask blog on hold.

If you need to get in touch with me, I do have a twitter. I don’t post a lot on there and mostly follow funny twitter accounts and other art “blogs” but I do check it regularly. You can find me @Lozeyjones on twitter. 

I’ll reblog this once more for the day crowd but as of now I’m taking a vacation away from this site. I can’t handle much anymore.

Again, my twitter is @lozeyjones

I also check deviantart frequently (every day) so you can find me there as just Lozey.

I’m sorry I’ll be absent for awhile, but I do think that to feel better about myself and my art, I need to get off of this website to cool down and rethink things.

I hope everyone else is doing fine, however. I’ll just be on for the next 24 hours so if you need to let me know anything, tell me now or I won’t be able to get back to you for some time.

Thanks for understanding, and goodnight <3

You Aren’t in Need of Saving, Are You?

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Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count:1631

Author: Peter Parker’s One and Only Soulmate, Kate


A/N: I’M BACK!!! AND I FREAKING LOVE THAT GIF MORE THAN ANYTHING (BESIDES TOM) ON THIS PLANET. And it works perfectly with my fic! Because Peter gets cold…. Well, just go read the stupid thing so you get feels and you understand my enthusiasm.


“Hey Peter!” You said as your best friend sat down next to you in cafeteria. “How are you?”

“I-I don’t feel so good.” Peter responded quietly. You turned sideways to look at him straight-on, and his ashen face made your heart drop.

“Oh Peter, you look terrible. I didn’t get you sick, did I?” You said, feeling guilty. You had been sick the past two days, and Peter had insisted on staying with you because your parents were out of town, and Peter didn’t want you to be alone. You were feeling much better today, so you had dragged Peter to school, not knowing he was miserable. Peter didn’t answer, but his face said it all. 

“Come on.” You said, pulling him up from the lunch table that you had been sitting at with your friend group. 

“Where are we going?” Peter said as you led him into the hallways of Midtown. 

“I’m taking you home.” You answered firmly, grabbing your keys out of the depths of your bag. Peter tried to argue halfheartedly, but you stopped his attempts quickly.

“Peter, I got you sick. I am not letting you stay here for a minute longer. Is May home?” 

“No. She’s in Pennsylvania, remember?” You nodded, remembering the impromptu business trip that Peter’s aunt had left for the other day. “Honestly, Y/N, I can stay for the rest of school. We’ve already missed two days of school this week.” Peter said as you got to the parking lot. You looked at him, your expression telling him quite clearly to get in the car. Peter rolled his eyes with a slight smirk as he sat in the passenger seat, He pulled the seat belt, and went to buckle it, but he kept missing the slot. You had gotten in and started the car. When you noticed he was struggling, you completed the simple task, your concern very apparent in your eyes. 

“Peter, are you feeling dizzy?” You asked him, holding his face in your hands as your searched his eyes. He shook his head, and you turned back to face the steering wheel. You were very worried about Peter, knowing that his powers could worsen the effects of being sick. 

Throughout the twenty minute drive, you would glance at Peter during the traffic jams. He would always be staring out the window, a pale and obviously miserable expression present on his face, which was leaning on his hand. When you finally got to his street, you helped him get through the complex, worrying he was going to pass out on you. Luckily, you got him to his apartment still conscious. 

“Try and get some rest, okay?” You asked as Peter rolled onto his bed. “Do you want anything? Like a soda, or food… or something?”

“Can I have a Sprite?” He asked, an arm slung over his eyes to block the fluorescent light. 

“Yeah, of course.” You bit your lip. You  didn’t want to leave him here alone while you got his request. 

“Don’t worry about me.” Peter said, his voice shaking with effort. You made up your mind, and pulled the cover over Peter, telling him multiple times to not get up, and to call you if he needed anything else. 

“And just… Don’t die, alright?” You asked, a smile peeking through your worried expression. 

