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Flower shop AU: Oswald buys flowers at Edward's shop and immediately gifts them to Ed.

Oswald asked Ed what kind of flowers could mean “I really like you” and “Let’s go on a date” and Ed seemed kind of gloomy, thinking that of course, Mayor Cobblepot has already someone in his life and he was such an idiot to think he had a chance, but right after he paid for the bouquet of flowers, Oswald shyly give them to Ed who took a moment to understand, before blushing like an idiot when he realised ooOOHH


Eight-year-old Blair is the girl on the bus that everyone teases. Chuck is the little boy that comes to her rescue. He, too, is an outcast of sorts, struggling to cope with the loss of his dying mother. Together, they invent an outrageous game of “Dare” to keep their spirits alive. Their game becomes a glorious mutual addiction. It binds them together as it tears them apart. As their feelings for each other grow through childhood into adulthood, each must decide if they are willing to finally acknowledge their love for each other. But can they ever stop playing the game?

AU: chuck and blair +  “jeux d’enfants” // ”love me if you dare”.


Name: Lucas
Age: 18
Languages: English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, tiny bit of Swedish
Location: Germany
Interests: music!!! Neck Deep, State Champs, As It Is, The Story So Far, Real Friends, Boston Manor, PVRIS, You Me At Six, A Day To Remember… so it’s pop punk, mostly. I also do love me some Ed Sheeran. Other than that I’m very into reading, philosophy, Criminal Minds and learning new languages
Dislikes: k-pop (sorry), bigots, radical feminists and elitist
Age Range: idc man, just don’t be cringy or creepy
Contact: tumblr (acourtofbooksandbands) and twitter (dizzydiscanio)

Looking forward to new people!! :)

Song (Request)

Can you write an imagine where Harry and Y/N write a song together; specifically ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ by Shawn Mendez & they have a connection while writing.


Ever since you had been able to put pen to paper, you had been writing songs. It was a therapy, a release for your thoughts and a relaxing hobby. You never thought that anything would ever come of it until one of your good friends asked for your help writing a song for his new album. And, considering your friend was Ed Sheeran, you had a hard time saying no to him. After you had helped with that first song, things had just skyrocketed from there. You had requests for your song writing abilities coming from all sides, and you ended up writing for some pretty famous artists. As much as you eventually wanted to have your own album, you were content to share your writing talents with others for the time being. Any song you wrote that you felt extra attached to, you hid away for yourself.

You had been approached by several people that wanted you to write songs for them, and you were actually starting to feel a little overwhelmed. You had never had this many requests at once before. The only thing you could do was sit down and start writing down words; hopefully the rest would take care of itself.

You were deep in a writing session when your door opened and Ed walked in.

“I’ve brought you the Cavalry!”

You glanced up at him, tired and brain not focused. “What?”

“I know you have a lot of writing to do and you hinted at me that you would love some help, so I’ve brought you some.”

Ed moved out of the doorway and another figure appeared from behind him. You recognized him, of course. This was Harry Styles. You had never met him in person before, but Ed talked him up a lot. You knew he had written quite a few songs for his band over the years and the ones you had listened to were quite good. But, as thankful as you were for the help, you were a little hesitant. You had never written a song with another person before. You were extremely protective about the words that you wrote; more often than not they were personal to you and you didn’t like the thought of someone wanting to change them. But at this point you were desperate for a little relief, so you would take all the help you could get.

“Alright, I’ll leave you two geniuses to it then.” Ed said. “Have fun!”

He left you and Harry alone and Harry made his way closer to you.

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Give Me Love
Ed Sheeran
Give Me Love

Meaning of song

There are some songs that you love for no reason, without any explanation. And the second reason for loving a song is that it means something special to you. It is like.. when you hear it, it reminds you of the times you loved, times you were happy or sad, it brings back deep memories that means much to you, or it reminds you of one special person with who you were listening that song or that person showed that song to you. And everytime you hear it, you start to feel very deep feelings. This song, Give Me Love, from Ed Sheeran reminds me of one person, of some special time when I was really, really happy. But it was not fake hapiness. It was real, honest and unfake hapiness. Sometimes, I wish I could bring that times back and take the chances that I have missed, but I know that it is not possible. I can just hope that one day, that chance will come to me again, I will take it and never let it go again..

AU where instead of trying to live up to his father, Jack wants to be like his mother and becomes a famous male model.

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What are a couple of your favorite works of art? Also, who are five of your favorite artists? Thanks :)

Favourite artists at the moment (because it changes a lot, except for Waterhouse):

- John William Waterhouse

- Florence Harrison

- Antoon van Welie

- Alphonse Mucha

- let’s go with Edward Burne-Jones this time

Favourite works of art… oh man this is tough. I love a lot of works by Waterhouse a lot, especially Circe offering the cup to Ulysses…

… which is a lot more purple in real life. I love a lot of Pre-Raphaelite works. I also love a lot of sculptures. I love medieval manuscripts. Some furniture makes me jump up and down with enthusiasm (ed. not on the furniture itself). It’s a combination of my mood and the thing itself that makes me fall in love with an artwork.

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I'm sure your song choices will be amazing!!! I'll keep editing and re-blogging my list so I can add to it. I just need a list of KC songs to listen to.

Aww thank you <3 . Okay I will check out your list when I will do my playlist ;)

Well as a completely obsessed klaroline shipper, every song reminds me of them lmaoo but some of my favorites are: 

-give me love by Ed Sheeran

-in my veins and pieces by Andrew Belle 

- Caroline by Alex Clare

- Take on the world by You Me at Six

- Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars

- Find my way back  by Eric Arjes

-Blind by Hurts

- Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

- Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy

- The Story by Brandi Carlile