love me some rachel


You wanna hold her?

the stars will shine whether
or not she compares them to the
light in his eyes; the moon

will still come crescent like
shy smile, still glow in unrequite.

he does not look at her long
enough for the dark to settle;

does not pair chemical
with her make-up; does not see

galaxies growing under thin wrists,
skin like topography undiscovered

no: he sleeps to her hymns,
prays to another woman upon
waking. and she feels comet—
feels like barreling—

loves like planet, like too much

space: a temperature of 445°F
for a man too cold for a mixture too
lukewarm for this world,

she loves like something she will never
touch all of, still revolves around

wrong bodies.

—  glowing (COLLABORATION) v.t. and r.c.

Glee Hiatus Challenge Day 4:

  • The first character you fell in love with

Rachel Berry; “I’m like Tinkerbell, Finn. I need applause to live.”