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I Write Sins Not Zuckerberg
I Write Sins Not Zuckerberg

I Write Sins Not Zuckerbergs
-Panic at! MARK ZUCKERBERG feat. Game Grumps
A Fever You Can’t Mark Out, 2015

Insp. graphicalaces

Main Theme BGM (Short)
New Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shin Gakki - Masafumi Takada
Main Theme BGM (Short)

finally got 100% on the Monomono machine! This is the last bonus item you get, a short version of the main theme BGM~


I got my bags packed And I’m ready to go 

Tell me one damn thing I ain’t already know 

Got my bags packed and I’m ready to run 

But then she pulled me back in with a kiss, bang

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so I saw this post and I, again, knew I had to
much thanks to @adeleinewouldyouaddaline for being an amazing genius and drawing this adorable work
btw i hastily made eliza as maya so apologies for the impliciations

Chanyeol playing Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton in the jungle