“I’ll be fine for 10 minutes, Y/N!” He said, rolling his eyes for the millionth time at your maternal tendencies. You walked over to him, and brushed the hair off Peter’s forehead. You bent down to lightly press your cheek against his skin to check his temperature one more time. Peter quietly sighed at your skin contact. You looked at him quickly, and a blush appeared almost instantly on his cheeks. You tried to bite back a grin, and quickly but softly pressed your lips to his hairline. “I’ll be right back, okay?” You said, exiting the room very hurriedly. 


You groaned inwardly at the sight of a long line of traffic. It had been almost fifteen minutes since you left Peter, and the traffic jam hadn’t sped up whatsoever. You were just about ready to abandon your car, and walk to Peter’s apartment with his Sprite when you got a call.

“Hello?” You answered, wondering who it was since you didn’t bother to check the screen.

“H-Hey, Y/N.” Peter’s voice said. You blushed, remembering your very impulsive action, then your heart dropped. You could practically hear the sick in his voice. “Are you back yet?”

“No. I’m super close, but this traffic jam is awful.” You explained, feeling even more guilty about leaving him. 

“Oh okay. I was just in the kitchen, and it started getting really cold, so I was wondering if you had gotten back and turned up the AC.”

“Peter!” You scolded. “You’re getting the chills! Go lie down right now. I told you say in your bed.” Peter mumbled a quiet excuse. “Just… take some medicine, and I’ll be back in 10 minutes, okay?”

That was possibly the worst suggestion you could have made. When you finally got to the Parker residence, you noticed the lights were off. You flipped them on, and walked into the kitchen to some Sprite in a glass for Peter. As you waited for the ice to fill the glass, you noticed an open bottle of cold/flu medication that was only ½ full. And Peter had bought it just yesterday for you.

“Oh no.” You whispered, grabbing the bottle and checking the dosage amount. Two teaspoons, two! And from the look of it, Peter had taken two tablespoons! He was always mixing up the measurements when he tried to help you cook. Your eyes widened as you remembered the last time the Peter had taken medicine. Even at the correct dosage, it had made Peter crazy. He acted like a drunk 10-year old with powers, and it was definitely not a good combination. 

“Peter?” You called out tentatively. A scuffling noise came from the other room, and you walked down the hall. At first look, Peter’s room was completely empty. You were about to walk out when Peter called your name.

“Y/N!” He yelled, and you started. You looked around the room again, and jumped when you saw Peter perched on the ceiling, upside down in his Spider-Man suit, mask-less. You covered your mouth with a hand, trying to conceal a smile, and trying to ignore the temptation to pull our your camera. 

“Hi, Peter.” You said slowly, trying to think up a strategy to get your non-drugged Peter back. “You wanna come down from there?”

“I’m not Peter!” Peter said indignantly. “I’m Spider-Man! Noble defender New York.” You bit your lip, your eyes crinkling up in a grin. 

“Okay, Spider-Man. What are you doing up there?” You said, praying Peter’s fast metabolism would burn through the medication soon. 

“I’m looking for bad guys to fight. Or pretty girls to save. You aren’t in need of saving, are you?” He said, winking at you sloppily. You giggled, and shook your head. Peter stared at you for a few seconds, then shook his head. His face was less flushed now and back to a sickly pale color. He jumped down from the ceiling, and fell back on the bed, groaning. You ran over to him, and leaned over his exhausted figure. 

“Peter?” You asked, brushing his damp hair back from his forehead. 

“My head is killing me.” He said, sounding like your Peter again. You smiled sadly at him. 

“You took about twenty extra milliliters of medicine.” You said, catching his gaze, wondering if he remembered the last couple minutes at all. Peter groaned again.

“It’s freezing in here.” He said quietly, his teeth chattering and his shoulders shaking. You raised you hand to his forehead. Even with your fingertips barely brushing his skin, you could feel the excessive heat radiating off of him. 

“Peter, oh my gosh, you’re burning up. Change out of the suit, and I-I’ll go get the thermometer.”


You could feel Peter shivering under the covers as you sat next to him on the bed, running your fingers softly through his hair to try and create a comforting effect. His temperature was 107 degrees Fahrenheit. A major fever, and you had no idea what to do. Obviously, you couldn’t give him any medicine, and it would be kind of difficult to explain to the doctor why your friend’s blood-type was slightly radioactive, and mutated to look like a spider’s cells. Plus, none of the blankets you had laid on top of him seemed to be helping. You had an idea of what might help, but you didn’t want to embarrass Peter. After another look at his sweat-covered, flushed face, you gave in.

