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Science Teacher Combeferre

Because I love teacher AUs and I cannot lie

  • Combeferre loves teaching so much? Kids can be so curious and like he always says, there are no dumb questions. Even kids who don’t like science have to admit that M. Ferre is amazing
  • His classroom is decorated with projects he organised with his students. There’s a mobile of the solar system, a mobile of an atom, of different chemical elements…
  • There’s an entire wall dedicated to “Quotes Albert Einstein Never Said, But That Could Make You Look Smart Anyway”
  • He used the solar system as his grading system, so a 100% mark is the Sun, a 90% is Mars etc etc. He draws and colours them himself. Students who were absent for the test get Pluto, because Combeferre has to admit it’s not a planet but he’ll be damned if Pluto gets forgotten
  • There’s probably a portrait of Neil deGrasse Tyson framed somewhere
  • “Today we’re going to study astronomy. Notice that I said astronomy and not astrology, because the fault may be in our stars, but giant balls of gas won’t give you the answers to next Friday’s test.”
  • He sings the Period Table song at the school’s talent show every year
  • “Everything is chemical, Kevin.”
  • Probably has some cool patches sewed up onto his lab coat, and students always offer him new ones on the last day of the year
Boyfriend! Hoseok

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- you are his sister’s dongsaeng at college and since she graduated you are frequently over at her house in Gwangju having her give you advice about college and life in general

-you had heard her and her mom talk about her brother and him being in a group but you didn’t really know much more than that until you two actually met.

- the first time that you met you were hanging out at his sister’s house relaxing and then this really tall boy burst in and is really loud and then everyone freaks out and is very happy

-you’re like “???who’s this???” and his sister is like “!!! it’s my lil bro!!!” and he’s like “who are you??” shaking ur hand all happy like and on the inside you’re like “omg this boy is very cute and he shaking my hand o shit!!” but on the outside you’re like “hello! I am y/n it’s very nice to meet you! :))))” and everything is just so happy and smiley and good. but you don’t want to ruin their family reunion so ur like “I gotta go but y'all have fun!” so you go back to your apartment.

- but when you leave his sister just looked at him like “I Know™” because she can tell that he already kinda likes you even after just meeting you but like it’s a good thing because his family already loves you a lot so there will be no family discourse if he wanted to date you.

- he has his sister invite you over to their parent’s house the day after so he can get to know you and the three of you end up playing Mario cart together and having a great time

-after a while their mom starts to cook dinner so you excuse yourself to go and help her out because she lets you come over so often and she’s kind of like a second mom to you

- Hoseok just watches you bustling around helping clean up and cook with his mom and how much his mom adores you and he kind of falls in love with you

- after you eat dinner together you are getting ready to walk back to your apartment and Hoseok is like “!!wait! I’ll walk you home!” And you’re like “??that’s cool thank you!!??”

-so he walks you home and you two talk about how you and his sister became friends and what it’s like for him being an idol and it’s very comfortable for you so you are kind of sad when you get to your apartment complex

-you are getting ready to go into your door when hoseok is like “hey give me your phone really quick.” And you give him ur phone so he texts his phone with it so that he has ur number now (smooth like a snake lmao) and it’s really cute so you give him a lil peck on the cheek then go into ur apartment leaving him smiling really big in front of your door.

- after this you two start texting a lot even after he goes back to Seoul to train for their next comeback and eventually he asks you to be his girlfriend and you say yes of course because who wouldnt want to Day this human ball of sunshine

- you actually get a college transfer to the college in Gangnam so that you could be closer to him because you only got to see him once every 5 months when they would get time off at the end of a comeback

- whenever you tell him that you got an apartment in Gangnam he is super excited and happy and he kinda freaks out because now you would be able to meet his members and he could be close to you because the dorms were also in Gangnam!!!

