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The Captain

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female Reader  

Word Count: 1,373

Summary: Steve and the Reader have been on one date and he shows up late one night…unexpectedly.

Warnings: Oral (female receiving), Captain America being a sassy little mofo, language. 

A/N: Alright, so I did this at the request of @love-me-some-pie21 and it’s based off of this post. I honestly never thought I would write for Marvel, just enjoy other’s writing, but I couldn’t resist this one. I hope I did our dearest Cap justice. 

Tags: At the bottom. And still open, just shoot me an ask if you’d like to be tagged in any future Chris/Steve. 

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There’s a knock on the door and you look at the time, wondering who in the world would come by this late. You live alone, in a quiet apartment building in D.C. and the only person you’d gotten to know was the handsome superhero down the hall. But it had only been one quiet and awkward lunch a few days ago. He’d never just dropped by. So when you opened the door to see none other than Captain America standing there, one hand on each side of the door frame like he was trying to hold himself back, it was a bit of a shock.

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You know I’d rather spin it!


(Really digging this show, I don’t know, I just got a feeling it’s gonna be really good. Have a doodle as my signet of approval. ) 

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I’ve Decided Something

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and decided that I actually wanna do it…so, without further ado…. 

Weekly Spotlights.

We all need a little more positivity and kindness, and there are so many people on this site that I love and cherish and want others to know about. So I want to spotlight a single blog/blogger each weekend, which will include me getting to know them a little and what their blog is all about, kinda like an interview, and then I’ll do up a post all about them and their blog! 

But I need your help. I have a list started of blogs/bloggers I want to do this with, but I also would like recommendations from you guys, my wonderful followers! So send me an ask (asks only, it’s easier to keep track. Can be a writer, creator, or ANYONE. LITERALLY. Not going to leave anyone out.) with a blog/blogger you think needs and deserves a spotlight and I will get the ball rolling on these! I ask that you minimize it to five blog/bloggers just so that I’m not inundated with too many right at first. I’ll keep calling for blogs when I need them. 

So do the thing! Send in your recommendations! Spread some love!

EDIT: Any fandoms are welcome, this is not limited to the Supernatural fandom. 

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Headcannon of Hanzo having a crush on Zeny sis

ah yiisss, i love me some pining crush Hanzo.

  • As soon as he realizes that he’s got a ‘tiny’ crush on you he shuts down for about an hour
    • it was while the pair of you were drinking tea after you wiggled on your hips drinking the tea.
    • It made his heart stutter and his trembling hands nearly drop his own cup.
    • You get a little concerned as he just stares forward, his tea quickly cooling.
    • “Are you okay?”
    • “Yes.”
    • “O…okay.”
  • Genji notices only a few hours after Hanzo realizes 
    • He teases his brother for a few moments 
    • He then tries to help Hanzo ask you out
    • Coming up with elaborate ways to get you in the same room and then leaving the pair of you alone
      • This would have worked if Hanzo wasn’t an emotionally stunted cactus
    • Genji just kinda gives up, willing to give support if he actually manages to ask you out.
  • McCree is the second to notice
    • Seeing the way Hanzo would tenderly stare at Zenyatta’s sister
    • He teased the archer with his lack of subtlety 
      • The only way you hadn’t noticed yet is because you grew up in a monastery surrounded by omnics. 
    • Unlike Genji he encouraged Hanzo to just blurt it out without thought
      • Then Hanzo wouldn’t be able to think about it and just get it out
    • Hanzo still can’t do it
      • He just can’t force out the words
  • Everyone on the base is just done with Hanzo
    • Whenever he screws up now he just hears groaning from anyone else in the room
  • Zenyatta gives him the “talk”
    • which was really just subtle encouragement 
    • It would make both Hanzo and you happy
      • That’s all he really wants in this world
    • After this he just gives thumbs up when Hanzo talks to you
nxsuper travel diary page one

hiiiiii guys, i’m going to read some page of my daily travel in this multiverse called tumbler is full of note about my friend and much more people i just meet this year hope you like it :3.