“Um, it might help… to, like, have a-another source for body heat.” You said, stammering as realization crossed Peter’s face.

“I was thinking that t-too. I didn’t w-want to m-make you uncomfortable.” Peter’s voice shook as he shuddered with the chills. You quickly crawled under the covers to Peter’s side so no drafts would get in.

Almost immediately, Peter’s arms wrapped around your torso, pulling you into his chest. At first, you froze at the contact, but you quickly adjusted, and nuzzled into his familiar grasp. You felt Peter’s chest contract as he sighed, then expand as he yawned. You looked into his eyes, and realized that he had stopped shivering. 

“I-I think I’m going to fall asleep.” He said, yawning again, and giving you an apologetic look. 

“Good. You need to rest.” Returning the yawn, you leaned you head against Peter’s shoulder.

“As you wish, Nurse Y/N.” He laughed quietly.

“Shhh.” You smiled into his chest as you buried your face in Peter’s shirt.


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BTS reaction when their Idol s/o faints while performing at an Award Show ?

Kim Seokjin/Jin:

Jin would be worried sick about you. Was it something you ate? How long have you not felt well? Was there something he did? All this questions swirling all around his head as he held you. He would blame himself for not asking you about your health, not making sure that you were fine before going on stage, he knew this performance was very hard on you and he wished he had done more. But he would be there for you when you wake up, making sure you knew he loved you.

Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster:

As a leader he would feel disappointed with himself, how could he have let this slip. He loved you more than anything and he knew he could not blame it on “having no time”. You always checked on him and this time he should have done the same. He would ask the health department if there was anything he could do to make sure to avoid this happening ever again. His hand would hold yours as he made a promise to always check on you before going on stage, and making sure you would be fine.

Min Yoongi/Suga:

As Yoongi might seem to not show that many emotions on the outside, this time he would. Seeing you fall was just terrifying, you had seemed so fine backstage and he thought nothing of it when your group performed. He felt so bad, he should have checked on you, he should have done everything to make sure you were in perfect health before going on that stage, he was not going to let you go that easily. He would take a hard grip around himself so he would always be sure that your health was always before his.

Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

Sunshine would be absolutely down, his eyes would be fixed on your laying body, his heart heart racing and tears coming from his eyes. He would run to you and try to speak with you in a calm manner as he held your hand close to his chest. He would be concerned about your health and think of ways he could help you recover and make sure your health was stable. He would be smiling with tears in his eyes when you woke, he would beg for forgiveness and just be so happy when you looked him in the eyes and told him you loved him.

Park Jimin/Jimin:

Cinnamon bun would be crushed when seeing you, he would be asking thousand of questions inside his mind, but he would be calm and collected when they came to check on you. He would possibly have to take some breaks in between to make sure he wouldn’t just break in front of you. He would be there for you when you felt better and kiss you lightly on your forehead. His hand would hold yours firmly as he carefully brushed you hair out of your face, and he would gently smile at you to reassure you everything was fine.

Kim Taehyung/V :

Taehyung would be shocked at first, since just a couple of days ago you were full of energy and was so ready for this performance that you had worked so hard for. He would be so afraid to do anything wrong to hurt you more, so he would carefully sit by your side, holding your hand making sure you knew everything that happend around you. The smile of happiness you would see when you woke up would be pure joy and he would kiss you all over and just be so incredible happy that you were fine and felt better.

Jeon Jeong Guk/Jungkook:

Jungkook would be terrified when you fainted, he would focus on trying to get you help as fast as possible. His heart would be pounding faster than lightning and he would be so nervous for your health, probably blaming himself for not taking care of you or checking  in on your health the last couple of weeks. But now this, he would be there when you felt better. He would always form this day forwards making sure that you were ok, making sure you knew he loved you.

I don’t know what this is or where it came from but here’s some more friendship things for Brotp week.