- he’ll stay at your apartment a lot because he sometimes needs a break from being around the others and he wants to spend time with you

- during comebacks when he has to be happy at work all of the time he’ll come back home and be super exhausted because it’s hard to always be full of energy and happiness so you’ll make him a cup of sleepy tea and you will have him tell you about his day and then you’ll go to sleep cuddling each other

- sometimes when you’re having issues at work or school you don’t tell him because you think that he has enough to worry about already and he shouldn’t be working about you but he can see that something is wrong with you

- one day if you haven’t already dealt with your problems on your own he corners you and is like “hey what’s going on baby you never act like this and I can tell that there is something wrong

- and you’ll try to play it off like you’re tired but hoseok sees right through you because he’s had experience at hiding his feelings because he thinks that it would be for the best but he wants you to trust in him and feel comfortable telling him what you’re feeling

- you end up telling him what’s bothering you and he helps you through it and he makes you feel validated and better and you love him for it

- you are each other’s biggest fans honestly like any time you do anything that may not seem big to you (like get an a on a test or wake up and work out) he gets so hyped for you and is celebrating you so hard

- likewise you have a blog that is dedicated to him that you tried to keep hidden but one day you left your laptop open on it while you were in the shower and he saw it, you can back into your room and saw him scrolling through it with the brightest blush on his face when he saw how excited you got when he did performances, you kinda have a mini-heart attack when he sees it but now he knows that you watch everything that he works so hard on

- your first fights are awful for the both of you because they start out as something not so big like you forgetting that he was off work a day so you went out with your friends or him forgetting that you had planned on having dinner together but he went out with the boys instead

- you both don’t really know how to handle those feelings so you just get very upset at each other and then you stop talking to each other which is very hard for you both because you are so used to having someone to talk to about anything and someone to cuddle and now everything is just so cold and it sucks

- at one point Jimin just intervenes like “yo, you both are miserable why can’t you just start putting dates and shit in your phone calendars and then we can all have our sunshine back and we can avoid stuff like this in the future” and you and hoseok are just like “??? why didn’t we think of that fucc??” but it’s okay because you both are still relatively new to having someone care about stuff like that

- after the fight you guys always have a super long cuddling session when you both are periodically on top of each other talking about everything that they missed while you weren’t talking to each other and catching up on all of the missed skinship and everything gets warm again

- you are the person that he goes to the second he starts doubting himself of feels like he isn’t working hard enough or just generally feels overwhelmed and you do a very good job of validating him and calming him down and he does the same for you because you both are like comfort blankets for each other

- you can tell if the other is feeling uncomfortable so you just subtly hold hands and it makes you feel safe

- because of this mutual comfort for each other he is very accepting and open-minded of any kinks that you may have or if you aren’t comfortable with having sex at all !!that is all fine with him because he loves you!! he is willing to try anything but if he doesn’t like it it’s all good because you have a mutual respect for each other’s boundaries!!

- if you do like to have sex tho he will worship you like no other like he doesn’t care what body type you have because whatever it is it is beautiful because you are so beautiful to him

- it’s hard to control him tho like he has a lot of energy so he’ll go down on you for like an hour and still not be tired of it all while you’re just fuckin screaming like “hobi can you for just one second chill??!!”

- on the other side of the coin tho you kind of hate it when the other members tease him about not having abs or something because honestly you love it when he is soft and squishy and you could literally write a book about how perfect he is and honestly why should he spend all that time getting abs when he could be spending it cuddling you??

- forreal tho you are the queen of body worship for this man because he deserves to be told how beautiful he is 25/7 and you love him so much

- anyway hobi as a boyfriend would be a great time and he would have so much love to give you

A/n: I’m trying very hard to actually start consistently writing!! I’m sorry that I kinda write something then just stop I’ll try to be better now that I’m out of school!! I’ve been working on this for a while so I hope it turned out good, feel free to send me any feedback as long as it’s constructive!! I did do this on mobile so please tell me if there are any mistakes!!

The boys look so tired, they literally just came back from Japan and are already promoting Watch Out. Can FNC give them more time to rest? They sounded tired in their performance :/ they have more schedules planned like going to Japan again and KCON NY, I hope they rest a lot (and eat a whole bunch) in between. It’s so sad hearing Rowoon say that they have no vacation time. FNC needs to give them time for themselves not just schedule after schedule. It makes me sad because the boys mean a lot to me and seeing them that tired hurts 😪

Draw your fave character in your fave/outfit youre wearing right now.

I love that shirt sm I wish it fit me better.

When someone asks for your food advice for their pet since they are vomiting and having diarrhea but refuses to buy anything except non-GMO, grain free, fad diets

“I was feeding him Blue Buffalo but that gave him the runs. And then I switched to Rachel Ray cuz thats good food right. But that made him vomit. Wait you want me to buy a diet specially formulated for sensitive stomachs and with a team of veterinary nutritionists behind it? But there is grain in there… My little pumpkin is allergic to grain. I can’t feed this.” 

