love me some abed

Seveteen (hip hop unit and performance units) reactions fangirling over their favorite actors

anonymous asked:  A seventeen ( hip hop unit and performance unit) reaction on their gf fangirling over their favourite actors, please.
S.Coups: “Notice me babe”

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Jun: “I’m here too… you know, you’re boyfriend?”

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Hoshi:”Okay.. When I wanted kisses, you were busy screaming while looking at Minho’s abs..”

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Wonwoo: “Show me some love babe”

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Mingyu: “Here’s a rose for you, now love me”

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Th8: “I’m giving you my heart, here take it”

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Vernon: *practicing to shoot your favorite actor*

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Quicky MCcree for my beloved friend who’s birthday was yesterday, im talking bout the talented @raven-blood-13 we both like MCcree so yeah xd im gonna do a better version soon dear

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Honestly I would pervert jimin has a squishy tum, abs are great and all but I love me some squishy tummies


yes I feel this though. I love abs with my whole heart, I could lick ‘em all day, but soft tummies are so cute and I just want to place kisses all over them ;-; 

I love tummies in general though, I’m weak


Okay, if I could just take this time to share a few words of sarcasm with whoever it is that took this pen. I want to say thank you for doing this to me for a while I thought I’d have to suffer through a puppy parade, but I much prefer
being entombed alive in a mausoleum of feelings I can neither understand
nor reciprocate. So whoever you are, can I get you anything? Ice cream? Best friend medal? Anything? Mm-mmm?