  • Jemma has a very creepy plastic skull with a rubber model of all the muscles in the human face glued to the front for bonus creepy grossness.

  • She loves this skull perhaps more than anything else she owns.

  • Fitz hates this skull more than anything else she owns. It used to sit on a podium, lording over the biology lab at the Academy where someone a long time ago dubbed it Bartholomew and was, along with the nauseating smell of formaldehyde and the abundance of cut-open dead things, a major reason he refused to set foot into the building.

  • Until that day, right before they graduated, when he stole it for her.

  • In the stress of finals and writing her valedictorian speech and interviewing with the xenobiological research team at Sci-Ops, she had landed herself with walking pneumonia and on the morning of the Biochem department’s Graduate Hike, could barely get out of bed.

  • Fitz found her in a heap halfway down the dormitory hallway, clutching her toothbrush and sobbing, between violent bouts of coughing, about how she was never going to get to say goodbye. He put her back to bed and then broke into the biology department for the skull.  

  • The skull comes with her everywhere.

  • It sits in pride of place above the tv in their Sci-Ops apartment. Until Fitz makes her keep it in her bedroom where it sits in pride-of-place on her nightstand.

  • There isn’t really space for it in her bunk on the Bus, so she stuffs it in a cabinet in the lab and everyone stumbles unwittingly across it at least once with varying, amusing reactions of horror.

  • It is one of the few things she brings to Hydra with her, because by then she can’t quite fathom living anywhere without it, and when her cover’s blown and she has to fight her way out of the organization, she’s sure it along with everything else in her apartment is lost to the flames her undercover mission went up in.

  • But a few days later, Coulson deposits it on her bed along with a few other personal effects (her Doctor Who box set and the teapot he bought for her after his first debriefing visit).

  • It’s over the skull that she and Hunter get into their first drinking competition. She drinks him under the table and wins a hideous glass eyeball he’d knocked out of some mob boss’s head once upon a time. He watches sulkily as she glues the eye into one of the skull’s empty sockets. Her smirk could not be smugger if it tried.

  • When she is swallowed by the space rock, when she’s been gone for months, when everyone but Fitz (and Bobbi) have come to their own silent, horrified acceptance that she is not coming home, Daisy breaks into her bunk. She cries herself to sleep in Jemma’s bed, curled around the skull as if it’s a teddy bear, and she takes it, along with one of Jemma’s sweaters, to hold onto when the ache of her loss feels like a black hole in Daisy’s chest.

  • She waits a little while after they have Jemma home to return the skull. Waits until she can really believe she’s back, risen from the dead and working her way toward okay again. Daisy walks into Jemma’s room cradling the skull as if it’s a baby in the crook of her elbow, apologizes for barely visiting, for believing she was dead, for mourning her. And Jemma tells her its okay, tells her she had mourned each of them, mourned herself and they sob into each others’ shoulders with the skull pressed between them.

  • Lincoln is infatuated by the thing. When he moves on base, she brings it into the lab and sets it up on a shelf between their work stations. Once, Jemma, Lincoln, and Bobbi spend five hours tossing the skull back and forth between them because once they’d done it twenty times without dropping it they could hardly stop. 

  • May does not understand it at all. But when Jemma’s stuck in the medbay going crazy while her wounds from Giyera heal all too slowly, she brings the skull along with some of Jemma’s clothes and blankets and bites back a bemused smile as Jemma happily mounts the thing on top of her IV stand. 

  • And when Jemma, Daisy, and Fitz move into the rent-controlled apartment with the breakfast nook, it goes up on the mantel above the fireplace. Fitz objects, but it’s two to one, although they do agree that he can turn it so the stupid eye isn’t bugging out at him wherever he sits. But honestly, by this point he’s seen far creepier things than a muscled skull and, well, it’s kind of a nice reminder of how things endure.

  • Besides, having it in the living room is far better than having it propped on the nightstand next to their bed, so he’ll take it. 

(Okay lets pretend i know what i’m doing and i can actually draw stuff for a minute.)

So instead of making my cosplays, i have been procrastinating again! I decided to dig out my old drawing tablet and try drawing again! Wooden Overcoats really inspires me at the moment and i just love There Ought To Be Clowns, Antigone and Bijoux are so precious! I love them!