Things I love:

  • Joe Wilson being mentioned for the first time since season 1
  • Slade learning that Oliver has a son
  • Slade and Oliver working together for the first time in nine years
  • Slade being in his right mind for the first time in nine years
  • The REAL Slade being back for the first time in nine years

Things I want:

The Real Slade meeting the team for the first time

Oliver and Slade being brothers again and Oliver sort of being able to forgive Slade for the things he did under the influence of the Mirakuru because a) Roy under the mirakuru and b) what happened with Billy and c) because Diggle was able to be on good terms with Deadshot so why not

Slade vs. Prometheus

Slade saving William

Slade learning that Oliver is the mayor and being proud

Slade and Oliver reminiscing and through that Oliver able to look back fondly at some aspect of his five years for really the first time 

Slade and Curtis and/or Slade and Rene interacting in some way

Slade NOT DYING and going off to be some sort of weird antihero who pops in occasionally in season 6

Slade talking to Oliver about what kind of man he is, and Slade actually being the one to get through to Oliver. Because Slade is the one who taught him to kill. Slade was there when Oliver killed for the first time. Slade is one of the most important people in shaping who Oliver is. And Slade saw the heroism Oliver was capable of when he was still just a scared stupid untrained kid. 
Oliver and Slade being on good terms. Lots of Slade.

so, here’s the thing. for the past week i’ve been super stressed and overwhelmed and every time i’ve logged on here, i’ve just been staring at my drafts, feeling lost and anxious. it’s like the sheer amount of drafts has drained my muse and i really don’t want to feel like this since this is supposed to be fun and a hobby. so, yeah. unfortunately that means i’m gonna be DROPPING MOST OF MY THREADS. it’s nothing personal towards anyone, honestly, it’s just me and this is something i need to do for my sanity so i hope everyone will understand. i’m so sorry, so so sorry. i hate letting people down but hey, this hopefully means i’ll get my muse back, which in turn means that i would love to get some new stuff going with all of you lovely people that i follow. so, you may also consider this a new STARTER CALL !! please like/reblog/comment if you want a short/one-liner starter either from arizona robbins ( grey’s anatomy ), jack andrews ( original character ), sara lance ( dc’s legends of tomorrow ), stefan salvatore ( the vampire diaries), commander lexa ( the 100 ), alex vause ( orange is the new black ), willow rosenberg ( buffy the vampire slayer ), matt donovan ( the vampire diaries ), emily fields ( pretty little liars ) or amy raudenfeld ( faking it ). and specify a muse, please.

favorite scenes: andreil {1/?}

“Don’t say you are, because you and I both know you take shit care of yourself.“
     "You have a hearing problem,” Andrew deduced. “Too many balls to the helmet, perhaps. Can you read lips?” Andrew pointed at his mouth as he spoke. “The next time someone comes for you, stand down and let me deal with it. Do you understand? 

     “If it means losing you, then no,” Neil said.


So what if after all is said and done, Mr. Heere gets his life back together and starts being a better parent (than he was before), but this, along with Jeremy and Michael becoming good friends with the rest of the squad, leads him to becoming everyone’s Dad™.

- Michael’s parents are never home? Mr. Heere tries to talk to them, their kid hasn’t stepped foot in his own house for a week!
- alternatively, Michael’s parents won’t use his correct pronouns? Mr. Heere (& Jer) spend a whole night together, constantly reminding him how handsome he is.
- Rich shows up way late one night, looking so disheveled and sad and as soon as he mentions his own dad Mr. Heere has to calm himself down and wait until later to “have a long talk with Rich’s father.”
- It comes out that Jake is living in a hotel right now, and his parents don’t even know, and Mr. Heere practically adopts the kid. “You are not living in some hotel! No way! Not while there’s nice, clean beds here!!”
- Someone in Brooke’s family disowns her after she comes out of the closet with Chloe, and she, she just shows up at Jeremy’s house, she doesn’t know why she chose to come here, but Mr. Heere just lets her in with open arms.