page 1 @lazy-cocoei

k page one oh my senpai!!. she is cocoei a great artist  with a lot of idea last time i talk with her was…..oh  last night, she have a lot of idea and now is drawing her own au and another one where i’m her father….idk why XD…..last time we talk she was telling me about her problem to draw fire…shhhh i think she was trying only to Look less wonderful than what she really is..—note: if she read my diary idk what is going to happen to me .- ..  actually she make a young version of herself,  over cute much cute. oh wait i’m telling you all ….ops eh eh to late all i want to add is guys she is a very very  skilled artist,  she need a lot  of cheer so if you can go and talk with her  or mmm  bury her mail box with cheer ask  i’m happy :3. –note 2 : i can’t say to much or she is going to kill me :p— wait she is going to see me …ops eh eh  hi cocoei i’vent reveal your artistic secret don’t worry XD so guys SEND HER A LOT  A LOT OF CHEER ASK :P SPAMM HER 

page 2 @jude-shotto

ok i start read her page to but first i want to say she have a au named @switchtaleau  and  she need ask ask ask for new page so go and help her :3

her name is jude. she think about her au watching undertale/underswap seem she like it very much :3 and like me she love theory  idea  eh eh the multiverse open a lot of new idea for much people and seem she is one of them. she is only 13 but wow  just wow is hard find someone with so great idea and a so good stile. she try to make people laugh with her au  …..and i’ve to say i love it pun and joke all over with some serious part i love it! —–note:she have a sis and she say to me …some time my sis is a tsundere eh eh i laugh a lot—- her plan is to have fun, dig deeper  and reveal mistery winout forget all the feel after the talk we pun…. we are making sans proud ..

page 3 @shadowlord999

him is a new friend i talk not much with him but seem a very nice person and i don’t talk  about  words but for how he talk . not only is funny but he can talk a lot of language :Indonesian, English, Chinese and  Javanese…..see  he’s the perfect person for  talk  but care he have a counter speak if you try to make some bad thing :3. like i say is a new born and for now is blog is only for ask and rp but he search friends so guys if you want pass sometime talk with someone really funny or make some ask go to him….oh right maybe is readying this hiiii shadow and one day i’m going to find your main blog you can’t hide from me.

page 4 @awesome-sarahdraw

hi my name is sarah i love undertale bendy and the ink machine i love DRAW and anime and manga and if you want to ask me to draw something i draw it ( no sins )   this is what i see when i enter the first time her universe after see that i say istant the perfect universe for me eh eh .  after land i searching her  but before see her i found something much draw for dragon ball eh eh someone is a big fan!! eh eh   sometime later i find her an she is very cool and talk a lot of language: Arabic french and english   so guys if you want a friend  contact her!!! she is only 12 and she can draw very good i think with some push and help she is going to become an au creator if she want eh eh mmmm maybe i’ve to ask that to her next time i visit  her. Oh right she hate LIES so  no lies near her or i’m going to found you freshy liar. she love draw au, oc and one day she want animate so guys ask her  because someone is going to be famous.

page 5 @bettyfearpink123

in this page i’m going to talk about betty another young  au creator.  she can talk english  and chinese, she is shy at start and change feeling in  ,,,much fast like me —-note: she change a lot of time her talk with me :3 i like it—   she want her universe to grow she love do  draw and make friend so guys if you want a original draw from someone before she become to much popular go now eh eh.   so guys i can’t say more about her because that day i was running from someone coff coff ……. let’s talk another time about that eh eh .. i see some of her creating and O.O  so cute   i like her slime friend and  SHE IS DOING  SOME REQUEST :3  i want see some ask in her  inbox so guys for today is all hope my story   is good and see tomorrow  for the next 5 page or more who can tell? :P byee

well my hair has been on its own fuckingn agenda today, no problem 


“I usually spend time with my neighbors, voluntarily …and sometimes unvoluntarily. My twin sis just really loves to annoy me for some reason.”

//Information for new followers:
The first drawing shows Benigno, who represents Lombardy and is both Feli’s brother and husband (the marriage had political reasons, no incest involved here). Those two are true gossip girls and fashionistas. The second drawing shows Genoa (she has no human name yet) , Feliciano’s greatest rival and his (twin-) sister. She usually calls him “Serenissima” (”the most serene”) which was Venice’s nickname back in the days. Sarcastically, of course.
The third pic shows Cassandra, Feli’s sister. She’s Piedmont and very strong and a true soldier lady. Compared to slender Feli, she’s basically hulk just prettier and with less mood swings. She loves spending time in the kitchen and they sometimes spend their private time exchanging recipes and cooking together.