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Cas is dead, Dean falls back into old habits. But they don't feel right, they aren't doing enough. Dean stops making out with the girl of the night and apologizes. He's just not into it. He finds Max is hunting nearby and tries to put the moves on him, in an eerily similar way to the girl. But Max, being similar to Dean, realizes what's going on and rejects his advances. They drink beer and talk the whole night.

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Yes. I think @bluestar86 and @grey2510 might enjoy this too :)

oh damn also since raw can’t even try to care about more than one women’s storyline at a time we never found out what emma was up to when she pulled dana away from the GBoF preshow so i’m declaring that she was like “hey i hate to do this but me and the other girls are rolling character sheets and we need a fighter to balance out our party, are you in” and now this is happening

Heathers (1988)

“It’s one thing to want someone out of your life, but it’s another thing to serve them a wake-up cup full of liquid drainer.”

I just love and admire Troye Sivan and Hayley Kiyoko for being so unapologetically gay and bisexual in their music and explicitly expressing that these songs are for boys and girls respectively and not allowing there to be even a shadow of a doubt in or out of their music that these songs are love songs for people of the same-sex


camisado // panic! at the disco


I love how Albert has like, these two tough looking guys in perpetual sunglasses who drive him around and just kinda stand behind him menacingly while he snarks at people and while they are referred to as “his team” they’re never actually around when he works, so it’s safe to assume they’re there specifically to help him make a cooler entrance 

[GCS night out]
  • Harley: So, you and Batsy huh?
  • Selina: I won't tell you anything
  • Harley: He's a real sugar daddy.
  • Selina: ...
  • Harley: Do you call him daddy?
  • Selina: Harley. Stop.
  • Harley: Not even in bed? You know me and Puddin'...
  • Selina: I SAID STOP.
  • Ivy: You know, there's a plant called Big Daddy, I sometimes...