love milk


(a bit of poly!relat bc it’s been a while)

-Max is the only one that buys snacks, so he always has to remind himself to buy triple the amount

-Ian is very possessive of his snacks and will hide them. You have found a pack of Doritos in the air vent twice already

-Joj would totally pull a knife on someone if they touch his Flaming Cheetos

-Ok but if you’re having a snack while watching t.v. or something, Ian will come up to you and start kissing you while the other two take almost everything in the package

-Max writes his name on the entire surface of his snacks

-Ian puts his IdubbbzTV stickers on everything

-Joj just puts everything under the bed or couches

-Ian loves Chips Ahoy, don’t touch them, he has them every morning with milk

-Max loves mini pretzels or Lays chips. Especially while watching a movie or just laying down

-If you’re cuddling with them, they’ll feed u too

-ok but before you guys started dating, you’d always buy them their favorite candy. Max would be skittles, Ian jelly bellies, and Joj sour patch kids

-Little Debbie pastries are forbidden after Max and Ian literally fought for the last brownie

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once upon a time sebalter has no money because he spent it all on fursuits so his mother tells him "take the violin down to the village so we can sell her for her milk" sebalter is sad at first because he raised his violin to become big and strong and loves her milk, but he knows it has to be done so he sadly takes the violin to the market where he meets an old man in a cloak. the old man says "i will have that violin for these M A G I C B E A N S" in a swedish accent, sebalter says "who are you

?“ the man says ” my name is christmas burnksjdghnlksjdgasng and trust me when i say these beans are magic" sebalter is a gullible fuck so hes like “holy fuck magic beans??? yes please daddy!” so he takes the beans and skips home. his mother says “sebalter what the FUCK are these” and hes like “mum theyre magic beans!” and shes like “why couldnt you get some REAL food” and she chucks them out the window and sends sebalter to his room. sebalter is crying now, and his face hurts not because she hit him or anything because he fell over while skipping. he ends up falling asleep to the sweet peaceful sounds of his own sobbing until his mother bursts into the room at a time that is early. “SEBALTER! SEBALTER! THE BEANS WERE MAGIC” he thought it was a dream. sebalter ran outside and saw a MASSIVE beanstalk, even taller than sergej cetkovic and sanna nielsen combined! sebalter is in awe. he busts a nut in shock and happiness. “you need to climb the beanstalk to see wahts at the top!” sebalter said “well why dont we just harvest its goods that are in reach it seems p dangerous :\” and his mums like “stop being a piece of shit you pussy” so he starts climbing and climbing and climbing until he cant see anything because hes in a big cloud so its all white like swedens eurovision 2009 performance but he couldnt remember that bc he was too busy thirsting over that violin guy, i wonder if he won? anyway, he gets to the top and its just the top of a cloud. for some reason, sebalter being the stupid fuck that he is, decides to stand on the cloud, and to his surprise he doesnt fall to his death! (this would inspire his song “clouds” that features on his debut album “day of glory” which charted in switzerland, where he lives, and is avaliable on spotify) he runs around the clouds in joy until he sees a big house. he walks closer to it. it gets bigger. and bigger. sebalters like ??? and by the time he gets to the house hes the size of a microphone! he assumed, because microphones are not that tall, suddenly the door opened and this GIANT SWEDISH MAN who looked a lil evil opened it and saw him and was like “fe fi fo fuck who is this” and sebalter was like “i climbed the beanstalk and got here” and the giant was like “what the fuck have you been smoking” but led the boy in for some food but the bread was too big so he had to have crumbs. sebalter was like “Mmm mmm mmm that was good bread sir! whats your name again?” the swedish man didnt say anything, sebalter was like “can i go home mum said i have to be home by 7” and he was like “NO NO NO NO NO NO NO” and sebalter started crying. later, the man said he was going out to pick up some lemons and carrots for dinner and put on his cloak, suddenly it hit sebalter. he knew that cloak. it was the man that sold him the beans! hed been set up! the only logical thing is that this man is going to eat him with his big giant mouth! sebalter starts running away but the man sees him and says “fe fi fo piss i smell the fear of a swiss!” and chases him like tom chases jerry in the hit childrens cartoon, tom and jerry. sebalter runs all the way down and slides down the bean stalk and somehow is faster when hes small so hes like a lil usain bolt BOLTING AWAY haha am i right? anyway he couldnt see christmas berhjdbsmdgmm when he went down the beanstalk but could only assume he was on his way so he screamed MUM GET THE AXE!! and his mum, being a fucking badass gets out the axe and cuts down the stalk no questioned ask, like surely shed say “sebalter what the fuck” but meh potato potahto. anyway the stalk falls down and the giant falls to his death but hes so big he takes out a couple trees and leaves a crater, some spectulate him falling in the past is what killed the dinosaurs.“whos that sebalter” his mum asked. sebalter said “thats chrusnyy buhflkasjnb b” and his mother gasped. sebalter had killed the antichrist without knowing it! the village was saved! they won free lemons for a lifetime and got their original violin back so sebalter could have fresh violin milk with his lemons and everything was ok. the end!


I really can’t be bothered to read all this now I’ve copied and pasted it so congratulations on wasting your time

I always pictured Nico as someone who would have bottomless supply of milk carton because she wants to get taller she wants to grow even by a little (even though she has mostly strawberry flavoured because why not) and her siblings would ask her if she has any and Nico would be like ‘i got u fam’ and hands them each with one

lil Maki here found that Nico does not only carry milk but also tomato juice so she has acquired a liking to this peculiar human. she keeps her meeting with Nico a secret because she doesn’t want anyone to hog Nico the tomato juice

But RIn and Pana soon find out the bottomless supply of milk and chaos ensues lol

Mack just gets sad because she cant have Nico all by herself now


ilL draw the continuation tomorrow. (probably)