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What do you think which personality type is Harry? xx

I’ve seen a lot of people label him as an ESFP (The Entertainer), but I wouldn’t classify him as that, if I were to really look into it.

I’d say he’s either an INFJ (The Advocate) or an INFP (The Mediator). I think he has a very untainted image of the world and its inhabitants. He thinks love is the solution to every problem, and he wants to live in a time where everyone has the same opportunity to live a happy life and to fulfill their dreams. He’s got an ideal world set up in his mind, and it’s probably very far from what the world is actually like. He leads with love more than anything.

These personality types are more creative than other personality types, so he obviously fits within the frame of these types. They’re incredibly insightful and can read situations well, and they try to use their creativity to solve problems. And, above all, they’re passionate. They’re passionate about nearly everything they do, to the point of not being interested in anything if they’re not passionate about it. This is true for Harry, who puts his all in everything he does - including his passion for fashion. 

I see him more as an introvert, even though he performs for a living. Which, really, being an introvert doesn’t mean you’re terrified of people. I think that Harry is a true ambivert, but if he were to take the MBTI test, he’d be slightly more introverted than extroverted. (I’m literally right on the cusp - 52% extroverted and 48% introverted; I feel as though Harry would have the same results). 

A lot of times, INFJs and INFPs come off as extroverted, when really, they need plenty of alone time to recharge and decompress. They might withdraw really suddenly, realizing that they’ve absorbed the feelings of those around them for too long and they need to have peace and quiet right that instant. I get the feeling he likes his time alone. Or, rather, he likes to spend his time with a few select people who understand he likes to be alone. Probably someone like Anne, who he can sit with and enjoy her company, but they don’t have to be talking all the time. Gemma’s probably the same way. 

We’ll only really know if he takes the test and tells us, but that’s my best guess with what I know about him.

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Hey Samantha, did you need to look for any particular romantic story-lines/stories about love and couples for inspiration for writing Warden and Paige, or did it just come naturally as you developed their characters? Their relationship is extremely moving, stunningly original, and so intricate as to be indescribable at times. It's incredible to read, and there can never be enough chatter about writing solid and compelling romances.

Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say. I’m glad you’re enjoying reading about them. 

I didn’t precisely go looking for inspiration with Warden and Paige, but I was loosely inspired by Beauty and the Beast when it came to them being trapped in a confined space together.

My aim with Warden and Paige was to create a deeply complicated, flawed, difficult, multi-layered connection that could unfold and change over seven books. (I like that you say it’s ‘indescribable at times’, as that was what I was going for.) I love slow-burn relationships in fiction more than anything, and I’m fascinated by the question of what would happen if a mortal and an immortal came to care for one another deeply – whether in a spiritual, romantic or platonic sense – and most importantly, what would happen if there was no way to fix the issue of lifespan. Often when this happens in fiction, the mortal character becomes immortal (Edward and Bella) or vice versa (Aragon and Arwen). In The Bone Season, neither of these options are available. 

I also wanted to create a believable immortal character in Warden, rather than someone who just read like a mortal. His actions are not always meant to be comprehensible to the human characters – or, indeed, to the human reader. 

Originally I worried that the characters might not work together – Paige is hot-tempered and reckless, while Warden is level-headed, logical and restrained – but I found that it was because of that contrast that they clicked so well in scenes. I hope you continue to find them interesting. 

Kyungsoo: I can’t belive that Jongin and Krystal…

Sehun: Well I think sm made that up

Kyungsoo: *Looks at him* Do you know something ?

Sehun: I know that my boyfriend blow like a flute in China

Kyungsoo: *sighs* I mean do you know something about Jongin and Krystal? I haven’t talked to him since the News

Sehun: Jongin is scared that he’ll lose you, Kyungsoo you are his everything and he loves you more than anything. That’s why I think you shouldn’t believe that KxK Dating scandal.

Kyungsoo: Maybe you are right

Sehun: I am! Now go to your boyfriend and tell him how much you love him and that nothing in the world can separate Kaisoo.

