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Murder Spree | A Warfstache Playlist

1.Rose-Colored Boy / Paramore 2. Bubblegum Bitch / Marina and the Diamonds 3. Alphabet Boy / Melanie Martinez 4. Young and Beautiful / Lana Del Rey 5. Control / Halsey 6. Party Poison / My Chemical Romance 7. Bad Girl / Avril Lavigne w/ Marilyn Manson 8. Let’s Kill Tonight / Panic! At the Disco 9. Million Dollar Bills/ Lorde 10. Money / That Poppy 

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lups reaction to most thing seems to be ‘kill it with fire’

creating powerful artefacts? makes ones with fire powers

bad macaroons? burn baby burn

trying to send a message about your existence to your old friend/possible twin brother? just fucking burn your name in the wall

your old friend/possible twin brother go on a date with the lich hunting grim reaper? fire a scorching ray at his back


like we don’t know much about lup but we do know they like shooting things with fire

hhhgh does it still count as a quick sketch if it takes 5 hours?

This moment when someone walks into your room when you read fanfictions/Imagines about Band members/Actors/Singers

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TAZ Pride Week June 23- Favorite LGBT+ TAZ ship

Ahhhh this was a hard choice, but I had to go with the Battlewagon Girlfriends!! I mean, they’re just so amazing:

  • love story between a cop and a thief
  • achingly intense scenes (”you’re not a killer!”) (ep. 27 always makes me cry) (i need to stop rewatching animatics of it)
  • a touch of humor to how they talk to each other and if that ain’t love
  • shared pure, exhilarating joy by racing together
  • like………. asdfghjk

Intro to Children of the Damned, Birmingham, UK 21.5.2017 (x)

If you ever feel sad


Go and watch the 80s Mötley Crüe’s music videos

you won’t regret it