Voglio fare l'amore con te.

Già mi immagino la tua espressione scema mentre dici “perché non lo facciamo già?”. Sì, ma io voglio fare l'amore, di guardarsi negli occhi e desiderarsi. Dell'amore che ti fa dimenticare momentaneamente qualunque altro pensiero. Parlo di baci, carezze, di spogliarsi lentamente. Parlo di amarsi e dirselo. Di baciarsi e poi dirselo di nuovo.

- florianatreccarichi

birdrobot  asked:

"Some things are more important than honor," Zuko said as he offered his seat to Rosa Parks.

Hummus discourse is the new black, yay! i like Suzanne, Poussey, rosa and other external electromagnetic and quantum phenomena

          update !!!! hey guys, just a head’s up and letting you all know that i will be on a bit of a small vacation from FRIDAY 09/22/2017 TO WEDNESDAY 09/27/2017.  however, i *will* be on tumblr mobile whenever i’m around wifi if i get the chance i haven’t decided whether or not to bring the laptop just yet so we’ll see and i will be setting up my queue for posts / threads / starters / replies etc in the meantime.  so i will be here.  sort of.  in spirit.  spiriting replies~ whoop.  8)  so there will be activity.

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Is this game still connected to kiwifarms? Because as good as this game looks the way KF constantly puts down jewish and autistic ppl is.. Well, yeah.

Hello anon ! 

What do you mean by “still connected to kiwifarms” ? 
Only a few members from the team is actually from that website and this is on that same website that we decided to create Love Me.
Though we did say at multiple times that we do not agree with everything thats on kiwifarms.

I hope that helped 

- Fatcat dev

My intentions with you?
To be the one that makes you smile when you though it was impossible
To be the one you talk about when you get asked about love
To be the one that’s holding you so close at night that I can chase all your nightmares away
I want to be the one that keeps you safe and loved
Your voice is my favorite song
You face is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
But it was your personality that made me fall in love with you