Kyungsoo: Thank you *leaves*


If You Ever Want To Know

If you ever want to know, I love you, as honestly and simply as that
I love your eyes, the deep moss on a sunset uniqueness of them
I love the horrible way your mind works with it’s delightful contradictions
I love the way you touch me when you aren’t paying attention
I love that you hold my hand when no one else has ever done that
I love you for allowing me to sooth your pain…so much pain
I love all the new things you’ve shown me and all the old we argue over
More than anything, though, I love you for your music and your laugh
It’s as honest, and as simple, as that, I love you, for you


I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22!! … Lmao yeah no I’m having a fucking midlife crisis. Taylor Swift lied. Being 22 isn’t fun 😭 I’m old!!!! And alone. Or should I say single and ready to mingle? 😏
Lmao, I’m kidding … Sorta. 🙄
Anyway. I live the life of a hermit & it’s great & all but there comes a point in life where you realize that you’re at a high risk of dying alone, without a single friend. Or without falling in love. Which sucks bc I crave love more than anything. I want to find my person. And that doesn’t necessarily have to be romantically. Soulmates can be best friends. And if love can stem from that friendship, well then you win at life. I have to warn you tho, I’m a fucking horrible person by day … And night … And like all the time. Also, I hide behind filters because they make me look human and not like the troll that I am.

Oh! And I’ve submitted before and I met some super sweet people. Why not meet some more? 😉

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Hey Tord, what do you love most about Tom's body? (This isn't a 'sin' ask btw)

Tord: His eyes. I love his eyes more than anything else. They’re a gorgeous inky black that reflect all the stars…

Tord: Or maybe it’s his hair? His hair is so soft and fluffy, it’s so fun to run my fingers through it.

Tord: Wait. His squishiness. It makes him so cuddly! It makes him like a big teddy bear, and I love it…

Tord: Actually, I can’t pick. Every part of him is just… perfect in my eyes.

Hamilton ships + Horror movies

Jeffmads - Thomas loves horror movies but James hates them so he usually watch them alone. He managed to convince James into watching one with the and James couldn’t sleep alone for almost a whole year

Lams - Laurens doesn’t hate horror movies but they aren’t his favourite either. Whereas Alexander really loves them, he often watches horror stuff with him and cuddles with him while they watch them.

Mullette - Lafayette actually loves horror movies more than anything, will go to every new horror movie he can. However Hercules doesn’t like them like at all, he does listen to Laf talk about them tho but Laf knows asking him to come with him is never going to work out.

Aaron x Theodosia - Theodosia really loves horror movies but Aaron doesn’t. He pretended that he did when Theodosia asked if he wanted to watch one with her but it ended up with Aaron begging her to stay for the night. (Not that she minded)

Hamliza - Eliza doesn’t like them at all but watches some with ham anyway, it’s not that she gets too scared by them she just doesn’t like them

Laurens x Eliza x Ham - Laurens and Eliza only watch horror movies because Hamilton really wants to, they just listen to him bitch about how stupid the characters are.

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Honestly though, I love that Branch would honestly just go along with Poppys weird things that she does as they date. He just loves her to bits.

He loves her more than anything imma fuckign die. But yeah, the dude has his limits but overall he knows that you gotta just let Poppy be Poppy. Like she’s made him so happy and even if the smallest and dumbest things can make her smile, Branch is fully on board. Her happy is his happy and likewise. They got a good thing going.

“White Collar” - A Mavin Fic

So this is my newest fic! It’s a mavin story, Michael-centric (with some Raywood on the side because I really can’t help myself). No, it’s not Fake AH Crew. It’s something a little different, and I hope you like it!

It would be really nice to hear if you do. Dropping Kudos is awesome but comments are what keep us fanfic writers going most of the time. I’d love to hear what you think, good, bad, ugly. I can take it!

I would describe this fic as a lotta-sad, lotta-hopeful, lotta-mavin. It’s about friendhship and love and pining and how tragic events can kind of push those feelings away. At heart, the story is about Michael, and how he loves Gavin more than anything else in the world. 

So read it on my AO3 here!


White Collar


Summary under the cut!

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