You can feel free to add more, if you want! (this thought was inspired by my mom, who does exactly this)

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Why does everyone hate alpha cc simblrs ?It sorta makes me want to just delete mine and it hasn't even started yet...

absolutely dont do that!! do what makes you happy - its your simblr! followers and notes are just a plus yknow? for a long time i was just doing whatever i wanted because i wanted to and it was fun, with no regard to what people usually like or respond to. ive turned to catering more towards my followers now only bc some i consider friends and i also just have a thing abt pleasing ppl lol, but that kind of thing simply takes time and dedication.

on the topic of alpha, i honestly have no idea why so many simblrs are opposed to it - i actually dont favor one style over the other. i only lean more towards mm because it fits in for gameplay better i guess?? like the cc matches the game if u get what im saying. but in all honesty if i had the patience to download more alpha cc i absolutely would if only for hq edits, if that makes sense.

tl;dr alpha is just as good as mm, the artists behind it are just as good, and if you prefer alpha over mm absolutely embrace it!! there is no right or wrong when authoring a simblr. whatever makes you happy when it comes to the sims, do it! and let me know your url so i can follow and see what u do with it :)

I cannot depart their canon selves from their abridged selves anymore

(another one of those draw the squad like based off of the below)

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i love you meme - Muffled, from the other side of the door - liam/ryder

The brave face lasts only long enough until all meetings, all verbal exchanges, all the crew has shuffled away because they know it’s about to crumble or because Drack growls at them, low and deep. It even keeps Lexi at bay after a while, after the initial poking and prodding and fluttering hands. 

Liam knows this because he stays back a few steps, enough to keep out of the way, enough to not catch Drack’s attention. Enough to let Sara know he’s here but not in her face like everyone else. They did - it was too much. It’s been less than a day, and he already feels the cold sweat of nightmares covering his skin like a suit. It’s the experimentation on the salarians. Their deaths. It’s the exaltation process half-perfected on a krogan. It’s losing a Pathfinder.

It’s watching Sara agree to have SAM stop her heart.

It’s how quick she went, alive and beautiful and determined.


On the floor. 

Liam was useless in the face of death. He couldn’t protect her. He couldn’t get to her when SAM couldn’t get her heart starting again. 

It’s Sara smiling and joking and congratulating everyone and waving Lexi off because she’s fine.

It’s the closed door of her quarters that don’t open when he approaches them. 

So Liam takes a seat on the floor, his back against the door. One leg stretches out while the other bends close to his chest. She’s inside of there, alone. Again, alone. He gets it. He gets it as well as he can get it, at least, not having been dead himself and resurrected before. But he’s seen it happen, and he knows the effects. 

And honestly, he knows what he feels inside of himself. The tightness in his chest, the nightmare sweat when he hasn’t even slept yet, her face flashing before his eyes. No light. No movement. 

He writes her an email. It soothes him. The email takes him a half hour. The right words have never come to him before, and now he has to painstakingly choose what he needs to say.

After an hour, his lower half has fallen asleep. He stares down the hallway. A few of the crew have come to check on him, but they never say anything. He wonders if it’s because they’re worried they’ll be too loud and Sara will hear. 

After three hours, he presses his cheek to the metal door. He gets up, stretching his legs out. He should climb onto his couch, hide away for a bit, sleep. 

Once the blood flows again, he sits back down. 

“I love you,” he whispers softly to the doors. He doesn’t really need anyone else to listen to his confession. “I don’t want to say it took you dying to make me realize that, but I’ve been trying to go at us slowly. Love is a big word. It can mean a lot of things. I loved you before that moment, just - Not this way. Not in the kind of cheesy romantic movie way.”

He’s quiet for a few moments, listening for her. 

“I love your strength and your attitude and your friendship. I love you as the Pathfinder. I’ve never been in love before, though. I don’t know what that feels like. Well, now I think I do. But before? No. And I didn’t want to say it for any reason, and now the reason I am saying it to you - sort of to you - isn’t exactly right either. I should say it for your strength and your attitude and what you’ve given me. I love the weird faces you make and your inability to drive straight. I love that you told off the Archon when you were physically unable to do anything to him. I love that you’ve found us a home and you’re fighting for it.”

He scrubs a hand over his face, hard. He’s not a speech guy. He feels stupid saying this to nobody. She’s probably not even listening. She should be asleep.

“I’m no good at this, but I’m trying,” he tells her. 

He hears footsteps from behind the door. He expects the door to open, so he doesn’t move. He falls halfway into her quarters, staring up at her swollen red face with half a smile on her lips. 

“Terrible timing, Kosta,” she admonishes. 

“I told you I’m not good at this.”

She gets to her knees, hands on either side of his head. Her hair is down. It falls like a sheet over him. “It’s a good thing I’m a cheesy romantic movie kind of girl.”

“I’ve had this same thought every time I’ve done something stupid.” Liam grins up at her.

“Speaking of stupid, why didn’t you just knock?” 


Sara’s laugh is a relief that slides through his body and eases the ache in his chest.